Review: New FOMO Lush Jelly Face Mask


When I saw that Lush were coming out with new products I had to check some of them out and the new range of jelly face masks really intrigued me so I decided to get the two that seemed like they’d suit my skin needs the most. They come in the same size pots at the older style fresh face masks so I thought I’d get a few face masks out of each. They also claim to be self preserving and don’t need to be kept in the fridge which are both real bonuses for me as that is one thing about the older style that puts me off getting them more. These face masks are cruelty free, all Lush products are, and it says these specifically are suitable for vegans.

FOMO is aimed at evening skin tone and calming your skin with Calamine, Kaolin and Rose Absolute. It’s a solid jelly that you take a piece off, rub between your hands and then apply it to your face for five to ten minutes before washing off so I was interested to see how this would work. The new jelly range is available online or in stores and cost £6.95. I’m not sure if they’re included in the masks that you can get free with the black and clear pots, I’ll have to ask next time I go in as that’s how I get all my Lush face masks at the moment.


The pot itself is slightly different to previous Lush pots I’ve had; it’s the size of the smallest black pots but it’s a slightly frosted clear pot. It’s easy to undo and do up and I always trust these for travel, I’ve re-used them in the past for taking smaller amounts of body butter and lotions away with me, so this would be great for packing in your bag for a weekend away or to take to a friend’s house. The pots are also made from recycled plastic and can be returned as part of the five pots for a fresh face mask offer.


As the jelly aspect of this was the main thing that made me want to try this I was happy to find that it is solid enough to get out of the pot. You can pull it out, rip a piece off and put it back in with no mess at all. I did make a bit of a mess of the face mask itself with my nails but my hands were clean and nothing dripping anywhere like you often get with their shower jellies. The consistency when in the jelly form is somehow a bit more solid than their shower jellies but at the same time a lot easier to rip a piece off and it all holds together afterwards to put it back in for the next use.


I decided to try, what I thought was, a small amount as I could add to it later but this sized blob was enough to cover my face. As far as rubbing it together goes this was so easy, I was half expecting it to be like with their solid cleansers that always took a fair amount of rubbing with water but a few rubs between my hand and it was like a creamy face mask. It was very easy to apply but I did find that it stuck to my hands so I lost a bit that way as it didn’t seem to want to come off. It was easy to remove from my hands though, a quick scrub under warm water and my hands actually felt nice afterwards even though it had been on a minute or two.LushFOMO7

After leaving it on for the ten minutes removing it was a bit harder than on my hands. As it’s a clay based mask it does dry hard and you get the tightening feeling as it goes. I was worried I might have done the layer a bit too thin but I don’t think it would have dried in the time if it was much thicker than this. I definitely recommend using a flannel or wash cloth as, trying to remove it with warm water and my hands took a while.

I was really impressed with how my skin felt afterwards. I’ve tried a few that claim to be calming and haven’t found a huge deal of difference in the redness on my cheeks but I could definitely see it with this one. My skin felt smooth, moisturised but with the matte feeling you often get with clay based masks. This effect was definitely there for the day after as well and, although the redness started to creep back in two days after I used it, the sooth cleaned feeling has lasted four days so far.


At £6.95 it might seem expensive for a face mask but I can see myself getting at least eight out of this pot which brings the price down. I was worried, going into it, that it might be a bit of a gimmicky thing that would be fun to try but nothing more but I am definitely adding it to my list of face masks to repurchase.

If you’re a fan of Lush these are worth checking out, though you’re probably already thinking of it, and fans of face masks in general should consider it. I think it’d work for any skin type really, mine is combination or dry but acne prone and I’ve had no problems at all with it. I don’t see it being too rich for oilier skin types either with the clay base.


I would definitely recommend this if you have sensitive skin, unless it’s sensitive to one of the ingredients, as I did find it calming and soothing, more so than any of their other face masks I’ve tried. It was so easy to use and I can see it being a great one for using in the afternoon if you’re going out in the evening to calm your face down and create a nice base for makeup, or just leaving your skin clear without it. It’s also something a bit different, I think it’d be great as a gift for beauty or skin care fans, for a night in with some friends as a pamper evening or to take away on holiday.

If this particular face mask doesn’t sound like it’d work for what you want it to target they do have a range of them available. I’m definitely planning on trying some of the others, I already have the Millihelens one I haven’t tried yet. If any of you have any experience with the rest of the range I’d be interested to hear how they compare.

8 thoughts on “Review: New FOMO Lush Jelly Face Mask

    1. I was surprised at the results, I often find calming ones don’t actually help with redness but this one did and you get quite a few masks out of one pot. I used to buy almost all lush, seven years ago this would probably have been a lush blog lol, they’re good but some can be a bit hit or miss recently.


    1. Yeah, it pretty much turns into a standard clay mask consistency when you rub it between your hands so it works the same way as a lot of their fresh face masks in that way. I definitely think these are worth trying, especially this FOMO one, but there may be better ones for you depending on skin type.

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