Review: New Lush 1000 Millihelens Jelly Face Mask


Another week and another face mask. I’m surprised by these Lush jelly face masks, I honestly thought they’d be a bit of a novelty product to start with but the FOMO one I tried last week made me excited to give this 1000 Millihelens Lush Jelly Face Mask a go. This one is also £4.95 for the small pot but, judging by the previous one I tried they’ll last quite a while as you really don’t need much.

The 1000 Millihelens mask is meant to target problem skin with witch hazel and green tea which seem to be common ingredients to help acne prone skin. It’s another clay based mask, though I don’t think this formula has as high percentage of clay in there as the FOMO one did. As these are jellies and self preserving there’s no need to keep them in the fridge, you simply tear a piece off, rub it between your hands and the leave it on for five to ten minutes, then wash off as you do with most traditional clay masks.


The pot is a standard Lush one, it has a great seal and I’ve used these ones before for travelling to decant things like body butters and lotions so it’d be safe to pop in your bag for travel or to take for a night in at a friend’s house. It’s not the prettiest pot but it’s so plain it does look ok out on the side for any bathroom. I like the fact that it’s got that frosted clear plastic look as you can stack the lush pots on each other safely so you can have a few of these on top of each other and identify them by the colour showing through.


The formula for this mask is slightly different to FOMO as far as how solid and jelly like it is to use which makes me think that each of them will be different, it would be interesting to know if any of you have tried the others and how they compare. It’s a solid jelly which can be taken out of the pot as one, it makes it a lot easier to pull of a chunk of your do that. It definitely feels more glycerin based, it doesn’t get so creamy when you rub it between your hands, I had a bit of trouble getting rid of the lumpier bits even when it came to rubbing it in my face which was annoying but it didn’t fall off when it was sitting on there even with me moving around so you shouldn’t have to worry about leaving a trail of bits if you use it while doing things around the house.



It didn’t dry the same as most clay masks that end up feeling like they’ll crack. It seemed to almost feel like it was warming rather than cooling and soothing, I prefer the cooler formulas. This one felt more like it was sinking into my skin rather than sitting on the outside and drying which is probably a good thing if you’re buying it to help with problem skin as it does feel like it should be doing something. When it comes to removing the mask it definitely benefits from a flannel rather than just warm water but either way works fine, just takes longer without one.


One thing that did seem slightly odd with this one is how the scent changed when I used it. In the pot it has a very green scent, like grass and fresh apple to me, but when I was using it it somehow seemed to switch to smelling a lot like a honey cough sweet to me. It’s very strange as I can’t see honey in the ingredient list but it had that honey and slightly clinical smell you get with throat sweets.

As far as lasting effects go I haven’t seen that much difference. Straight afterwards my skin felt cleansed and slightly drier which will help with acne and spots but isn’t great if you have drier skin like me. My skin was having a bit of a mini tantrum in the lead up to using this mask, which is why I chose it this time, and it does seem to have shrunk the few larger spots I had appearing. No real effect on the smaller ones but they tend to disappear fairly quickly and aren’t painful anyway so I’m less bothered about them.





My skin has felt nice and smooth and possibly slightly soothed for a few days afterwards, though the main obvious difference wore off about two days after using it. One thing that I did find is that 24 to 48 hours after I used the face mask my skin broke out a bit, like oilier spots I sometime get in the summer. I’m not 100% sure it’s the mask itself doing this, it could be hormones I guess, but I’m keeping my eye on it and checking next time I use it. I do find that often new skincare had this effect on my skin so it’s not unusual, if I use it often enough it would probably stop even if it is the mask’s fault this time.

This is another face mask that I did like and found had an effect afterwards. It is aimed at problem skin and I can see it helping if you have oilier or normal skin. If you have drier skin or combination then it still might help but would be one of those masks you put on the problem area rather than in your whole face.


I don’t think I’d repurchase this one, it’s more fuss and didn’t have so much of an impact on my skin as the FOMO one but it might work for you. They may seem slightly gimmicky but the jelly formula actually works, it’s a bit different and fun and the self preserving aspect means they should last. They’re great for a night in with friends, I would think you could get at least seven or eight used from one pot, or could be a great gift for beauty fans as well as for yourself.

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