Review: Makeup Geek Havok Duochrome Eyeshadow


I recently made my first Beauty Bay order and, having read so many great reviews of their eyeshadow pans, I had to get at least one of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I fortunately most of the ones I wanted were out of stock but the Havok duochrome eyeshadow was available and, as it’s one of the main ones I wanted I got this. The colour is so pretty and one of the combinations I tend to think if as showing off duochrome the best as it has that almost petrol colours combination of brown and green.

I think it wasn’t long before I made the order that the Makeup Geek range seemed to get a price reduction in the Beauty Bay website so these individual duochrome eyeshadows cost £4.95 each. I think the rest of the range with the different finishes is also this price. They aren’t the cheapest eyeshadows out there and I tend to go for palettes over individual pans but it’s such a pretty colour I thought it’d be a great one as a first eyeshadow from the company.


These individual shadows come in a card cover with a clear plastic window on the front so you can see the product inside. I really like the holographic rose gold or bronze stripes at the top and, even though I bought this to put in a magnetic palette, I think these cases would actually hold the eyeshadows pretty well and would be able to be piled up in a drawer or box. Though in the long term getting them in and out might damage the shadow itself. I like how the back of the packaging also has a hole so you can see the name of the shadow as it’s printed on the sticker on the base of the pan.


The pan itself is magnetic so you don’t need the extra stickers you sometimes do for depotted pans when putting them in a magnetic palette. I tried it in both a Z Palette and their own Travel Vault Palette and it works well in both. It’s a fairly standard size, I think it’s the same as Mac and Elf shadows and a large amount of the round individual pans or palettes of three four round eyeshadows that I’ve seen. It has a black sticker on the base with the name of the eyeshadow printed on it and it’s easy to read so any time you want to change around your palette or for travel you’ll always know the names of the colours you have.


The top half of the swatch is on Models Own Matte Eye Primer, the bottom half direct on skin


The eyeshadow is a gorgeous mix of a warm reddish brown shimmery base with a slightly turquoise blue duochrome shift that reminds me of a lot of petrol colours. The formula is so creamy and blends well, especially when you use this on top and next to another powder eyeshadow. I found with some primers, mainly the Urban Decay Primer Potion, the base does tend to stick rather than blending out with the duochrome. It lasts fairly well, without a primer it lasted up to four hours before it started moving and fading which is unusual for me, so if you don’t always need a primer this might be one that lasts without. With a primer it lasted nine hours without any fading or moving.


I am definitely impressed with this eyeshadow and think I’ll look into getting more if there are colours I didn’t already have in my collection. I haven’t tended to go for singles, I prefer palettes, but I can see myself getting more of these. I like the pigmentation, how it was opaque with one layer and didn’t need building, and how blendable it was with and without primer.

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