Review: Mont Bleu Nail Files, Foot File and Scissors


I love doing my nails and over the years have spent more than I should have on nail products but until last Christmas I’d never owned a glass nail file. I was more a cheap and cheerful nail file kind of person though they did always get lost and worn out way too quickly. The best thing about glass nail files is how well they last, they keep the filing surface and you just have to wipe them with a damp cloth to clean them and you’re ready to go if they get a build up on them.

Until recently I hadn’t heard of Mont Bleu, a company from the Czech Republic who make glass nail files and nail tools that are hand painted and decorated, some with Swarovski crystals. They sent me these pretty nail files and scissors to try and a discount code for you guys if you want to buy anything from them. I’ve had them for a month to try out so I thought I’d do a post on them now I have given them a proper go and seen what they can do.

When Mont Bleu contacted me they asked if there was anything on their site I’d like to try. Everything looked so good and I wouldn’t know where to start so I just let them make the decision and send me what they’d recommend, though I did ask for the foot file as the idea of it really intrigued me and with the summer coming up my feet could do with a bit of love.



The first things I saw in the box were these nail files decorated with Swarovski crystals, they’re the Set of Two Black Glass Nail Files (£13.05 for a set of two or they’re available separately). The set contains two sizes, one small and one medium sized, with the same design of crystals and they both come in a velvet pouch that helps to protect the file surface itself. montbleu6

They both have the same fine grain surface that makes them easy to use and great for filing down any rough edges easily. I was also impressed by how quickly they filed down my longer nails to shorten the length and shape them. This is definitely where the longer one works better, it’s easier to get the nails shorter quicker and work on the general shaping and then use the smaller one for getting round the edges. The little one would be good for travel but I would say you need something to keep it in so it doesn’t break, at least I’d feel better if I had something to protect it. They do them with a hard case which I’d recommend if you plan on getting one to be able to keep in your bag.

montbleu1There are so many different designs with Swarovski crystals on, or not if you prefer, in different colours that I think you could find a design you’d like if you’re interested in their nail files. I like the range of designs on this one and, not that it has anything to do with how well the files work, look how sparkly they are! I had to get a good weather day for the photo as we’ve not had the most sun recently in the UK and they still don’t really show the colours that shine in the light.


They also sent me the Set of Scissors (£20) with a pair of cuticle scissors and a pair of nail scissors which pretty much cover everything I’d want them to do. They’re both really sharp and come in a clear fronted plastic pouch that keeps them protected but also stops them from poking anything else in your drawer, or wherever you choose to keep them, which is useful as they are very sharp. montbleu3I don’t really have much of a problem with my cuticles but it was interesting to try cuticle scissors and they seemed really good, you could get a nice precise edge with them. The nail scissors are good too, I could tell the difference from my cheaper Boots pair I bought years ago that I now realise really did need replacing. They’re comfortable and easy to use and cut nails very easily.


The final thing they sent me, the Silver Cracks All in One Glass Foot File (£13.92), is probably the star for me and the one I was most interested in trying. I have never seen a glass foot file before and having tried this one I’d recommend it to anyone who has a problem with dry skin on your feet. I’m not sure it’s something a lot of people think about, I know I didn’t, and my feet could definitely do with more love throughout the year rather than the last minute cover them in foot cream and DIY pedicure they get when it’s sandal season.

Over the years I have tried various filing products for my feet but they always seemed rough and I could feel it removing the skin, with this it’s just like you’re rubbing them with something smooth and I didn’t think that it was actually removing anything by the feel until I looked at my feet and the file and noticed the difference. It does have two different surfaces, one is slightly bumpier feeling and seems like it would be the first to use and then go over it again with the finer grained side, at least that’s how I used it. It’s so easy and comfortable to use I’d recommend anyone try it. It’s one of those products where if you only get one thing​ to try from a company I’d recommend this. I also have to say I do love crackle finish designs, I have way more crackle nail varnishes than I need or use, so the design on this one is a winner for me too.


Everything I tried I really like and have used quite a bit already. I like the range of designs and colours available and the files themselves are smooth, fine grain, easy to use and work well. I like the scissors too, and for the price they’re really good quality, but the nail files are definitely the stand out products to me.

They do have an Amazon store as well as their own website where you can buy their files. They also have a wholesale website if you’re interested in partnering with them. Their own website is pretty easy to use, as they sell internationally it’s easy to change the currency in the top corner which I always find useful, I am so bad at converting between them.

As they come from the Czech Republic it does depend where you’re from when it comes to time scale for delivery but here in the UK they arrived very quickly, before I was expecting them to. There is a flat rate for delivery of 3€ / $3.9 / £2.53 for all orders under 38€ / $50 / £32 which is a pretty good price and everything was well packaged inside the box so nothing was damaged.


Everything inside their protective cases, maybe they’re meant for display when selling with the scissors but I’m keeping them in them anyway


After having a play around with these and really trying them I am very happy with everything I have and would recommend them to try out if you’re on the market for a glass nail file or scissors. Price wise they are lower than the glass nail files I know of available in the UK and the quality is definitely good. I’d say these would make great gifts for anyone who likes doing their nails, or for yourself, whether you’re a beginner or not as the price may seem expensive compared to the disposable ones but when I add up how much I’ve probably spent over the years on them it will be cheaper and they work so much better than disposable ones.

If you do decide to check them out then they sent me a code for any of you to use for 20% off if you use the code BLOG on their own website.

Thanks for reading guys. I hope you liked the post. Have any of you tried their products? What did you think?

Disclaimer: these products were sent to me to try and all views are my own.

Mont Bleu’s social media links:

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4 thoughts on “Review: Mont Bleu Nail Files, Foot File and Scissors

    1. Thanks for reading, glad you liked it 🙂 They are good and a lot less pulling on my nails when I file, if that makes sense, than the coarser grained cheap ones. I do still have a cheap one in my bag though, I do the want to risk breaking these!

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  1. I received some items to review from Mont Bleu as well! 🙂 I’ve heard of the brand from ages ago and have always been curious to try them. I’m giving them a few weeks of trial period. Glad that you’re liking them so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope you like yours too, did you get the same items? I guess I haven’t really gone that much into the nail tools world, though this has made me look around and see what other brands there are I hadn’t heard of that will be better than what I’m using for other things. They are definitely a lot kinder on my nails than the files I was using before!


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