Review: No7 Liquid Eyeliner


If you read my decluttering post you already know the fate of this eyeliner but I wanted to give it a proper review with some photos. It’s the No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner and, although it doesn’t have an official name on the product, I’m guessing it’s called black. I got this product free in one of those bags they do when you buy a certain amount of products and, as I’m not great at eyeliner even without the addition of a liquid and brush, it was nice to get something free to practice my eyeliner technique with.

This can be found in Boots, I think this is a full sized product but I’m not sure. It costs £8.50 so it’s not the cheapest eyeliner out there but it’s in the normal range for a No7 product. It’s available in a range of colours including green, navy, brown and silver.


The first thing about the product, the packaging, is something I actually like. It’s one of those ones where the end with the brush is longer than the end that holds the product so you get a nice amount to hold and keep it steady. I also really like the brush in this, well I call it a brush but it’s one of those really soft flexible plastic ends. I do really like this,it’s easy to get a thin or thick line and easy to keep straight even for a novice like me. I’m not that keen on the fact that the handle lid is a gunmetal grey, it makes me think the product inside will be too, but that’s a minor niggle really.

Unfortunately for the product where it lets itself down is the eyeliner itself. Which is, of course, the main reason for buying it and so a big draw back. The formula for it is so thin that it seems to bleed into any lines. It also means that, when you first get the product out, it applies thick and by the time there’s less product and the right amount to not bleed everywhere it isn’t opaque. If you can get it to this point then it dries very quickly and evenly,however it takes about ten minutes with the parts where it’s thicker which makes a mess if you move your eyes at all.


When the eyeliner is on your skin it does stay well when it’s dry. It lasts and doesnt fade or smudge really do I guess in that way the formula is good, it’s just the consistency that makes it impossible to work with and get a nice, opaque black line that doesn’t bleed everywhere. As far as staying power it’s stayed on the back of my hand and on my arm when I searched it for eight hours. It stays really well but at the same time it does come off without too much effort when you use makeup remover so it doesn’t irritate your eyes when taking it off.

I think you can guess that i wouldn’t recommend this eyeliner. I had an Eyeko one I got in the M&S advent calendar I would recommend over this. It is unfortunate that the formula is so thin and it doesn’t thicken over time,I did try opening and closing it mutliple times to see if that helped as I know some mascaras do benefit from being exposed to air.


I don’t know if there’s any way to make this easier to use. If you like really thin eyeliner then I guess this could be a product to try but I don’t see it working for anyone as it just runs so much. Maybe mine is a duff batch but it seems unusable really, rather than it being purely a case of preference. I like No7, I think 90% of their products are great but this one was a dud for me unfortunately.

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