Review: Pavers Stacked Heel Pumps


I love pump style shoes but for some reason my feet seem to be the wrong shape for them. This has led to many failed purchases and I am always on the lookout for ones that might work for me. The other day we went shopping and I found these Pavers Stacked Heel Pumps in the Pavers discount store for £29.99 from an original RRP of £44.99. They’re also available online and apparently they have a TV shopping channel, though I don’t know how many people can get it as it isn’t available in my area.


I have to say I don’t tend to think of Pavers when looking for shoes, they’re one of those brands that I think of for comfortable looking shoes rather than prints and I do love a patterned shoe. I tend to go for the rest of my outfit being fairly plain and then bright or patterned shoes, especially when it comes to jeans. However a couple of years ago I found a really nice pair of wedges with a floral and insect pattern, which sounds odd but I loved, that fitted me so well so I guess they’re going more into the patterns recently.

These are slightly different to a lot of pumps in that they have an elastic edging that means the bit at the front that normally digs in on my feet isn’t as sharp so I can wear these for ages without the red mark or rubbing that has been the end of a lot of previous pairs of pumps. The shape, with the toes going a bit off the ground rather than being flat on the floor, seems to fit really well with the natural shape of my feet and they’re so easy to walk in. They may look slightly odd when you look at them from the side but on your feet it’s not as obvious and I didn’t actually notice it u til I was taking the photos for this blog.



They have a bit of a heel, you could say it’s a low or mid heel depending on how high you consider low. On the site it says 4.5cm so under 2 inches but it actually feels like less when you’re wearing them and the shape of them is pretty much perfect for my feet, they’re actually more comfortable than a normal flat one for me. The heel has a wood effect and an angled shape that makes them a bit different. The rubber feel makes them have a great grip and there’s quite a deep pattern on the flat part of the sole that means they’re very grippy. Also the shape of the heel, with a wide base, alongside the height means they’re great for my balance.


They also have a tab on the back that reduces the amount of rubbing and make them more comfortable on the backs of your heels as well as making it easier for you to just slip the shoes on rather than having to wiggle your feet too much to get them on.

It’s also worth knowing that the sizes are pretty much spot on for me. I’m normally a 7 or 8, I bought these in a 7 and they fit well. I think it’s normally my feet are slightly too wide or my arch too high which often moves me up to the 8, that isn’t a problem for these shoes so stick with your standard size I’d say.


The shoes are made from synthetic material so easy to wipe clean and have the slightly metallic finish mosaic style pattern with a matte in between the ’tiles’ of the pattern. It doesn’t look like a proper metallic look, it’s more like there’s a metallic or sunny back and then an overlay with the pattern on top of it that give it an almost pearly finish. In some lights parts, especially the purple parts, almost look holographic. I like the pastel and white floral pattern, though I’m not normally a fan of pastel patterns I really like them this year for some reason and think these will look great with jeans which tend to be good for summer in the UK most years, unless it’s like last year when it was so hot I didn’t actually get to wear some of the clothes I bought.

The inside of the shoe is really comfortable and soft, it says super soft inside but I’m not sure if that’s the shoes in general or the lining. The inner soles have microfibre that means they help reduce, or rather remove, any sweat if that’s a problem you often have.


As an extra thing I did end up buying the metallic cleaner gel they sell to help keep them looking nice. I don’t normally go for them but recently we had to find a white one as mum’s shoes had been getting old looking and it really helped so I thought these could end up getting full quickly and it would probably be a lot harder to find a metallic cleaner as we don’t go to these shops often. Also it was just £3.50 so we’ll have to see how well it works.


I really like these shoes, they’re not a pattern I would normally go for and they’re definitely more feminine in pretty much every way than I would normally choose but something about them made me want them and I finally have a pair of pumps I can wear all day, they are seriously so comfortable and easy to wear for hours.

Even if these shoes aren’t your style I’d recommend looking at Pavers if you want some shoes that are comfortable to wear all day. They do have some that are more what I think of as comfortable looking shoes, if that makes sense, but they also have some cute styles in different patterns and designs with different height heels. This seemed to be one of the patterns they were using in a lot of designs, either as the whole shoe or as an accent piece, when I was in the store but I don’t see many of them online so if you have an outset store near you it’s worth looking in there.

4 thoughts on “Review: Pavers Stacked Heel Pumps

  1. These are so cute! The floral pattern is perfect for Spring. 🙂
    I made the mistake once of buying flats with elastic edging and they dug into my feet so badly! I had to get rid of them.
    The sole of these shoes look super comfy with the rubber finish and anti-skid texture.
    I don’t believe this Pavers brand is available here, sadly.

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    1. I have been loving floral patterns this spring and they seem to be everywhere. Were they those ones with a really stretchy edge that look slightly wrinkly if that makes sense? They always seem like a great idea but they do seem to make them so tight. I think they sell internationally but with postage and customs they’d probably be twice the price.


  2. These are such a lovely eye-catching texture, they’re just patterned enough that they’re interesting, but subtle enough that they’ll match a lot of things. I love the shape but this shape of shoe I always really struggle to walk in for some reason they make me feel really wobbly on my feet. I’m not good with middle of the road heels, I need something flat or superhigh!
    Rachael Helpless Whilst Drying

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    1. They are a nice pattern, with the florals round at the moment I do love them but some are less versatile. I’m like that with wedges,I can’t a walk on them no matter what height they are. They a bit of an in the middle height heel, I never used to be able to walk in these or kitten heels but my feet don’t like flats at the moment. Hehe, I do love high heels, there’s something about them that makes me feel good.

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