Review: Makeup Geek Travel Vault Palette


I’ve recently had a bit of a declutter and decided to depot some of my favourite shadows from my less used palettes. After the drama with Z Palette I’ve been looking for some other companies to get an alternative and I saw the Makeup Geek Travel Vault Palette on the Beauty Bay site for £11.50. It’s a bit different to a lot of the magnetic palettes I’ve seen in that it has a mirror.

The palette is smaller than a lot of the standard sized magnetic palettes, somewhere between the medium and small Z Palettes. It has enough space inside for ten eyeshadow pans, at least the size of the round standard pans like Makeup Geek, Sleek, Elf and others you get as refills or in palettes. It has a magnetic base to hold the pans though you will need magnetic stickers for some. The top half of the palette is a gunmetal rose gold colour with a metallic shiny finish and the base is a matte black.


I do love the look of the palette, the mix of the shiny metallic rose gold gunmetal with the logo on it debossed is a great contrast to the matte black plastic base. They look great but they do seem to attract fingerprints, both the shiny and matte sides. I actually quite like the black card box it comes in. I’m not sure I’ll keep it in there for any length of time but it is keeping the palette looking nice for now plus I think that for travel it would add some extra security and make sure it definitely didn’t come open in your bag.


I really like the size of the mirror on this palette, it fills the whole of the lid and it seems a good quality mirror with no distortion. The hinge for the palette is one of those that’s pretty stiff which means it’s harder to open but it does hold open at any angle at whichever angle you leave it at. I know with otheMUGtravelvaultpalette1r palettes they can become looser but most stay open even over time and this has the same feel as those that last so I’m hoping it does.

This is a great quality refillable palette, I think especially for travel as it had the strong closing mechanism. It also has the mirror and the size of the magnetic area is good to hold enough for a holiday even if there isn’t enough room for all the ones I plan on depotting. I will definitely be using this for my go to colours I depot so I have them for travel as well.


This is the only Makeup Geek refill I have so this shows it for size


Though it is smaller than I originally expected, I thought I’d fit everything in it and didn’t see any actual sizes for this one, it’s still worth the money for me because of the quality. Ignoring the fact it’s Makeup Geek which makes it more desirable for some people it’s just a really nice looking palette that feels sturdy and like it’ll last well. I do love the gunmetal rose gold finish on the top and matte black is always a favourite for me when it comes to makeup packaging, I don’t know why as it seems to be a fingerprint magnet, but I think it looks more expensive and this is definitely a palette I would happily have out on the side.


If you’re looking for a good quality travel palette I would definitely recommend this, or if you only have a small amount of refills you want to put in there. The quality does make it worth the money, to me, but if you want a larger palette to hold all of your refills or something the size of a Z Palette then I’d look elsewhere. As I said, I really like the palette it just depend son what you’re looking for size wise. I kind of hope they bring out a larger one as, although it’d be expensive, I like the idea of having a larger one with the same finish to have all my refills and depotted eyeshadows in as it’s just so pretty and I see it being a good palette for long term more than some of the cheaper card based refillable palettes.

3 thoughts on “Review: Makeup Geek Travel Vault Palette

    Your review just solidified how much I need this. 😛 To me, it’s the perfect size, I find the larger Z Palettes to be too big. Plus, I’m over Z Palette now anyway.

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    1. It is a good travel size. After going through my palettes I’m depotting favourites from some of the ones I’ll be getting rid of and they don’t all quite fit in here. It is a great palette though, very well made and definitely feels better quality than the Z Palettes I have. I’m over them too now after all that drama. I’m looking on Etsy for a good one with a mirror, I always prefer them with mirrors.


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