Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Mean Girls Themed Fall Collection


The latest Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box arrived on the weekend so, after trying everything out, today’s post is a mini review, first impressions type post for each of the upcoming Autumn scents. Fortune Cookie Soap are an American company that make bath and body products and their signature products it, unsurprisingly, a fortune cookie shaped soap. They release seasonal collections four times a year and these Soap Boxes are full of sample sizes of the upcoming scents in a range of products alongside two full sized products. Calling them sample sizes seems a bit mean considering the amount you get, they’re great travel sized minis and even the body butters can do more than one use if you’re careful with them.

As well as the seasonal collections often having the theme of the season, they also have a second theme. This time the theme is the movie Mean Girls which, I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen in a while so some of the references may go over my head. I was surprised at how many I actually got but fans of the movie will probably recognise everything. I do love how they use in jokes as well as the more well known references when it comes to these themes.

As this is the Autumn (Fall if you’re American) collection it isn’t actually available yet, the release date is August 18th at 6PM CST, I think that’s around midnight here in the UK. It’s worth either staying up late if you want something or waiting a bit as they often restock things a couple of weeks later and things sell out so fast.


As with most subscription boxes you get a piece of card telling you what each product or scent is. You also have the colour themed shredded paper which does a great job of keeping things intact, I think I’ve only ever had things like bath bombs break in these boxes so they do survive the post, and a mini extra. This time the little extra is a piece of Dubble Bubble, I know the brand but I don’t remember it being one you can get here in the UK. I really like the colour theme and how it fits with the movie and early 2000s colour scheme wise for me.

Valley Girl Fortune Cookie Soap

The thing I always check out first is the fortune cookie soap itself. These last a surprisingly long amount of time and aren’t too drying. This is in the scent Valley Girl and is suitably pink and glittery. To me the scent for this is pretty much cherry cola, not coca cola but an own brand, it has that sweet, cherry scent with a hint of bubblegum and that sweet sticky cola type smell. The description includes pomegranate cider, citrus zest and cotton candy. Maybe that’s what it smells like, I have no idea what pomegranate cider smells like. I like this scent, it’s a good one for soap but not one I’d want as a product that actually lingers on me.

L-R: Totally Grool OCD Hand Sanitizer, Crushin’ Leave In Conditioner

The second full sized product is the OCD Hand Sanitizer, though it’s also available in a larger size now, in the scent Totally Grool and has a fair amount of glitter in it which does stick to your hands afterwards. I can see this is an autumn scent as it has the typical spiced pumpkin scent but it’s definitely got something sweet in there too, something bubblegum or cotton candy scented. As it’s supposed to smell of pumpkin peppercorn spice, amber and bubblegum I’d say it’s pretty much spot on for me. It is a nice, warming autumn smell with a twist and do prefer it to the standard pumpkin spice smells.

I’m not a hug fan of Leave in Conditioners but I do like the fact the Fortune Cookie Soap formula isn’t too moisturising or heavy and does leave a nice scent in your hair. This is in the scent Crushin’ and has a sweet shop kind of smell to me. It’s pretty concentrated in the bottle but spraying it on it just has a general sweet shop smell with pear drops, cherry drops and lollies to me. It’s meant to smell of pears, lemon drops, honey and red lollipops so it’s not far off to me.


L-R: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Lip Tint, Burn Book Bath Bomb, Way Fetch Perfume Oil


Another product I’m always drawn to try out as soon as I open it is the Oil Perfume, this time in the Way Fetch scent. It doesn’t last that long, after an hour it had pretty much gone on me, but it’s a nice fresh, berry and slightly floral scent to me. It has a hint of that ‘sea breeze’ or similar scent that I can never put my finger on which does lighten it up too. The official description is apples, sugar berries, plum blossoms and sea salt so I guess I wasn’t far off. I do love this scent and I really like the fact that they’ve put the purple microglitter, or whatever it’s called, in that really does remind me of a lot of early 2000s roll on perfumes.

Another very 2000s product in here is the lip tint in On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, there had to be something with that reference in a Mean Girls themed box didn’t there? It has a subtle pink, maybe silverfish shimmer in it which doesn’t show up much on your lips but gives off that early 2000s feel. It smells like vanilla, is nice and moisturising and does look nice but it doesn’t stand out much without the name.

Burn Book is another classic Mean Girls reference and this heart shaped bath bomb fits the theme perfectly to me. It’s supposed to smell of raspberries and marshmallow but all I can get out of it is something a lot fresher and slightly citrus for some reason. It didn’t change much in the bath but did get a bit sweeter and less concentrated and did make the water a nice pink colour. I really like this scent but, as I’m picking up something so different to the description, I’d be a bit wary of actually buying anything from it in case it smelled like raspberries when it’s in another base.


L-R: So Vintage Foaming Sugar Scrub, Boo, As If Whipped Cream


The last two products are both in jars and, to me, two of the stand out product types when it comes to Fortune Cookie Soaps. The first is the Whipped Cream in Boo, As If which is a slightly lemon scented bakery scent to me, though on the skin the lemon does come out a bit more. It’s supposed to be lemon butter shortbread and caramel so it’s a perfect match for me. Their whipped creams are so moisturising, though they do tend to sit on my skin a bit so they’re best left for the evenings which is a shame as the scent lingers well. I do find that y skin often reacts with them but this time it didn’t so I will be keeping the rest of this for next time I go somewhere.

The final product is the Foaming Sugar Scrub in So Vintage which is a slightly alarming shade of yellow, the colouring on the lid is actually the colour of a highlighter. This is such a nice consistency, so light and whipped, and very moisturising as well as being scrubby enough to do the job but not so scrubby it hurts my sensitive skin. The scent of this is one of those that you smell it and you’re sure you’ve smelled something else like it but can’t think what it is. It kind of reminds me of a cinnamon pastry when it’s all warm in the oven, a great Autumn or winter scent. It’s described as cinnamon, flaky caramelised pie crust and vanilla bean so it’s pretty close. It’s not one I’d buy as I’m not a huge bakery scent fan but I’ll use this and enjoy it.

Overall I think this is a nice mix of classic Autumn scents with a twist and ones that fit so well into the theme based on when the movie was released. There’s a hint of nostalgia for me, the shimmer in the perfume oil and the scents of Valley Girl and Burn Book really remind me of the early 2000s, which I didn’t really expect for some reason. There are a few scents that I would definitely pick up if the postage wasn’t so high, here in the UK the postage can be £40 for £50 of product, but if you live in a country that doesn’t charge as much postage wise these are definitely worth checking out.

4 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Mean Girls Themed Fall Collection

    1. It does have a real nostalgia feel with some. I’m sure I used to have products a similar scent back in middle school 18 years ago! It’s a pity the postage is so high to the UK or I’d be making an order for quite a few things in this collection.


  1. Mean Girls theme – omg! I love the names of the items haha!
    The “Boo, As If” whipped cream with the lemon bakery scent sounds like something I’d love.
    I’m not sure what pomegranate cider would smell like either… an acidic sweet scent?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re great names aren’t they? FCS are normally great with naming the products in the theme. It’s a scent that’s growing on me when I try it as the lemon comes out more but it’s a bit buttery for me. I’m curious to know what pomegranate cider is like now. I’m guessing it’s an American version rather than the alcoholic ciders we get in the UK.


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