Review: Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum


I’ve had this hair serum for a while and it’s become one of my everyday hair products. I originally got it in the boxing day one penny sale on the Holland and Barrett website which is essentially buy one get one free but you buy one product in the offer and get another for 1p. This came as part of a set with a shampoo and conditioner and was the 1p item I chose, though I did get the set mainly for this one product. This hair serum is available as a product on its own and costs £14.99 for the 100ml bottle, the same size as this one, so I’d recommend getting it by itself unless you can get the set in a similar sale to the one I did.

Dr Organic is a cruelty free company that makes skin care and hair care products and is sold exclusively at Holland and Barrett, in the UK anyway. This Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum is supposed to reduce frizz, soften, restore and nourish hair and is used after washing your hair and towel drying it so it protects your hair as it dries. It can also be used on dry hair, just not as much, to protect your hair and reduce frizz, though I haven’t tried it yet.


I really like this bottle, it has a frosted glass finish which I’m always a fan of though it’s not always the most practical when it comes to skin care. I tend to use this in my room so no fear of dropping it on tiles but it might be one not to use in the bathroom if you have a tiled floor as I can see it smashing despite being a pretty thick bottle. It has a pump dispenser which is useful, I use four or five pumps on my hair which is short but very thick and tends to eat these kinds of products very quickly. I like the design on the front, though it’s very subtle so it’s not going to clash too much in any room you put it.

The product itself feels a lot like an oil rather than a serum, it does leave residue on anything it lands on so wipe it off quickly if it’s something that would get marked by oils. It’s a fairly thick serum, though I haven’t really used hair serums before so maybe it’s normal for them, it doesn’t run when you hold your hand up, at least not quickly, and it does help to rub it between your hands to warm it up a bit and make it easier to spread through your hair.


The scent of this is pretty unisex, at least I’d call it that. I think it’s the mix of cloves, patchouli and cinnamon in there, though they don’t stand out too much they give it an earthy scent. It smells really nice to me and I have had comments on the scent while my hair is drying. Once my hair is dry the scent disappears completely but I can see how using it on dry hair would add a nice scent for a while.

The main thing I love about this product is what it does to my hair. My hair is very thick, both in actual individual hair thickness and sheer amount, and I do need a tamer of some kind to stop it from turning into a big ball of frizz. However it’s also in great condition somehow and survives pretty much anything I throw at it, even products like sun-in which is really not good for your hair. This serum weighs my hair down enough that my short hair doesn’t stick out at odd angles but isn’t so greasy that it reduces the time between hair washes. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and I can see it being really nourishing for any damaged hair as it does feel like it would be a great moisturiser.


I have been using it every time I wash my hair, once a week, for the past four months and so far it’s maybe a quarter of the way through so it’ll last me at least a year if I keep going at this rate. That will depend on hair length and how much you need but it’s going to last longer than quite a few of the others I’ve tried before so value for money isn’t an issue with it.

I think if you have any kind of frizz I see this one working well without making it too greasy if that’s a problem for you. If stronger scents are something you don’t like in hair products then this would not be one for you but it definitely does as it says. It works better than any other smoothing balm or serum I’ve found since my long term favourite was discontinued. It is more expensive than most hair care products I’d buy at full price but I will definitely be repurchasing it.

3 thoughts on “Review: Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum

  1. I’m glad you found a replacement for your discontinued one!
    I’ve not tried hair serums because I’m worried about them weighing down my hair. I have thick strands of hair that are heavy and anything oil-base make my hair go limp.

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