When your computer just doesn’t want to be sociable

Apparently my computer doesn’t want to go online again. Have been trying since this morning and the annoying exclamation mark next to the WiFi symbol is back. I’m crossing my fingers it’s another windows update problem like last time rather than my computer actually needing fixing but I might not be posting anything I had planned this week. I’ll either go back to iPad posts or maybe wait until the computer is back up and running. So annoying when today I actually have the posts done I wanted to schedule and I’m organised for once. I guess it does mean I have my posts ready for whenever it decides it want to cooperate again!
Just wondering, have any of you guys got this problem? Last time it happened I found out a day or two later it was a problem with a Windows update and some computers, I guess it could be the same again. I just seem to have a lucky computer that doesn’t get on with updates.

Anyway, that’s all this post is about. Hope you guys are enjoying the weather and staying cool enough if you’re in the UK with this heat wave!

5 thoughts on “When your computer just doesn’t want to be sociable

    1. Sounds like it might just be moody then, lol. I’ve restarted it, reset the internet router, disconnected, made it forget the connection and reconnected and it’s still not playing nice. I’ll see if it fixes itself. Technology is great until it stops working!

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  1. This happens to me from time to time because I’m on wifi at home and I’ve read that when there are multiple devices connected to the same router, the signals can interfere. There are solutions such as using another band or something but I’m too lazy to adjust my settings. So normally I just move my cell phones away from my laptop. 😛

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    1. I have no idea how you change the band, I’ll have to give that a go. I’ve tried turning off WiFi in everything else and it still didn’t work but good to remember for if it happens again. Apparently there’s been an update since my problem and it might help, I just have to dig out my Ethernet cable to connect to the internet so I can actually download it.


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