Paperchase Haul


When I made this order I started out planning to get three or four things but my basket kind of grew. It turned into a bit of a mix of everything really, though since taking photos I have a feeling that quite a few bits may be used in future photos, even though only one or two things were bought for this. I never thought I’d be buying things to use as props but I want to work on my photography for my blog so have been browsing more home decor sections and it’s very hard not to buy a load of things I don’t need to decorate my room.

This haul is from Paperchase, I think most of this is available in a lot of their stores, even the smaller one near me has quite a bit of this, but it is all still available online. I do love their stationery and always go to them when it comes to Christmas decorations but I haven’t really looked at them for décor and I could have bought a lot more.


Madame Romantica (L) and Jardino Butterfly ( (R) Metal Letter Racks


The first thing, or rather two things, I bought were the first ones into my basket and the reason for the order. I’ve said a few times in the past I like the look of metal paper racks as a way of organising eyeshadow palettes and when I saw these I had to get them. I chose one of each of the two designs, the Madame Romantica Metal Letter Rack and Jardino Metal Butterfly Letter Rack, both cost £9 each. Jardino is a butterfly and floral pattern cut out and Madame Romantica a more modern floral design. They both have three slots in them with different heights between them so they’d make a nice display for different height palettes. They are a nice metal frame, pretty heavy and sturdy and the spaces are wide enough to hold my widest palettes, Z Palettes fit in easily, but something like a Book of Shadows from Urban Decay wouldn’t fit. They both say they’re in white but I’d say the Jardino is a true white and Madame Romantica is more of an off white, a slightly cream tinted white rather than pure white. This doesn’t bother me, it pretty much matches my walls, but I can see it putting some people off getting the two.

Another of the things I planned on getting before I made this order was this Present Time Marble Tea Towel (£12). I wanted a towel to make my makeup area look nice rather than just using lots of kitchen roll, going along with improving my organisation, but I actually quite like it as a background, or part of a background. I like the marble pattern and the fluorescent pink stitching round the edge is a nice accent. It is printed on the one side, the other is white, and works well as a tea towel.


When I was browsing this site I saw this book; Five on Brexit Island by Bruno Vincent (£7.99). It’s based on the characters from Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series, books that I grew up on. I’ve already started on this one and I like it so far, it’s a great novelty book and a light hearted look at Brexit with George declaring Kirrin Island independent following the referendum. Will definitely be reviewing this when I finish it.

I had my eye on a new cup, one of those with the double wall to keep drinks cold, since my one last broke last summer. The Gothic Garden Sculpted Cup with straw was half price in the sale and cost £6. I saw this in the sale after Christmas but didn’t get it and wished I had so I had to get it this time. It’s metal, has that double layer and a screw top lid, hopefully the metal means it won’t break the same way the other did. It holds 450ml so almost half a litre or a pint and unfortunately isn’t dishwasher safe.

Another marble thing that I originally didn’t buy for the blog but I might be using as a background is the pack if white Marble Paper. There are 20 sheets in the pack and it cost £6. I did get this originally for cards, I have been looking for some new paper to change my card making style slightly and this sort of stood out for an idea I have, a couple of sheets can be kept to one side to see how they work as a background. I have a white marble for a backdrop, does that make me a proper beauty blogger now?

One of the two things I bought to actually use on the blog was the Powder Foil Confetti (£2.50) in the white and gold mix. I was surprised at how big the confetti is, it’s about the size of 2p pieces, but it kind of makes it easier for photographs.


For a few years I’ve seen these soap flowers for sale, though I think mainly in Boots, and liked the look of these colours. These are from Heathcote and Ivory but sold as Jardino Soap Flowers and cost £22. I thought they’d be as soap but they seem more like bubble bath so will be fun to try them out. I also kind of like some of the less sqaushed and more colourful ones for photos, I will have to see.

One of the only ones I saw and thought it’d be pretty as a prop, though I’m not normally a fan of artificial flowers something about these Pastorale Roses in a Teacup (£15) made me want them. I think it might be the dusty rose colour of the teacup and I love this colour even though it doesn’t really go in my room. The roses in it are a nice pale pink and seem a pretty good quality, I do have ideas for this in photographs but I’m not sure if it’ll work now I have them, I can make it work. The only negative with this is the fact some of the petals had some excess thread, I cut it off and they look good though it does make me wonder whether this would happen to the others, I think it’s just excess that wasn’t cut off. They do still look fake but I just like the look of them so I’ll keep them.

I am very happy with everything. There’s a big mix and I think everything will work in the way I bought it but I can see a few of them being experimented with for blog photographs.

6 thoughts on “Paperchase Haul

    1. I’ve seen people post photos with similar ones before but never known where to get them and they do look rather pretty with palettes in. Also maybe I’ll actually remember what palettes I have rather than some sitting at the bottom of the pile unloved 😆

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  1. I love Paperchase! We have a shop inside of a department store here and I always stop in to see what cute stationery they have.
    Hey, I recently bought a box of those flower soaps as a gift! I’d never seen them before. Such a neat concept.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paperchase is dangerous for me. They have their own small shop at the entrance to a shopping centre near me and it’s hard not to buy things if I ever go in, I already have too many folders and notebooks but they’re so pretty they make me want more! The flower soaps I’ve seen around but never known what they were, I thought they were actual soaps shaped like flowers, so curiosity got the better of me and I’m looking forward to trying them.


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