Nails: Coffee, Cream and Rose Gold


I realised that I haven’t done a nail look in ages, in fact I haven’t really done much with my nails in ages apart from paint them one colour so, to make myself feel better, I decided to give it a bit of a go and try some dots and lines. Mainly because I just had no idea what I was going to do when I started out so starting with them as a base is always easy to build on rather than specific shapes.

I think I might need to get better at naming nail looks, I am so bad when it comes to naming anything really but I think this one fits given the names and colours I used. As I’ve also had a bit of a play around with the three Gelologoy formula Ciate polishes I used in this nail art I thought I’d do a mini review of each of them as they do seem to work very differently.

Also, I should probably say, this nail art was added a few days after the original base coat was done, though it was still looking good, just a bit of wear on the tips, so the fact it hadn’t chipped at that point already is always a plus for me when it comes to nail varnish.

The majority of the nail varnishes I used are Ciate and they’re the new Gelology formula minis from the advent calendar this year. I did do a sort of first impressions for each so I’ll link to them, I don’t think my opinions have really changed but they have a better swatch in those posts if you’re interested in the individual colours.

Iced Frappe is the base coat (which I forgot to photograph on its own), the one that had been on my nails for three days with no chips, and one of my favourites from a previous advent calendar too. It’s a pale, warm taupey nude, which sounds like a very odd colour but it’s really nice and it seems pinker when it sets than it is in the bottle. This is the Gelology formula which is meant to give it more shine and make it last better and, although it lasts well the original formula was great with that too. This one does need a lot of layers to apply smoothly for me. For some reason it seems to do the thing some fake gels do where the second layer onwards doesn’t apply that smoothly and you get obvious lines where the strokes are. This is five layers done over two days for the base coat.

The second colour I used was Pretty in Putty, a really nice pale oatmeal just off white colour that took two coats to be even. It does do a similar thing to Iced Frappe in showing up previous layers but I just use it pretty thick. Normally I’d do three or four layers but I’m not precise enough to get three or four layers exactly on top of each other for nail art. This one lasts really well too and no chipping, though it does take longer to dry completely, though it feels dry quickly, and moves a lot so it tends to catch on things and look like it’s melted at times.

The last of the Ciate nail varnishes is Goal Digger, somewhere between a bronze and rose gold metallic shimmer what seems to have a bit of a silver hint to it with tiny glitter, which is probably my favourite of all of the Gelology ones I have. It goes on really evenly, is a pretty thin formula and can be opaque in one coat. It dries very quickly too I love using this one for nail art as it’s so easy to use with a dotter to get lines and dots to look even and can give you quite thin lines if you have the right tool. This one lasts so well, with one coat it normally takes four or five days for any chips to show, even without a top coat for me. If I use more coats then it lasts longer and its normally wearing the tips that goes first rather than chipping.

The nail art pen was the Rio Professional Nil Art Pen in black which is available in two off their sets at the moment, I have done reviews for the neon set. This post feels a bit like it’s a lot of links to older posts, I just think they have better pictures of the different colours if you want to see what they look like on their own.

I also used an OPI glitter polish from the Muppets Most Wanted Collection called Gaining Mole-Mentum, which I have used a lot in nail looks and probably mentioned quite a bit on this blog. I did do a first impressions review on this and I still love it. However, I have found that it’s harder to remove than I first thought, the main reason why I only used it on two nails in small patches this time, and it does need soaking in nail varnish remover to properly remove it without making a big mess.

I really like this look, not sure how spring it is but it’s pretty neutral and I wanted something to go with the base I already had. I wish my hands were steadier, some of the lines are thicker than I wanted as I had to go over them a few times to make them look even remotely even, but I like the look of it from a distance. I’ll have to use more spring colours next time I think.

2 thoughts on “Nails: Coffee, Cream and Rose Gold

    1. I tend to get frustrated with stamps as they hardly ever end up as good on my nails as the practice goes but I’m still learning so I hope I get better! With freehand I just go over any wobbly bits with black lines and it somehow seems to make it look less wobbly, or just claim it’s rustic or patchwork and add stitch lines 😆


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