Review: Red Carpet Manicure Envelope Please Gel Nail Varnish


In a recent trip to Sally’s I found this Red Carpet Manicure gel nail varnish in Envelope Please. The official description for it is a ‘mauve nude creme’ which actually describes it pretty much perfectly. I wanted a fairly deep neutral pink sort of colour and this one was the closest in this range I could see. Price wise it ranges from £10 -£14 depending where you buy it from, the range of places that stocks them seems to have grown recently and I’ve seen stands in Marks and Spencer as well as Sally’s when it comes to physical stores.

I like the Red Carpet Manicure range in general, though the formulas do tend to range in thickness. I’ve found that, as a brand, the nail varnishes last the two weeks they claim in general and they stick well. I use them with the Red Carpet Manicure light and find them quick and easy to use, I can’t really comment on how well it works with other brands but you can see the colour and how it lasts with their own UV lamp. These are all gel nail varnishes designed to be used with a UV lamp.


I like the brushes they use on their bottles, they’re thick enough that a couple of strokes is enough. I also like how, with most colours like this one, the bottle itself is the colour of the nail varnish and this particular one is a very close match.


As with all of their permanent range the name goes with the Red Carpet theme. I have somehow managed to skip this nail varnish when I’ve looked at their range, it doesn’t have a great photo in the leaflet that came with my original set. It somehow manages to have colour but remain neutral and goes with anything. it also looks great both matte and shiny finish which is always a bonus for me. It’s a cool reddish pink creme with a nice, flat finish that takes three coats to become completely opaque.


Although this nail has the wrinkle effect it has stuck fine


This nail varnish is one that falls on the thinner side formula wise and does need the three coats. As it’s thinner I also found that it tends to pool at the tip a bit and become thicker so it does get that wrinkle effect that they sometimes do when you’re not careful to keep it thin. After the first coat, though, I did make sure the rest were thin and didn’t have the same problem again. One of the nails I did has the same problem and it didn’t quite set underneath and started to come off, underneath was still wet and not even tacky. I redid it and no problems since.


Overall I am very happy with this colour, it’s pretty much the exact colour I was looking for and gives a really nice finish. Because the colour is fairly neutral I can see it being one I’ll wear all year round. I definitely recommend this if you want a gel nail varnish in this kind of colour, if not this colour then the company as a whole is good as a gel nail varnish.

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