My Travel Makeup Bag: Short Summer Break


I did a post like this a couple of years ago and have meant to do it since but they sort of fell below other posts and, since I’ve just come back from a couple of nights in Wales, I thought this was the perfect timing for an updated summer version. I really like reading these by other people, seeing what they choose to take and it gives me ideas in case I’ve forgotten something so I hope you guys like this post. It’s also interesting, to me anyway, when I was writing this to see how it compared to the same sort of things I was taking when I wrote the last one.

I have been known to take more than I need makeup wise, three palettes for two nights may be slightly over the top, so I tried to pack light and think I succeeded. As it’s summer time, or supposed to be, my makeup routine is quite different to a few months ago. The main difference is the foundation stage and this group of products has actually become my go to easy look for the past couple of weeks anyway so I guess it’s part my travel bag and part just my everyday look. I think I’ve actually reviewed most of these products so if I have I’ll try to link them.

L-R: NYX Dark Circle Concealer, No7 Instant Radiance Concealer, Pro Formula BB Cream

I think the whole foundation or concealer first idea seems to be a bit divided and I have to say that I have recently converted to the under eye concealer first and then the foundation style product. I don’t tend to use other concealers much but always use under eye and used to use it on top of my base. I’ve found that I use the NYX Dark Circle Concealer in fair with the No7 Instant Radiance concealer in 10 on top and it lasts so long plus it’s the perfect colour and coverage for me in the summer. I’m not sure how I haven’t reviewed the No7 Instant Radiance concealer, I might have to add that to my list of posts to do as it’s a favourite for me.

The BB cream I’ve been using the past couple of weeks is old and could really do with replacing as any SPF it had has long since gone but with the moisturiser I’ve been using and sun cream I think I have that covered. It’s the Pro Formula Radiance BB Cream from Tesco in light and was a good budget buy. It has a nice coverage for me and builds well, both with a beauty blender style sponge or your fingers.

L-R: Models Own Eye Base Eyeshadow Primer in Matte, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara in Brown/Black

The final base layer products are the primers. The main one I use, and actually the only one I used, is Models Own Eye Base in Matte. It’s another budget buy that I actually prefer to most of the more expensive ones and has definitely kicked Urban Decays Primer Potion out of my list of favourites. I did also take my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, which I love and find works well but I just went with the quick and easier base because of the time I had.

When I choose a mascara for travel I normally go for something waterproof but easy to remove so I went with my all time favourite No7 Extravagant Volume in Brown/Black which sticks, looks great and is easy to remove with eye makeup remover products so no scrubbing to irritate my eyes.


I may have taken more lip products than any other, especially when you consider the ones in the palette, but I love the No7 High Shine Lip Gloss in Just Peachy, it came in the free set I bought earlier this year, and the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Candy Queen, which I think I got in the Christmas set last year. Both of these formulas are surprisingly mositurising in the long term and keep my lips in great condition, even more so than a lot of lip balms I’ve tried. I do also love layering the slightly orange tint of the No7 lip gloss over the Caramel lip colour in the In The Balm of Your Hand palette. It adds a bit of a sheen and the hint of shimmer plus adds the moisturising part too.

The final lip product is one I took to try out. I recently bought a mini Bow N Arrow set by Kat Von D from Debenhams as my first Kat Von D makeup line purchase ever. I took the Bow N Arrow Everlasting Liquid Lipstick with me and I think I have a new favourite liquid lipstick. It felt so nice and the nude colour suits my skin tone more than I thought it would when I first saw it in person. I’ll do a proper review of this later this week so look out for that if you’re interested in how it worked. I was very careful with the testing, the chocolate fudge brownie ice cream was purely for research purposes, honest!


I decided to go with one palette that covers everything I wanted so went for the In the Balm of Your Hand Face Palette, which is kind of a greatest hits style palette that has some of their most popular products in it. I’ve been using the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter for the inner corner of my eyes, Mischevious Marissa for the lid and the Bahamas Mama bronzer as the outer corner colour and they blend so well together. I don’t tend to use blush when I have a BB cream as my skin is pigmented enough to show through the light coverage but this would have me covered if I wanted a bit.


L-R: Real Techniques Smudge Brush, Shading Brush, Bold Metals Pointed Crease Brush and Precision Blending Sponge (sorry it looks so dirty, sometimes you just can’t wash makeup out!)


The brushes I went for are, again, my go to ones for everyday makeup anyway. I will admit I forgot to pack my Real Techniques Blending Sponge but, as I planned on taking it, I thought I’d include it anyway. It isn’t my favourite when it comes to my beauty blender style sponges but it does travel well. I also took my Real Techniques brushes, one from the old style eye set, the smudge brush, and the shading brush. I did take one of the Bold Metals range, the pointed crease brush, but I didn’t actually use it.

There are a couple of things I might have taken extra, an eyeliner of some colour would probably go with me next time, but I really didn’t miss them so I might reconsider taking them next time too.


L-R: Caramel lip/cheek tint, Mary-Lou Manizer, Mischevious Marissa, Bahama Mama bronzer


Is there anything you’d have taken extra? Do you normally pack light or do you take way more than you need just in case? I know that’s why I normally do it and end up unpacking it all wondering why I thought I’d need ten different lip colours or three eyeshadow palettes for a short weekend away.

If you’re interested, my two older posts on this are here (a short weekend away) and here for the general makeup travel bag which shows you how much I’d normally take and even that was less than I’d take before so this is really cut down.

2 thoughts on “My Travel Makeup Bag: Short Summer Break

  1. I always like to see what people pack for trips. I pack SUPER light for travel – I basically rock just one look throughout my trips since I’m usually really casual. I don’t even bring a sponge – normally I skip foundation and just use concealer. My one must have though, is an eye lash curler! I have a portable travel version from MUJI which works amazingly well – it looks like this:

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    1. I think I only used the same colours the whole time, it does make it easier to pack light and we weren’t doing much. I seem to go through phases with foundation type products, half the time I don’t bother with it but as my skin has been behaving I’ve been experimenting more with it. I think years of not being able to wear it has made me try so many now! 😆 Travel eyelash curlers sound interesting. I am liking curling my lashes now so I might even on the lookout for one in the future!


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