Marie Claire Free Product and First Impressions: Eyeko Black Magic Eyelash Curlers


I was looking for a magazine to take with me on the car journey to Wales and browsing through the ones they had on offer at our local store I saw Marie Claire. To be honest the free Eyeko Black Magic Eyelash Curler wasn’t much of a pull, I rarely curl my eyelashes and the Elf one I have is ok for when I do, but as it was the magazine that actually interested me the most I picked it up and thought I’d do a first impressions post of the eyelash curlers themselves and see how they compare to previous ones I’ve owned. They were never the best quality so I’d hope these would work better given the difference in RRP and maybe these would change my mind about eyelash curlers.eyekocurlers2

With this month’s Marie Claire in the UK there is an option of three different Eyeko products; the eyelash curler (£12), a brow gel (£10) and a waterproof mascara (£10) and I probably would have picked the mascara if it had been an option. Considering the magazine costs £3.99 it’s a pretty cheap way of getting one of these if you’re on the market for an eyelash curler, I know part of the higher price is the free gift but it’s still a third of the original RRP.

I’m not sure how the eyelash curler comes packaged if you actually buy it, I suspect it isn’t in this bright blue box, but I thought I’d include a photo of it anyway and the instructions on the back. Although they’re pretty much standard for eyelash curlers I do like that they included them anyway as I always thought eyelash curlers in general looked a bit intimidating before I used them the first time. I do like the bright blue, it stands out well, and the shiny finish on the picture of the curlers themselves is a nice touch, especially as it’s not likely to be the permanent packaging and they could have done pretty much anything as it’s free with the magazine.


One of the things about the actual curlers that I like is the pure black finish they’ve chosen. Previous eyelash curlers I’ve bought have been cheaper but they’ve definitely looked it with the standard hard plastic finger grip parts and sliver metal for the rest. For some reason the almost matte black finish on the Eyeko Black Magic eyelash curlers just makes them look more expensive. The grip parts have that short, almost velvet feel, material that does grip well but I can see it being one of those products that starts to look messy as soon as it starts to get any makeup on it. As far as grips go though, they are pretty comfortable and a good shape for your fingers to hold.


The actual eyelash curling part of the product is a nice shape, it does seem a standard amount of curve as it’s comparable to the current ones I have, I think they’re Elf, and is comfortable for the shape of my eye. The rubber part that you use to actually curl the lashes feels harder than previous ones I’ve had but it also somehow seems to feel bouncier. I’m not sure how that works but it does give a nice grip and manages to curl my lashes more effectively without having to go back and give it a second try.

These are good curlers, they work as I’d want them to and they look nice out on the side as well, always a plus when it comes to beauty tools. The curl on my lashes lasted until I took off my mascara, I tend to find that holds them in place normally anyway, and I will say that my lashes are fairly curly naturally which is why I hardly ever use a curler but it’s nice to have a good one for the occasions when I do. It definitely helps to open my eyes up a bit and these curlers do a better job than any I’ve had previously. They might even have convinced me it’s worth curling them a bit more often.


Next to the Elf eyelash curlers


I think if you’re looking for a good mid price pair of eyelash curlers these would be worth checking out. In this offer with the magazine they’re in the cheaper price range bracket for me when it comes to makeup tools at £3.99 but with their normal RRP of £12 they’re definitely mid range so definitely worth looking for this magazine in stores if you can.

If the magazine isn’t available any more when you’re reading this, or you can’t find it but want the curlers, I have found them on the ASOS website at £12. And it looks like that blue box might be the one it’s sold in so it should be easy to spot if that’s the case and stores near you stock Eyeko products.

2 thoughts on “Marie Claire Free Product and First Impressions: Eyeko Black Magic Eyelash Curlers

  1. I don’t like eyelash curlers that don’t have the looped handles… I can’t seem to hold them as well. I’m suuuuuper picky with eyelash curlers mainly because of the curvature shape… my favourite so far is the Surratt one!

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    1. I’ve only had free ones or ones in sets in sets that were pretty cheap and they’ve all had the looped handles but I don’t seem to get in with them that well. I’ll see how I do with this one after a while, especially if the fuzzy grip wears off, I might go back to ones with looped handles but go for a better make. If I do I’ll have a look at the Surratt ones. I think these may have shown me that it wasn’t eyelash curlers I don’t get on with, it’s just the ones I had.


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