Summer Haul: Asda and Tesco

With the recent heat wave here in the UK I wanted to get a new bikini for in the paddling pool in the garden. My old one is still doing ok but it’s ten years old so it felt like time for a new one! I may have ended up getting more than originally planned when I actually wandered around Tesco and Asda, we went to both because the fridge broke down in Tesco and some of the groceries we actually went shopping for weren’t available.

I ended up with shampoo, conditioner, a mini perfume spray and a bag alongside the bikini and dress I set out to get. None of it was overly expensive, it came to around £70 altogether. It sometimes find that’s one of the problems with shopping for these things in supermarkets; things are such great value that my trolley ends up much fuller than planned!

The first store we visited was Tesco so I’ll start there. There’s a fairly new Tesco Extra near us, it’s been there a few years, with a rather impressive beauty section that is dangerous to spend too much time in. I found out last week that they actually stock a few brands I love that I had never seen there before. I managed to avoid the Miss Patisserie and Dead Sea Spa Magik and tried to stick to my plan. I did end up getting a Travalo blue mini Travel Perfume Spray for my bag (£12.50). I have a few bottles of perfume I don’t trust for travel, the old Lush black sprays are especially leaky, and have been considering getting something like this for a while. It was a bit of a whim buy but I’m happy I got it, they have a range of colours but this one stood out for me.

I bought a few hair things, these Pro-Voke blonde Colour Activating Treatment Shampoo and Intense Shine Conditioner (£5.50 each) seem to be new according to the stickers on them and I haven’t seen them before. The purple based one is great for reducing yellow and brassiness and I wanted to give these a go to see if they can warm my hair up a bit. It’s gone light blonde in the sun and a bit extreme next to the original colour of the layers underneath. I also bought a Schwartzkopf Live Lightnener + Twist in Rose. I do like the look of pastel colours for my hair and others haven’t succeeded but I wanted to see if this pink one works.

Something that was definitely a whim, but I love, is this Florence and Fred Colour Block Mini Tote Bag, which cost £16, and is a mix of black, cream and a muted pastel pink with a fake snake skin part and gold metal details. I have to have across body bags, I don’t get on with ones that only have shorter handles, so this was great for that and definitely different to the bags I normally go for in style but I love this look. There’s something about the mix of colours that makes me think of Chanel for some reason, maybe it’s just me, but it feels like a classic look in a way. It also has a nice big main compartment closed with a zip that covers most of the top with a large space inside. Inside there’s a zip pocket and a phone pocket and a separate section outside that’s a flatter pocket with a magnetic clasp.

I ended up waiting for Asda to get a bikini, though there was a nice one in Tesco I wanted to see what was in Asda. I went into it wanting either a pastel or bright colour block style bikini with the black lines separating it which seem to be everywhere this year. I did originally want a more pastel based colour scheme but this bright orange and blue mix in the Textured Contrast Bikini is really pretty and I like the bottoms too. The top is £8 and the bottoms £4 so £12 for the whole bikini isn’t a bad price and being able to get them separately is always good as I’m two different sizes fro my top and bottom. The top is a slightly odd sizing range to me, they have the band size and then two cup sizes. I’m normally a 34B so I went for 34 B/C and it fits with the straps, removing them there’s a bit too much space at the top. I also bought a pair of plain black bikini bottoms for £5, they’re always good to have and go with so many tops and the fold over top means they can be higher waisted if I want at the time.

This Butterfly Print Sundress (£12) is more detailed with some frilly bits I didn’t plan on getting but it’s really pretty and you can untie the straps and it stays up because of the less opaque off the shoulder pieces. The dress is a fairly up and down shape but does have a bit of shape and it stops at knee length (I’m 5’7 so the model in the onoine photos is taller) which is what I was looking for in a dress. These Buckled Mule Sandals in rose gold metallic are £6 and I bought them for wearing around the house. They only have them in white online but there I think there were three colours in store and I can’t remember the third one. They’re so comfy and easy to slip on so they’re great to have by the door and slip them on and off to go outside. They aren’t ones that will stay scuff free for long but they do look nice until then.

I did end up coming away with more than I set out to get but I do like everything and will definitely wear or use it all. It will be interesting to see how the blonde shampoo and conditioner work as I’ve never used one like it to warm up my hair colour. Also looking forwards to when it actually heats up again and I can wear my bikini, even if it’s under a tshirt or something, it’s just nice to have a new one after years of the old one, I didn’t realise it had been that long!

2 thoughts on “Summer Haul: Asda and Tesco

  1. That Florence and Fred Colour Block Mini Tote Bag is so nice! That’s a good size to fit a lot of items and the colours are transitional so you can use it all year round.
    Wow, those bikini pieces are so affordable! Usually they’re so expensive which always makes me angry since there’s so LITTLE material!
    You got so much for £70!

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    1. I really like the bag, I’m surprised how much fits in it so it’s good for days out as well when you want a bit more. I know what you mean with bikinis, so many seem to be expensive, I’d probably only get a bikini top and bottom for the £70. There’s a few supermarkets that have good clothes ranges but the swimwear sells out so quickly in the summer.


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