Review: Lush Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask


Rosy Cheeks is one of the newer Lush Fresh Face Masks and comes in the 75g black pots for £7.25. It’s also in the offer where you take back five empty, clean black or clear pots or their lip colour tubes and you get a free face mask which is how I get pretty much all of my Lush face masks. This pot can then be used as one of your five different your next one if you want as well.

Rosy Cheeks claims to be calming and a good face mask to reduce redness which is why I decided to give this one a go. My cheeks are pretty pink and it gets even worsein the heat so something to even out any redness on my face is always a good thing. It’s a clay based mask with various rose infusions and rose parts in as well as glycerin, all of which are meant to be calming and cooling for your skin.


The pots for Lush products are pretty standard and I like the look of them. The plain black and white works in any bathroom to me, though these are meant to be kept in the fridge so looks don’t really matter. They have a good seal so you don’t get any scent on your food and no leaking even if they slip over. Also they stack well which is great if you buy more Han one at a time, as I normally do, as you can normally stack four or five in the top shelf if our fridge if I needed to.

The main draw, or maybe drawback for some, for this face mask is the rose infusion and oils used in it. It does give it a soothing effect for skin but at the same one it is probably the most heavily scented if their face masks. Not a problem if you like rose and Turkish delight scented things but it could be overpowering for some given you sit with it on your face for ten to fifteen minutes. Lush is also cruelty free as a company and this product is not tested on animals.



This is a really nice mask to use. Maybe it’s due to the fact glycerin is the first ingredient or maybe it’s the lack of pieces of fresh ingredients and relying on extracts and infusions instead, but it applies very smoothly and can actually be used quite thinly. It had the consistency of a very thick moisturiser when I first bought it but it has thickened since to become more like a creamy, thick clay face mask consistency. It does feel very nice and cooling when you first apply it and it was very relaxing to use. It does benefit from a fairly thin layer as it means it dries quicker because the further time I used it it was still moist in patches after the ten to fifteen minutes it recommends, which made it harder to remove and I didn’t get any additional benefits from the thicker parts. Like all clay masks it’s a bit messy to remove but if you wash your face with clear, warm water it comes off with a few washes rather than having to do any scrubbing which is great for sensitive skin.


One problem I’ve had with Lush Fresh Face Masks over the years of buying them is that most of them to off before I finish using the pot, even keeping them in the fridge, as my skin is ok with one face mask a week but too much doesn’t agree with it so I’d have half of the face mask go off or dry out. That doesn’t seem to be a problem with Rosy Cheeks. The use by date is 1st May but I’ve used it on 21st and it is fine. It has thickened a bit but after giving it a bit of a stir it all mixed together and applied evenly. I can’t say that it would work as well as it does when fresh if this works well for you with redness reduction, but for my skin I had no problems with it and it didn’t have any less of an effect than when I used it within the use by date, less than a week after buying. It also didn’t cause any problems with my sensitive skin as it got older, though if your skin is very sensitive always check in the back of your hand first each time you use it if it’s beyond the use by date, though I don’t think any of these ingredients become any more reactive.

If you do find it hard to use it up and worry about it getting beyond its use by date then Lush face masks all freeze well for me. Just divide them in teaspoon portions in freezer bags tied off at both ends to make a line of mini bags and they last in the freezer until you want them. I found that this is generally more than enough for a face mask but gives you five or six per pot but if you want a larger portion it just means less individual masks.


I can’t say that I really got much of a benefit from using this face mask. It is nice and relaxing when you use it and it isn’t one that needs moisturiser on not long after removing it like some, but it also doesn’t reduce redness or calm my skin for anything more than the rest of the day. Though I can see it being nice if you have had some kind of reaction in your skin as a cooling, calming instant relief rather than a long term one.

I’d say it’s one of those face masks that does moisturiser slightly, I found less dry patches for a few days after, but not one that has an obvious improvement in any of the problem areas for me. My skin is sensitive, dry and acne prone which can be hard to find something that works for everything but this didn’t particularly improve any. At the same time it didn’t cause any acne flare ups or cause a reaction with my skin so I’d say it’s probably friendly for acne prone skin and sensitive skin.


I think this is probably one of the better Lush face masks for sensitive skin. I’d say it’s good for any skin type, as long as you don’t have a sensitivity to rose or any of the specific ingredients, as there’s nothing scrubby or large pieces in it and the main ingredients are various rose ingredients, glycerin, calamine and clay which are all soothing. I think, to me anyway, this is the gentlest face mask of the ones I’ve tried. I can’t say for oily skin whether it would work but I don’t think there’s anything too moisturising in it that would cause problems.

Basically it’s a nice, gentle mask that could be a good one to get to share with friends with different skin types. I think, of the Lush face masks I’ve tried over the years, this one probably gave me the most masks, I’ve used it five times and there’s still at least two goes left I’d say. It does depend how thickly you spread it but I don’t see this being one of those masks that varies a lot from batch to batch due to the ingredients.

5 thoughts on “Review: Lush Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask

  1. This would have been my second choice for my LUSH Fresh Face Mask when I was redeeming for the Catastrophe Cosmetic. I’m likely going to get this sometime in the near future!
    Someone else recommended freezing individual portions of these masks – I’m going to give that a try next time!

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    1. It is a nice face mask. Freezing does help keep them longer but I’ve noticed some of the new ones are self preserving, this is one, so maybe that’s why they’re lasting well. I didn’t notice this before to check if BB Seaweed or Catastrophe Cosmetic were as I know some older products have self preserving formulas now so not sure if they’ve reformulated the old face masks too.


  2. I just bought the Rosy Cheeks mask today (and have it on right now haha) but I’m disappointed to read on yours, and many other blogs, that it doesn’t really have any effect on the skin I’m hoping it calms mine a little, but we will see xx

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