Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan


I have never tried anything from NYX, at least that I can remember, so I decided to spend some Boots points and get a few products. One of the ones I chose was this Soft Matte Lip Cream in the colour Milan which, online, looks like a mid or pale dusty rose kind of colour. I say online because it’s one of those that’s very different on your lips.

This costs £6 from the Boots website and there’s a great range of colours, I love the look of some of the purples and deep blues but decided to play it safe and go for something I’d actually wear. This is a fairly small product at 14ml, compared to their liquid suede and other similar lip products, but it’s still not a bad price for a liquid lipstick.


I do like the container for this, the solid colour plastic is nice as you don’t get that half empty product look and it will stay looking clean. However it also means you don’t see the colour of the actual product until you open it, maybe not always a problem but it was a big thing for this colour. The lid twists on and stays on nicely and I do like the doe foot applicator style glossed and lip products, you can get a nice precise line and the lid for this one is a good shape and size so it’s way to hold and control.


Onto the colour itself and, you can probably see where this is going by the photos, but it is so different to the container itself. The container is a mid to ought dusty rose, so true to the Boots website, but the product itself is so much brighter and shows up almost magenta when you go into natural light. It’s odd how different it looks under artificial lights. It still has the more dusty rose ubdr warmer artificial lights but stand in front of the window and it changes to a bright pink as you can see in my lip swatches.


The formula itself does feel comfortable and doesn’t dry your lips out but I also found that it just doesn’t dry. It’s very pigmented and goes on smoothly so no patchiness even if my lips aren’t in the best condition, always a bonus, but I found that having it on for tweny minutes it was still a wet gloss that tarnsferred into everything. I did try blotting it, some matte lipsticks seem to benefit from this, and all it did was remove the colour almost completely. I tried leaving it alone for an hour and then saw what it looked like and it was already wearing off when I hadn’t eaten anything and only drank from a bottle of water so I was pretty disappointed there. Maybe I got a dud or is there a technique to getting this looking nice and working? Because there seem to be done great reviews out there for this and I can’t get it to do what I want.


On the plus side though I did get compliments on it when it was at the almost worn off stage after an hour or so and I gave up and added a lip gloss on top so I will get use out of it, just not in the way it’s intended to work.

It’s a pity this didn’t work for me, I really wanted to like it and was hoping I’d found a nice matte lipstick that would work for me but the search continues. This one fell short on both the formula and the difference between the outside container and the product inside. It’s not as if it’s even that the online picture is different to the product, it’s the same as the outer packaging, so it’s very hard to judge as I don’t think anywhere will accept an opened lip product for returns.


Basically I don’t recommend this at all, at least not in the shade Milan. Maybe it’s a shade specific one or I just got a dud but I won’t be trying any more of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams unless there’s something amazing. This one had great pigmentation when I first applied it but it didn’t last, transfered into everything and made a mess. Out if interest have any of you guys bought these and loved them? Is there a trick I’m missing here? Or is it this specific colour and I just made a bad choice with it?

On the plus side though I have been trying other from NYX and like them, plus they’re a cruelty free brand so some of their other products might be worth checking out. I’ll be doing reviews of the others over the next few weeks including a Liquid Suede and a Cosmic Metals Lip Cream so check back if you’re​ interested.

5 thoughts on “Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan

  1. ivanamakeupworld says:

    Nice review. I have 2 of these and mine too wore of but they leave lip stain. But these are not meant to be liquid lippies that last for several hours. They are meant to be regular lipsticks but in a tube form. You have from Nyx real liquid lippies they are called Lingerie liquid lipsticks. They are transfer proof and they are not that wierd feel on lips like these ones 🙂

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    1. Which two do you have? I was just so surprised that the colour doesn’t even last as long as a lot of glosses I have and that it didn’t actually go matte at all. I will have to see if I can find a store near me that stocks them as the colour difference in this one makes me wonder about others but I might have to give those liquid lipsticks a go too if they’re good.

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      1. ivanamakeupworld says:

        I have in antwerp and I don’t like color. It is corally and I do not wear those kind of lipsticks. I also have Berlin which is a brown shade. It is perfect. They are just regular lipsticks in tube form. They are not real liquid lipsticks. I was also dissapointed about them but then I realized that they are not suppoesd to last long. They are simply lip cremes. And my shade Berlin has good lip stain and can last till 2-3 h without refill. So you have Lingerie liquid lippies from Nyx and they last. They are real matte liquid lipsticks. Transfer proofed also 🙂

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  2. Whoa, it’s WAY pinker than what it looks like the tube! What sorcery is that!
    I’ve read mixed reviews about these – the performance seem to differ from shade to shade apparently.

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    1. I was surprised at the difference too, definitely not the colour I expected it to be. I think I may have picked a bad shade, I’ll have to see if there are any particularly good ones and maybe see if I can find ones in store to try out first.

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