Recent Empties

mayemptiesheader.jpgI always forget to keep my empties, I start off the month meaning to keep them and then a few weeks in I’ve either forgotten to keep them or got fed up with the clutter and thrown them out. This month, or rather over a month now, I remembered so here’s a post of (almost) everything I used up in April and May so far. I say almost because I’m sure I’ve got rid of some empties just because I forgot.

I didn’t realise until I got them all together how many things I’d actually finished, or how many hand creams I’d had on the go at the same time. I always find that I go ages without finishing anything because they’re big bottle or pots and I’m part way through, but then everything finishes at once so if I did these regularly there would probably be months of a few products going each month and then a big lot like this.


I’ll start with the shampoos and conditioners. They’re not that exciting, though I do love the Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo and Conditioning Scalp Mud. They are great for my psoriasis and I have a stash of these as I can only find them online so get a few each order. I actually finished two of the Scalp Mud and they do get used quicker than the shampoo. The other two are Rose Shampoo and Rose Conditioner from Bleach London. These do give my hair a slight pink tint, though as my hair is no longer the paltinum blonde it was when I first bought these it just makes my hair a bit warmer rather than the more ashy colour it is naturally. I might buy these again, I’d definitely recommend it over the dyes if you don’t have platinum blonde hair.


I have been trying new hair products after finding out my two go to products were discontinued. The Umberto Giannini Glamour Hair Princess Purrfect Hot Styler Spray is one of these discontinued and I’ve had this for a while but it finally emptied. This is the best one I have found for straightening my hair and I do have another one so I have it for a while but I am trying to find a good replacement.

One of the ones I tried to replace the frizz taming product I loved was in the advent calendar and I have another one free from something still to use. It’s the Percy and Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm and does a pretty good job of stopping my hair being too fluffy. It’s not the eBay but if I get these free it’s a good replacement for travel of my glass bottle of Dr Organic Argan Oil Serum I use all the time. Another from the advent calendar is the Philip Kingsley Elastcizer, again not one I’d buy but it is ok to use as it doesn’t do much for my hair but also doesn’t do anything negative to it.

The Fortune Cookie Soap mini Buttercup Shampoo was nice enough, it’s a great size for travel, but I don’t think I’ll be buying their liquid shampoo in any of the limited edition scents. I got it in a Soap Box of samples so if I get ia liquid shampoo again I’ll either keep it for travel or use it and use the bottle again.


My skin care products also seem to all be empty at the same time with the Soap and Glory Total Drama Clean Micellar Water and my Pixi Glow Tonic both being empty. The Soap and Glory Micellar Water is definitely my favourite if these that I have tried and is my everyday makeup remover and evening cleanser. I use the Pixi Glow Tonic twice a day, it works great for me but I do know is that some people ahve reactions to it, I think if your skin works with glycolic acid it’s worth checking out. Definitely repurchasing this too.

I’ve recently got a few of the Lush face masks and this Catastrophe Cosmetic was one of them. I like it but it doesn’t work as well for my skin now as it did five or ten years ago, I think it’s got drier, so I’d go for the BB Seaweed next time as that one seems to work better for me now. The Laboratoires Filorga Paris Time Filler did nothing for me, either good or bad, so I won’t be buying it again but as it was in my advent calendar I’m not so bothered by the fact it didn’t work for me. I find that’s part of the fun of beauty advent calendars; trying things you wouldn’t buy yourself. Some work and some don’t.


I have a feeling this photo should have a lot more in it as it’s the shower gels and bath products. Most of them you don’t have anything left like soaps and bath bombs or bubble bars so it’s just the Lush Olive Branch Shower Gel and Refresher Shower Jelly, both of which I will definitely be repurchasing, though I already have a second Refresher. The Refresher is a great lemon jelly, it’s refreshing and smells like freshly cut lemon. The Olive Branch is one of my favourite limited edition perfumes and this shower gel is so moisturising and the scent lasts after the shower.


The final things are the hand creams, I didn’t realise I was using so many in so many places. The Soap and Glory Hand Food is my favourite hand cream and I always have a small one in my bag, I already have a lime scented Sugar Crush one replacing this. The Neal’s Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Cream is nice, it has a sweet orange scent, but I wouldn’t repurchase it because of the price and I have others I prefer. This seems to be one of those products that has been free with some things as I already have a second one, and I’m not sure where from. The final one is the Dr Organic Snail Gel Hand and Nail Elixir, another nice hand cream that’s a thin formula but surprisingly mositurising and long lasting. I really like the scent and most of the snail gel range is good but I have others I prefer. I got this one a year ago in a set with the serum and gel in a sale, if I get the same set again I’ll happily use this, just not buy it by itself.

I think most of here aren’t ones I’ll be repurchasing but some of them are favourites. I always like reading these from other people to see what they actually use up so hopefully you’ve liked this post. I might start doing them more, if I remember, though probably not monthly as it’ll probably be a while before I get enough to actually do another one.

2 thoughts on “Recent Empties

  1. Isn’t it so satisfying to see all the accumulated empty containers? That’s why I always remember to keep them now – the pay off of seeing them all together and counting them up! It’s also quite satisfying to toss the whole bag of empty containers all at once too. 😀
    Looking at your empties, I only know maybe 4 items! I just got the Pixi Glow Tonic and I’m looking forward to using it. Typically I use higher concentration of AHA but only twice a week, so I’ll see how my skin reacts to a daily one with a lower percentage.
    You used up so many hand creams! Do you apply hand creams often?

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    1. It is very satisfying to get rid of all the empties at once. I think quite a few of the things are ones I found in sales or as part of an advent calendar or freebies. I do love the Pixi Glow Tonic and it has helped my skin stay clear a lot but I have seen a lot of reviews saying it makes their skin red so it seems to be one that people love it or hate it. Hope it works for you ☺ I use hand creams fairly often, normally two or three times a day, but it’s more I keep them in different places so they all happened to get used up at the same time. Also I have so many if these, mainly from sets, so I tend to use them more as I think I have 6 or 7 still!

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