Review: NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Fair


Having never actually tried NYX and it being on my to try list this year I ended up adding a few things to my basket when using my Boots points recently. This NYX Dark Circle Concealer costs £6 and comes in a small pot with 2.9g of product. I’m not a huge fan of face products that come in pots but it seems a lot of concealers do and I tend to use clean brushes to try and keep them cleaner.

This concealer is supposed to help reduce your dark circles with the orange tones, neutralising blues in under eye dark circles. It’s a cream product with a fairly thick consistency that claims to have good coverage and not dry out the sensitive skin under your eyes while also moisturising with coconut oil. With it being about half the price of my go to No7 under eye concealer I thought it was worth trying out.


The pot for this product is nice looking, it has a rounded lid and somehow feels and looks a more expensive product. As it’s a shiny finish it is hard to get a grip on at times but the seal is good and it keeps the product fresh so I’d rather have a pot that’s hard to open over one that doesn’t seal well and lets the product dry out. I do like how plain the lid is, from above you know exactly which product you’re picking up and the clear based means you can see the colour of the product.

The cream style of the product is really nice, it’s a thick consistency that does have nice coverage. It is easy to apply, either with a brush or with a finger, though it does seem to work better with my finger as it helps to make the product melt more into the skin. Patting the product on does take a bit of time but give better coverage and it helps stop the product from settling in lines and gives a more even finish. It blends easily at the edges so you don’t get that obvious line at the edges of the concealer.


As far as staying power goes it lasts well, it does definitely benefit from setting with a powder as it does take a while to set by itself and remains tacky for a while, during which it does move a bit if you’re not careful. It stays well, even without setting, for five hours no problem. After that it does seem to move a bit though there was still a lot of product left when it came to removing it nine hours after application. Although the product does move a bit this is because if the creaminess of the formula which also stops it from drying out under your eyes.

The colour of this is great when it comes to neutralising dark circles. Although it looks dark for my skin tone in the pot it blends well and seems to lighten when I applied it to my skin so it became less obviously orange. I think it’s due to the dark circles, these two colours cancel each other out and neutralised each other.


Overall I’m very happy with this, I was surprised at how well it suited my skin tone and the staying power in this is great. I like the finish, it seems to be a nice middle ground between the slightly sparkly finish of a lot of under eye illuminators and a matte so it helps to brighten under your eyes and make them look more awake without being too reflective.

I would definitely recommend this if you have dark under eye circles, weather it’s due to tiredness or pigmentation under your eyes. It seems to have good staying power and doesn’t dry out your skin. It’s also a good price for such a good product and it’s definitely in the drug store price range. I’m not sure it will completely replace my old favourite as they’re two different types of products but it’s definitely a great everyday concealer.

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