Review: Kat Von D Bow N Arrow Gift Set


I’ve had my eye on Kat Von D’s makeup range for a while and it’s been in and out of my basket since appearing in Debenhams here in the UK but, as I can’t get to a store to see the colours and they’re a bit expensive to risk not liking them, I didn’t ever get any. That is until I saw this Kat Von D Bow N Arrow Gift Set on the website, it’s a set of two mini products with one being the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow N Arrow and a mini Ink! Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner pen in Trooper (black). With how long these types of product last me a minis are more than enough to try and I’ve read so many great things about both product types getting them for £14 seemed like a great way of trying them.

The two products are small, the liquid lipstick holds 3ml (0.1 fl oz) and is a browny nude colour and the liquid eyeliner holds 0.2ml (0.007 fl oz) so they’re a good size to try and I think there’s enough in here to last a while. I’ve worn the liquid lipstick quite a bit and there’s not even an obvious dent in the amount of product so it’s big enough for me.


One thing I love about the Kat Von D line in general is the packaging. The outer box for this even looks nice, the black is plain and simple and you can see exactly what you’re getting in the set. The products are also well protected inside with a sheet of black tissue paper that wraps round a few times and separates them so they survived the post and you won’t have to worry about ordering the set online or sending it to someone through the post.

The makeup line is known for having bold colours and good pigmentation, as far as I’ve seen around the internet these two things seem to be true, and this set seems to be on the more neutral side of their line. As far as I can tell they’re also cruelty free and quite a few google results come back with them being vegan friendly but I’d check the individual products if this is something you look for just to be sure as I’m not sure what to look for with that and if it’s every product in the brand or just some of them like a lot of companies do.


The eyeliner pencil has the simple black design with Kat Von D’s star tattoo inspired art on it which really stands out and makes it a bit different from the standard black eyeliner pens. It’s a nice size to hold, especially in this size, and the pen nib is somehow firm enough not to wiggle everywhere when you’re applying it but the tip is soft enough that it doesn’t drag along your eyelid. It also doesn’t seem to have changed shape or become less of a sharp point after trying it quite a bit, which seems to be a problem with some of the eyeliner pens I’ve used in the past.bownarrow6

The formula of the eyeliner itself is easy to use. I was slightly disappointed when I first tried it on my hand as it’s so thin it ended up bleeding into any of the fine lines you have on your skin. However, this isn’t the case when you apply it to your eyes so try not to judge it on swatches on your hand if you try it in store. I have also found that it has thickened slightly over use, though it still bleeds a bit on my hand. On the eyes it’s thin enough that it glides in well and keeps a smooth line, it dries very quickly and I had no smudging even when wiping my eyes. I’ve not included a photo of it actually on my eyes because I am really not very good at applying eyeliner so it wouldn’t do it justice but, even for a beginner like me, it was easy to get a smooth line. I found holding it flatter against my eyelid and drawing along it rather than holding at a right angle to it made it so easy to use.


I think the liquid lipstick packaging is probably my favourite of everything in her line. I love the slightly matte finish silver rose art on the lid, the way you can see the product through the clear portions and that the logo stands out in the packaging against the nude colour of the lip colour. I’m not sure of the size of the full sized version but the lid is a nice size and shape to get a good hold and control the applicator. It’s a doe foot applicator which is soft and comfortable on you lips but can pick a bit too much of the lipstick up so you do have to wipe it off on the edge of the tube which I can see leading to build up considering how quickly the product dries.

As far as the lipstick itself I love this colour and the formula, I hope it’s the same for the other shades as I definitely think I’ll be getting more. It’s a more brown based nude shade which I didn’t think would work with my pale skin tone as it was browner than I expected when it arrived but I think it works well. I can see it being a nice neutral colour for most skin tones and the pigmentation means it would work on darker skin tones that would make this a lighter lip colour.


It applies evenly and smoothly and I had no patchiness any of the times I used it, even a quick touch up in the car worked well. It’s a pretty thin formula that does go into any lines in your lips so no awkward cracks of your natural lip colour showing through and it managed to not make my lips look even drier than they were, during the time it was on or after removing it. It’s such a comfortable formula to wear I actually forgot I had it on a few times the first day wearing it so I got a surprise looking in the mirror!

I was very impressed with the longevity of this lipstick, the first day wearing it it survived sandwiches, a smoothie and crisps on a long, hot car journey and was still looking good six hours on. It also survived a messy tagliatelle dish and salad dressing on another day so it seemed to work well on some greasy dishes, hot food and both hot and cold drinks without any obvious transfer. It didn’t fare so well against ice cream or a fajita wrap but I’d normally expect to reapply lipstick after most of the food it lasted through so it didn’t do badly. I also found when it went it faded evenly so it wasn’t too obvious, there were no flaky bits and the only really obvious sign it was fading was the difference between the wetter part of your lips.


Bow N Arrow under Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Candy Queen


One thing I have found with this liquid lipstick is, although it doesn’t matter too much about the state of your lips as it’s not drying and it does seem to smooth it from a distance, if someone is really close it can get that really dry look. Also it does not stick well if you have moist lips to start with so make sure you use lip balm at least half an hour before you apply it if you’re worried about dry lips. I did try applying gloss on top which actually worked quite well and, although it reduces the longevity a bit, the colour didn’t smudge and showed through well on sheer glosses.

Overall I would definitely recommend this set, especially if you’re new to Kat Von D products and just want to see how they work for you, as price wise it’s a great introduction to the company and the quality is great. I can see it being a good set for new makeup users or people with more experience as both products are good quality and the colours would suit anyone.




Of the two products for me the liquid lipstick stands out more. I went into this expecting to find a product that I’d like but use for special occasions but now I’ve tried it I don’t think I’ve used another lip colour since. It’s definitely become an everyday product for me and, even with the price being over what I’d normally spend on one piece of makeup, I can see myself replacing it when it runs out and checking out some of the other colours, especially if they have a muted rose sort of colour.

Have any of you guys tried these? Any if the other colours you’d recommend me to try? I know they’ve been around a while and I am very late in trying them, especially if you’re in America, so any suggestions for other things to try would be welcome. I love the look of some of the eye palettes but have so many already, have any of you tried the mini palettes? They look good but I’ve not seen much on them.

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