Primark Haul: Harry Potter, Unicorns and Masks


When I went to Primark last weekend the plan was to check out the beauty section, maybe get a couple of vest tops and see if there was anything decent in the home section. The home section was forgotten about, I need to go back for that I think, and the vests I like weren’t there so I ended up wandering around with mum and seeing what they had. This did lead to a basket full of Harry Potter and Disney things which I did manage to get down to two before we wandered over to the pyjama section and found the unicorn in the haul.

Unfortunately their beauty section in our local isn’t the best stocked, though I was impressed by the range of other brands available that weren’t there the last time I checked, and most of the makeup had obviously been poked and prodded which always puts me off. The only things that seemed safe were eyeshadows, I already have too many, and the lip kits which were available in chocolate brown or fantasy glitter. I was tempted by the sparkles but the chocolate brown was too dark for me, I might have to pop in when we go to Vodafone over the weekend and see if they have other colours then. I get the feeling that it isn’t the most popular section of the store as I was the only one looking at it and it didn’t really make me want to stop and browse.


Sorry for the poor setting and lighting for these photos, my normal space wasn’t big enough and we haven’t had the best weather here in the UK.


Anyway, enough about what I didn’t get and let’s start on what I actually left the store with. The first two were kind of expected when I walked in, I’ve been on the lookout for some t-shirts with patterns on them and I love the sort of distressed, faded look on this Harry Potter t-shirt, which cost £8. A tip if you’re thinking of going for the branded t-shirts in the standard style, I’ve found anyway, is to go for a size down. Considering the rest of Primark can be stingy when it comes to sizing these always turn out surprisingly big for me.

I’ve also been eyeing up the Harry Potter Marauders’ Map leggings but have never seen them in stock so was worried they were gone from near me but they had them in so I had to get them. They’re so soft and comfortable and I’d recommend going for your size, though there isn’t the most room around the waist and they come up a bit small, going the size up would mean the legs were too loose for me. I love that these are almost an inverted version of the original Marauders Map design with the black being the main background but, as they’re for around the house, I’d have bought them anyway. These cost £8 and I’m hoping they last like the Pokémon PJ bottoms I got a few months ago.


I have a feeling there may be Instagram photos with this in the future, it’s so warm and cute!


The Unicorn of the haul was definitely bought on a whim but I’ve already used it a few times and love the fluffiness and how warm it is. It’s a thigh length Unicorn dressing gown with a unicorn face hood, 100% unicorn in gold on the chest and purple cuffs with gold stars on. I will say I’m not always the biggest fan of unicorn things, I think the makeup brushes may be an exception, especially when it comes to the emoji as it seems to be everywhere at the moment but I really liked this for some reason. It’s cute, definitely great for the cooler evenings in the UK, and slightly more subtle than a onesie, but only slightly. I like the pockets and the fact it has the ribbon tie inside that holds it securely closed, no need to keep readjusting it. Basically I think this is great and for £16 it’s definitely worth it! I think it’d be a great gift for someone or for yourself, and though it may probably be aimed at teenage girls, or it feels like it, you’re never too old for unicorns!


The final three things are at least close to the things I went in there to get. I found these three masks, the Purrfect Pedi foot mask (£4), Purrfect Skin glove mask (£4) and the Dream Snatcher Balancing sheet mask (£3) from the Holler and Glow range they have. I was looking for the PS sheet masks but they didn’t seem to have any so I went for the printed one which is more expensive, I think, but I wanted to see how well it would do. I like the range of patterns available with it but I really would have chosen the cactus or donuts ones if they’d been right for my skin type. I can we these being great for a girls night in. I wish that they didn’t have the price printed on them, otherwise they’d make great gifts as they’re a bit different.

I’m interested to see how the masks work, especially the peeling foot one as I’ve seen them around and wondered about them but never seen them in a store. As these are so easy to get in the UK I thought I’d see if they worked as well as the reviews of others claim they did. I’m a bit nervous about the peeling, have any of you guys used one before? But I’m still looking forward to seeing if it’s a good, quick way to smooth my feet.

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