Review: Nubo Cell Dynamic Stimulating Moisturiser 

I don’t know about you guys but I often see expensive skincare brands and wonder how much better they are, if they’re worth the extra money compared to the cheaper options. I’ve often looked at the options in TK Maxx with their offers but never gone for them as I’m always a bit wary of trying something new that would be way outside of my budget to repurchase and the odds of them appearing on there again are normally small. However, earlier this year I saw this Cell Dynamic Stimulating Moisturiser from Nubo at £25 reduced from £135 and decided to treat myself. I will admit to being sceptical of how big the difference would be when I first bought it and £25 is still more expensive than my general skincare products but it’s not overly expensive compared to a lot of the higher end drugstore products.

The Nubo Stimulating Moisturiser has SPF 20 and contains their serum which is meant to help plump and tighten the skin and stimulates collagen production. The anti aging elements come from brown algae and vitamin E and it has O2 treatment that energises and recharges cells. It also claims to be suitable for normal and oily skin as it’s a light formula and also good for sensitive skin so almost all skin types. It is free from SLS and prabens and the company is against animal testing so it’s a cruelty free product. The serum and moisturising ingredients combined are supposed to also help with long term hydration throughout the day. With all of these claims I wasn’t sure it would live up to them but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

The first thing you see with any Nubo product, from the ones I’ve seen anyway, is the packaging. The outer box it comes in does have a matte and shiny finish to show a pattern and is pretty but the main design has gone into the container for the product itself. It is a vacuum pump design in a tall cylinder with the same colour as the box itself, in this case a pearl finish light pink. It’s a simple shape but feels well made and goes with the luxury price tag. As the bottle holds 30ml it is rather oversized for the amount of product but it gives it a nice look on the bedside table I keep it on.

The pump itself also has a luxury feel, the top is a slightly different pink with a central button that presses down enough once for the amount of product you need to cover your face. It also has an indent in the top that makes it comfortable to press down on and I think the space would fit most users’ fingers. 

The moisturiser itself is very easy to use, it spreads evenly and you don’t need much at all to cover your face. It doesn’t sink in immediately, it sits on your skin for a while and has the slightly tacky feeling a lot of serums have without feeling greasy, which makes it a nice base for makeup. It does sink in after a while, ten minutes later it leaves my skin feeling moisturised and possibly slightly plumped though I did not notice any difference wrinkle wise, I don’t really have any yet so I can’t comment on how it would improve that. I haven’t used it too close to my eyes but that is the area I have found the most noticeable difference in the days when I haven’t used it.

One thing which may be a negative for some people is the strength of the scent of this cream. The company claims not to use synthetic colours or fragrances so I would assume they are natural products which give it the scent and it is fairly floral and perfume scented. It really reminds me a lot of the Body Shop Cherry Blossom fragrance line though I don’t know how close to actual cherry blossom scents it is. Despite this strong scent it didn’t set off my sensitive skin so it might still be ok if you have a problem with scented products on your face but definitely one to try on your hand or arm first.

Having tried this for a few months on a daily basis I think I am beyond the normal thresholds for reactions. My skin is dry in parts, sensitive and acne prone and, despite being for normal or oily skin, I found it’s been moisturising enough for the dry parts of my skin so I’d say it might work well for combination and probably dry skin with the right combination of cleanser and exfoliator. I did find that to start with I had a small flare up as far as acne goes with smaller spots but none of the deeper acne I often get with a new skincare product. It is also light enough to use as a base for makeup without it feeling too thick or cakey or having it apply unevenly. I will say that, due to the price and possible lack of availability, I have been using it once a day with a different night cream but it works well as a day cream. For the week or two I used it twice a day it did feel nice in the night and left my skin feeling fresh the next morning.

In the short term this makes my skin feel nice in the day but I’ve also noticed a difference in the long term. It does stay hydrated and feels softer, though less a silky soft feeling like some leave but more a highly mositurised feeling and you can tell there’s a serum included in the formula. I think it has helped with the drier patches on my skin without being overly moisturising to cause any long term acne. 

Overall I am very impressed with this, so much so that I’ve been checking out the TK Maxx stores near me for then when I’ve been in, and bought the pure serum when this wasn’t available, and made an order a couple of days ago for two of these when they popped up online. If you can find it in a TK Maxx for £25 and that is within your budget for skincare then I would recommend it. As far as the original £135 price tag I wouldn’t pay that for skin care no matter how good. It’s one of those ‘if money was no object’ products that I might consider then given the improvement in my skin but not at the moment. I definitely see a difference between this and my normal skincare, even compared to more expensive creams mum uses that are slightly over the £25 price.

As these aren’t available at the moment I’ll leave a link to the Nubo search results on the TK Maxx website so you can see what they have available and if this pops up again then you can see it. This is their own website (though this exact product is out of stock) which has all of their products on it. A large amount of the serum based products are from £120 up but the other skincare products do start at a much lower price point even at full price. I haven’t tried any of them but I might look into them in the future as this moisturiser really impressed me and if I can get the five cleansers I currently use to keep my skin happy down to one then it might be worth it. 

Have any of you heard of this brand before or used any of their products? Any I should look out for or are with considering at full price?

2 thoughts on “Review: Nubo Cell Dynamic Stimulating Moisturiser 

  1. Claire says:

    Glad you found this! I previously used to buy Nubo at Harrods and from the Nubo website and when I read that TKmaxx are selling their products for a huge discount, I was in absolute shock! I feel ripped off by paying ‘stupid’ amounts of money when they are now available in TKmaxx.

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    1. It’s a pity it doesn’t show up often in TK Maxx. I wouldn’t have tried it without it being there but I think this is one of the few skincare products I might consider paying more for if it was in my budget. It’s helped my skin so much and I can tell the difference when I’ve run out.


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