Fortune Cookie Soap Box: A Pirate’s Life For Me


Last Thursday the summer Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap arrived so I’ve had some time to play around with most of the products to see how they work. Fortune Cookie Soap are an American company that make bath and body products and, once every few months so each season, they release a main collection and you can see inscribe to their Soap Box so they send out a box full of said please and two full sized products, one in each of the upcoming scents.

Most seasons they tend to stay pretty much within the trends for that season but they also have a second theme and this one is one I love and am excited about as it’s Pirates of the Caribbean inspired with the name A Pirate’s Life for Me. You get six sample sizes and two full sized products. The ‘samples’ though are a pretty good size and you get multiple uses out if most of them,things like bath bombs and melts are one off but most have enough for multiple uses.


This theme is amazing and I really like the look of the card that comes with it telling you what each of the products is. The Soap Box comes in a small cardboard box with the company logo on it. The products inside are protected by shredded paper, this time a green blue, and you get something free to do with the theme. This time they sent a plastic coin with a design on it a lot like the one in the first movie. These are only cheap little things but they do make nice props and nice little extras. Everything always survives the journey to the UK, it’s all well packaged and it’s only things like bath bombs that seem to break into dust but stay within the plastic bag they come in so they’re still useable, just don’t look as nice.


L-R: Monkey Business Whipped Cream, Walk The Plank OCD and Mermaid Tears Shimmer Perfume Oil


Monkey Business Whipped Cream is one of those products that makes you think it will smell of one thing but it’s more complex than that. I saw the yellow and the name and thought it’d be banana and in the pot it’s like a mild banana bakery scent but when you actually use it the main scent is fresh pineapple to start with with a hint of citrus that comes out after a few minutes. Then the light bakery base sort of shows up but it’s definitely in the background so it’s mainly a tropical fruity scent. The description is lemon, pineapple and banana almond cake so I think it’s spot on. The whipped creams are a very rich formula that do sit on your skin for a bit so a good night time moisturiser.

Walk the Plank OCD is one of the two full sized products, though they are the smaller size available to buy now. These are great hand sanitizers that aren’t too drying and do scent your skin for a while. This one has a shimmer in the bottle but it doesn’t leave your skin shimmery which I like. Scent wise it’s got a citrus and earthy scent, both orange and lemon. The description says sugar cane, pomelo, dried tobacco and mandarin zest so I think this is probably pretty spot on even if Just couldn’t pick out the scents individually.

Mermaid Tears Shimmer Perfume Oil has a bit of a misleading name with the shimmer in there. I was expecting a bit of sparkle when I tried it, especially considering how much FCS loves glitter at times, but it’s just a plain perfume oil, which for me is a great thing but might be disappointing if you were expecting some shimmer there. I love the look with the light blue shimmer in it though. The scent lasts well, I could still smell it a couple of hours later which is good for a perfume oil. The description fix the scent is hard to really tell what it’s meant to smell of with sugar and morning dew on the lagoon but I definitely get something sweet with that ‘fresh’ scent a lot use that doesn’t seem to be anything specific and something a bit floral but it is a hard one to pick out individual notes to me.


L-R: Black Pearl Exfoliating Body Wash, Calypso Solid Foot Scrub and Bring Me That Horizon Fortune Cookie Soap


Black Pearl Exfoliating Body Wash has, what look like, seeds as the larger exfoliating parts with smaller gritty bits too. This means the scrubby aspect isn’t too harsh for more sensitive skin but you still get the benefits of the exfoliation. This is a really nice scrub, the foaming base does lather quite a bit and it’s not drying. The scent is pretty weak, which was a bit disappointing, and to me it’s mainly pineapple with a bit of something woody in it and something that makes it slightly floral, like a lily scent though rather than an intense floral. The description says it should smell of pineapple, pink pepper, tobacco, suede, peony and jasmine so I guess I kind of got most of that. I think maybe the base doesn’t help as I know some product types in general end up less scented than others due to this. It is a pretty subtle scent and could work well as a perfume to me.

Calypso Solid Foot Scrub is a new product type I think, at least I haven’t noticed it before, and it’s a good time for it with sandal weather coming up. It seems to be split into two layers with the top looking like their solid shampoo bars with small noodles (I think they call them) in there and it feels gritty. The other layer feels like it’s a nice moisturising formula like a massage bar but more melty. The scent is mainly soap to me, not sure if that’s the base coming through, but at times it does have a slightly fruity, floral scent but it’s hard to pick up for me. The official description is peach blossoms, berries, floral hearts, sugary amber, vanilla musk and ripe fig but I just cant get much over the overpowering soap smell. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

Bring Me That Horizon Fortune Cookie Soap is so pretty! I love these, they last a lot longer than you’d expect and even the clear based ones give a nice amount of lather with scrubby gloves and aren’t drying. This scent is light and has a cucumber and lily or light floral scent, there are hints of the Lush Ghost scent which is lily or orchid scented. The official description is sweet cactus pear, desertghist flowers, water lilies, sea mist and warm sands. I’m not sure what some.kf those are meant to actually smell of but it’s a nice, light scent that would probably make a nice, feminine perfume.


L-R: Parlay Lip Scrub and Aqua De Vida Oil Cleanser


Parlay Lip Scrub is pretty much lime and sugar, I really don’t get the coconut mentioned in the description. It is a nice lip scrub, it’s exfoliating and doesn’t leave an odd layer on my lips, but it is hard to get out at times and I know from last experience they do sometimes go solid so one I’ll be using up quickly I think. It is a nice product for this time of year though, for some reason spring is not good for my lips.

Aqua De Vida Oil Cleanser is surprisingly scented for a cleansing oil. It has a similar look to the mermaid Tears perfume oil with the shimmer suspended in it. Again I seem to be getting a very citrus scent but more like gummy citrus with sugar like the gum drops you get in silly mix. I really don’t get the coconut and spiced rum in this at all, not sure why.


Overall I’m very happy with all of this, there are definitely some scents that stand out to me as being ones I’d choose other products in, mainly Mermaid Tears and Monkey Business as they’re great, summer scents with the tropical or fruity feel I tend to go for this time of year. Parlay is great but there are plenty of fresh lime scents out there that are cheaper, especially with postage if you’re in the UK, so I’d skip that one personally despite it being one of my favourites normally.

This time they don’t seem to have given a release date for this one, I’ll update this post when I find one as it’s not on their website at the moment either. I would guess some time In June given past release dates and the times between Soap Boxes and the collection going live but, as I said, I’ll update it later unless any of you guys know. I may have just missed a tweet or something.


Have any of you guys bought anything from Fortune Cookie Soap before? Are there any of these you’ll be getting when the collection goes live? Be quick if you want things as they tend to sell out fast, though they often get restocked a couple of weeks later so, if something you want is fine, you normally get a second chance.

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