No7 Free Gift and Mini Boots Haul


I recently made a small order from Boots, mainly because I needed a new mascara so I decided to get two as there’s an offer to get a free set when you buy two which had things I liked the look of in so I got two mascaras and some sheet masks as they were in a great offer. If you like the Boots Ingredients Sheet Masks then now is a great time to buy them, or try them if you’ve been interested but not got them yet, as they’re normally £2.50 but at the moment they’re four for £3 so 75p each which is a great price for any sheet mask in the UK.

The summer gift for No7 has a great mix in it, for me anyway, and you could almost do a full face with it, I’m tempted to try. You get a bronze eyeliner, waterproof mascara, lip gloss and face sun cream so for a beach day with minimal makeup you’re pretty much covered​. I haven’t tried some of here before so I’m interested to see what they’re like. These offers tend to last a while, going by past experience, and this one is fairly new but they often run out of stock in actual stores quickly and I think you probably have a month online from when it was first released, it all depends on how long it’s running and I can’t find an end date.


I actually like the quote on the front of the box, though I don’t keep the boxes as they’re not really good for anything once you’ve got the things out and an awkward shape to keep I have cut the front off and have it sat on my desk. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it but I like the font and the quote from Chimananda Ngozi Adichie. All the products were inside, wrapped in black tissue paper, and there are seals so you can tell if something’s​ been taken. I have had that problem sometimes with ones in stores so definitely check it if you do pick one up in store.


No7 Protect and Protect Advanced Facial Sun Protection SPF 15 is a new product they’re advertising a lot on their own and is available in both SPF 15, 30 and 50 as well as BB Cream versions. It’s a small tube but I’m always happy to get a face sun cream to try, though I do go for higher SPF normally. It will be interesting to see how this one works, if it does for me then it’s cheaper than the current one I’m using.

Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara (£12.50) which I think is in black. You always get a mascara in these sets, normally black, and they’re great for in a makeup bag in your bag as they’re a half sized tube. I think this is the first time it’s been a waterproof one that I’ve got though which is a nice change. I’m looking forward to trying this, I like No7 mascaras in general as I find they work well for me but I haven’t tried this one before.


High Shine Lip Gloss (£9), it doesn’t have a colour name on it but the box says it’s Just Peachy. Just Peachy is in the permanent range and it’s double the size of the one in the set. This is one of those colours that’s really bright in the tube but is pretty sheer so it does brighten your lips and make them slightly peachy but nothing as bright as the colour looks. I like the No7 lip glosses but I never buy them as they’re always in a free set, I can see this one getting used a lot in the summer though.

Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil in Bronze (£7.50) is a full sized product and I do love bronze coloured eyeliner. This is a nice formula, it’s soft and smooth to apply so I’m hoping it’ll be one that lasts well.

You also get a piece of paper in the set for half price on books by Chimananda Ngozi Adichie on with the code on the sheet that comes with it. This code says it’s valid until December 31st this year so you don’t have to rush to use it and I think you might be able to use it more than once, I’ll give it a go. I haven’t read anything by her but have seen some comments and reviews on them and I’m going to look into them more. If any of you have read her books and have one to recommend I’d be interested.


The two full sized No7 products I bought are both mascaras; Extravagant Volume Waterproof and Lovely Lashes in brown black. Extravagant Volume (£12) is my current favourite mascara, I reviewed it here a while ago, I love the formula and the brush on this is the plastic bristles I prefer. It’s also a really good waterproof one and I always like to have a waterproof option. Lovely Lashes (£13) is one I haven’t tried before but I was interested to see what it’s like and saw they do a brown/black version so bought it. I’ve recently preferred brown black, especially when I do my everyday neutral eye look, as it’s less dramatic and softer.


I also got four of the Boots Ingredients sheet masks. These are normally £2.50 each but they have an offer at the moment where they’re four for £3 so you pretty much get three of them for 50p after the first one. I’ve already tried two of them but I chose two new ones as well. I love sheet masks and these Boots ones have worked well for me so far, plus they last for ages if you leave them sealed. The ones I choose are Hydrating and NourishingCleansing and Purifying (you can find my review here), Radiance and Brightening (and the review for this is here) and Energising and Revitalising. I’m looking forward to trying the two new ones.

3 thoughts on “No7 Free Gift and Mini Boots Haul

  1. What a nice gift! Our drugstores don’t typically have gwp like departments stores do. We sometimes get small foil packettes but not a nice curated box like this!
    That Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil in Bronze looks really nice – and a full sized item too!
    Those sheet masks you got look really interesting – never tried any rooibos masks before.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No7 seem to have them every couple of months or weeks so I tend to wait until there’s one I like the look of and get a couple of mascaras. I really like their eyeliners, they’re soft and this bronze colour is one I’ll use a lot, makes a nice change from always getting black. I haven’t seen a rooibos face mask before so interested to see how it works and if it smells of tea 😆


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