Review: Nails Inc Porchester Square


I only got this nail varnish today but as it was in a magazine offer I wanted to do the post asap because I know how quickly these things disappear and I don’t know how long it’s been out. This Porchester Square nail varnish was a free gift in the UK Elle magazine, which also came with a Cosmopolitan and cost £4.50 which is a great price for an almost full sized Nails Inc polish, these are 10ml compared to the 14 ml of a full sized one. I have a feeling that this one won’t be around much longer as it’s the May edition (with Victoria Beckham on the front) so that tends to mean the June one will be out soon going by when magazines are released.

I can’t seem to find this in the same bottle on their website​ but it is available in the newer design 14ml bottle here for £15. I’m not sure which style bottle I prefer but I’m pretty sure it’s the same formula so it’s not one of those colours made exclusively for a magazine that you can never find again. That annoys me when you find a colour you love with a magazine but it’s not available afterwards. I also seem to find that a lot of Nails Inc polishes you get free with magazine seem consistently better to me than ones I’ve actually bought full price.


There are four colours available, I’ve tried to match names to colours using the Nails Inc website so I hope I’ve got these right. There is this nude mushroom colour (Porchester Square), a classic red (Tate), a pale pink (Elizabeth Street) and a blue/grey colour (Palace Gardens). They only had this one and Tate when I looked and I have so many reds I never use. If they’d had Palace Gardens I probably would have bought two of these magazines.


The bottle is the standard old version from Nails Inc with the cylinder and the lid being the same width as the bottle and a shiny silver that seems to attract fingerprints. It’s easy to use and hold and the brush on it is a nice design, it has the slightly flatter style shape that means it’s flatter and wider and needs less strokes to cover the nail and makes less mess for me. It also holds a nice amount of the nail varnish without there being too much or having drips that mean you get way too much when applying it.


I really like this formula, it is so creamy and pretty pigmented for a nude. It’s fairly thick and applies evenly, though after the first coat if you’re​ not careful they can almost seem a bit stuck to the layers beneath so it’s less even. It does take three or four layers to become properly opaque but it dries quickly for each coat. It doesn’t seem like one that will chip easily, though I haven’t actually worn it for any length of time yet. It does have a very nice, glossy cream finish that has a high shine even without a top coat which I like. It also looks really nice with a matte top coat, some colours don’t work so well with them for me but this looks good.


The colour itself is a really nice creamy nude, it has a slight taupe or grey undertone which makes it cooler than a lot of nude colours. I had to compare it to my Ciate Iced Frappe, my current favourite nude nail colour, and it’s very close in how light it is but does have a slightly bluer, cooler tone to it. I’m definitely looking forward to doing some neutral nail art with this as a base, I do love the mix of a neutral base with cream, metallic and black patterns on them.

If you can find the magazine still then this colour is worth getting I’d say. If it’s the same formula it may even be worth the full price as it’s a great neutral colour with a cooler base which is unusual, most seem to have a warmer base.

4 thoughts on “Review: Nails Inc Porchester Square

  1. I’m still amazed that magazines give away freebies in the UK! We just don’t have that here. People would steal them, I think.
    I have this polish which was my very first Nails Inc purchase. I found it on clearance for $4 (£2.25) which was a bonus – I really enjoy Nails Inc cream formulas, so easy to apply.

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    1. I think in supermarkets and paper shops they seem to mainly keep the freebies in but some store you go in, especially when it’s Benefit freebies, you do have to dig around for one with anything in! That’s mainly motorway garages though, they seem to stay intact near me but then they do keep magazines near the door and there’s the security guy there in supermarkets. That’s an amazing price for a Nails Inc polish, I’d probably come away with too many if I saw them at that price!


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