Review: Soap and Glory Heel Genius


Heel Genius from Soap and Glory is one of those products that I don’t think I’ve ever bought individually, it’s come in a lot of their gift sets over the years I’ve been buying from them, but when I do have it I like it and then forget about it until the next time I have it. With sandal season having hit here in the U.K., though it may have disappeared at the moment, I thought I’d see if I had some in my stash and I found this tube Christmas gift last year. I try to look after my feet but I will admit that, apart from a month or so before and through sandal season, they tend to get forgotten. I also tend to just use hand creams which, although they’re effective, aren’t deigned for feet and tend to be more perfumey.

Heel Genius is normally available in a 125ml tube for £5.50, at least that’s what I can find online outside of gift sets, so this is a mini version but it’s just a scaled down version of the tube and the product itself is the same. It’s a foot cream designed to help keep your feet feeling fresh and in good condition and It’s recommended that you apply a good amount to your feet in the evening and put socks on so it can sink in and have the maximum benefits.


The tube itself is very much a classic Soap and Glory style with the pink background and fairly old fashioned font used. It includes all the information on the foot cream that you need without looking overly crowded and it’s easy to read and understand how you use it. The lid stays on well, I think that’s the case with most Soap and Glory squeezy tubes, and tic is soft enough that even with slightly greasy hands you can get the products out easily. You do have the problem of the final bits, as with any tube, but it rolls up easily and chatting it in half works well with normal scissors to get the very last of it out.




Allantoin, glycerin, macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry and orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers seem to be the main ingredients they’re pushing as being good for your feet as they’re on the front of the full sized tube. I have no idea what allantoin is but a quick google says it is supposed to help smooth the skin by increasing water content in parts and affecting the top layers of your skin (I’m not a scientist so don’t know how but it’s interesting) and there’s science to back some of it up so I guess it works and might be something some people would recognise from other skin products. The others are more recognisable and I know a lot of foot products use menthol as it’s cooling and soothing, plus is smells fresh.

The foot cream itself is less of a cream and probably more of a mix of a gel and cream in consistency. It is pretty thick but not as thick as a lot of intense hand creams I’ve used, I’ve photographed it next to their hand food as it kind of shows how it doesn’t keep the shape as well so isn’t as thick. The scent for this is fresh, it’s not the same as any of their other products that I’ve tried, and you do get a hint of the menthol, though it maybe slightly more minty to me. You do get the general fruitiness and it’s definitely not floral but I’d say it a kind of ‘spa’ smell if that makes sense. The kind that you feel you’d get at a spa that smells nice but you feel should also be doing something good for you.


This may sound odd but the combination of the scent with the fact you use a thick layer with socks afterwards makes this feel more luxurious than the price. It sinks in fairly quickly but you do need to be generous on drier skin and you do need the socks so it doesn’t end up everywhere so it’s not one to use earlier in the day really. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing when the heat returns, I can’t sleep with socks on then and this would make a mess on the sheets without socks, but I’m sure I’ll think of something!

As far as how well it works; I’ve been using this for nearly a week this time and I can tell a definite difference between when I have been using this compared to the hand creams I was previously using. The skin feels smoother without the slightly greasy feeling when I apply it and the scent has disappeared by the morning so no lingering perfume whenever I take my shoes off throughout the day. I’ve not had any irritation since using it and I think it may have actually helped to smooth some of the rougher patches of skin, mainly on my heals and big toes, without them becoming too soft and looking like I’ve had them in water too long, which seems to happen with a lot of foot and hand creams I’ve used.


In general I’m a fan of Soap and Glory, though some of their products have been slightly overly scented and I know that’s an issue a lot of people have with some of their ranges, especially the original pink scent. They’re also cruelty free, none of their products or suppliers test on animals, and I really like the fact that they’re so transparent as to say that no company can guarantee that none of their ingredients have been tested at some point in history on animals. For some reason that just makes me like them more, maybe that’s just me.

After using this for a week I am definitely going to be putting this on my shopping list for the first time ever. This time I’m not going to finish it and go back to the hand creams as I can actually tell a difference. With the £5.50 price tag it’s definitely worth it, especially if you manage to get it in a 3 for 2 offer as Soap and Glory seems to end up in them fairly regularly in Boots. If you want a good, fresh smelling foot product that keeps your skin soft and you only have to use once a day at night I’d recommend it.

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