Decluttering Part Two: Lip Products


Over the years I’ve tried so many different lip products, I want to like lipsticks and colours but it seemed to take a lot of failures to find the best makes for me. Most of these lip products are from those failures, though again I seem to have a lot from free sets or sets I bought for other products in them. I do love reading declutter posts, there’s something about getting rid of a lot of products that you’re not using that just feels so satisfying and reading and watching others declutter always helps me, though I’m not always the most ruthless.

I did do a bit of a declutter of my eyeliners and you can find the post for that here. As with that post if I’ve done a review or first impressions of any of these lip product I’ll put a link to them. I don’t think I have for many as a lot of these I had before I started my blog two and a half years ago, which shows how old they are and some of them should probably be going on age alone.


L-R: No7 lip gloss, No7 High Shine Gloss in Glaze, Stila Lip Glaze in Sugar Plum, Shiro Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Something in the Wind, Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer in Muse Bouche


The first two glosses are both free ones from No7 sets. In general I’m a big fan of No7 lip glossed but I have others that I got more recently, in the case of the bigger one which I think is called Glaze, and I just don’t like the applicator on the mini one. The big one I think I’ve had a couple of years, it smells fine and works but I have newer ones that are pretty much the same as it just gives a nice shimmer rather than colour and I’m pretty sure I have a second one exactly the same in my back up makeup bag I carry in my bag.

I got this Stila Lip Glaze in Sugar Plum in a Marks and Spencer advent calendar in 2015 and I have just never got on with the formula. I quite like the brush applicator and the slight shimmer is pretty but the clicking to get the product out annoys me as there’s always too little or too much and the gloss is one of those thick sticky ones that never really sets and seems to be like a magnet for hair.

It took me a while to figure out that a lot of dark colours do not suit my lips, though I have kept a couple I’m getting rid of two, the first being the Something in the Wind from the Halloween collection from Shiro Cosmetics. This smells amazing, like sangria, and is a dark orange red. I think it must be from 2014 and sill seems good but dark lip glossed do not work for me, my lips are never in good enough condition so it looks uneven.

I did a review of the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer in Muse Bouche when I first got it and I still like it, I just don’t seem to get in with pigmented glossed that much, they move more than I want and this one applies really thick. If you like a bright red lipgloss this one might be worth checking out though, it is very easy to use and applies evenly.

It’s not in the picture because I can’t find it but I’m also getting rid of the Hallucinogenic plumping lip gloss from Fortune Cookie Soap from the Doctor Who collection. I like the colour but it stays so sticky and it doesn’t just tingle, it actually felt like burning every time I used it so I gave up on it and it was just sat in my drawer. I do have a disco Nic Cage one from Shiro Cosmetics that’s a great shimmery purple and smells of grape so I’d probably be getting rid of this anyway.


L-R: Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss Stick, L’Oréal Color Riche in Julianne’s Nude, Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake and Pink Truffle, Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick in Mulberry


These are from my failed attempts to find a lipstick I like, though I am better at getting rid of failed lipsticks as soon as I know they won’t work for me so there would be a lot more if I wasn’t. There are some that I’m keeping that should probably go as I have so many nude lip colours or formulas I don’t use that much but I haven’t had them that long so want to see when I change my hair colour again if I wear them more.

The Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick is somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick. I can’t find a name on this one but I think it’s called nude, I got it in a Soap and Glory set one Christmas. I really like the formula and it’s a nice product, I just have so many nude lip balm type products and this is nothing very special. I’d rather get one of the colours in this formula.

The L’oreal Color Riche lipstick in Julienne’s Nude isn’t one I remember buying. I think it must have been a free gift or one someone gave to me because they didn’t want it. I’m not likely to choose this colour, it’s not much more than a tint and I have others I prefer, but the L’oreal animal testing history puts me off them anyway. I do use things if I have them as it seems a waste to get rid of things I already have but I try to buy cruelty free. This formula is quite nice but it’s so sheer it doesn’t seem like a lipstick and isn’t as mositurising as a tinted lip balm so it’s not really either. I’ll see if anyone wants this as, apart from swatching, it’s unused.

These are two of my three Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters, there’s a third but I seem to have lost it. It will be going in here too. I also have Creme Brullee but these two are Strawberry Shortcake and Pink Truffle. I like the formula, one of them is so low I’d have to get rid of it anyway, but I recently found out that Revlon isn’t cruelty free and as I have other lip tints I’d rather keep them than these. The most recent of these that I got was for Christmas in 2015 so I don’t feel too bad getting rid of them, I used to use them a lot but since finding actual lipsticks I get on with I’ve tended to choose them so this would probably be going anyway really.

The last is one that mum bought for a Halloween costume years ago and I thought I’d try last year but I don’t wear so I’m getting rid of. It’s called Mulberry and is from the True Colour lipstick range from Sleek Makeup. I don’t wear this colour but I do love the formula. It works for me, lasts well and is moisturising enough not to dry my lips out. I will definitely consider more from this range if they have a colour I’m looking for. One thing to know is that it seems to bleed quite a bit on some people, I didn’t have the problem but mum did and I’ve seen it on other reviews of these darker colours.


Shiro Cosmetics lip tint in Three Wolf Moon, Five of the Soap and Glory Super Colour Fabulipsticks, SLeek Makeup Pout Polish in Bare Minimum


I’ve had a few samples and pots of things over the years but I just don’t seem to get on with them as much as I do stick lip products or ones in tubes. I do use them if they’re in a palette I’m using but having single pans or little plastic pots I just do the use. It’s partly the idea of putting my finger in a pot and using it for lip products but mainly just that it’s so much easier to have a stick product and be able to throw it in my bag if I’ve put it on and you can apply them easily when you’re out.

The first of these pots and depotting things is a sample from Shiro Cosmetics, I’ve had it for ages and they do the even do it any more, it’s Three Wolf Moon and a nice deep red. I just don’t get on with lip colour in pans and I kept this so long without using it so I think it’s time to go.

The next five aren’t available any more either and, again, they’re in pans. These are from Soap and Glory and are the discontinued Super Colour Fabulipstick and come from a Christmas set from 2015. I have no idea of the colour names but I do kind of wish I’d tried these more when they were still available as I really like the formula.

The final lip product to go is from Sleek Makeup Au Natural collection in Bare Minimum which is a very sheer tint in a neutral colour and has SPF 15, though with how old this is I think that went years ago. This is a nice enough product but it’s not moisturising enough for a lip balm and doesn’t add anything as a gloss so for me this particular colour isn’t worth getting. Other colours in the range might be worth checking out if you like the slightly shiny lip tint look but I have so many clear balms that do more for my lips.

I don’t think I did too badly with these. I probably could have got rid of more, considering that this time last year I didn’t have many lip products apart from balms and these probably made up most of my collection then. Now I have a lot more lipsticks but, as I’m new to actually using them, I’m still figuring out the best formulas for me, if I do another declutter this time next year there will probably be quite a few I kept this year in there.

Do you guys do like me and want to like a certain kind of product, I love how lipstick looks, but find it hard to find a good formula, or when you do the right colours, for you so end up with things you never use? It feels a bit of a waste but, again, most of these things have been free or parts of sets I bought for other products so I don’t feel as bad, it seems less of a waste when you haven’t paid money for them, even though the products themselves are gone either way.

5 thoughts on “Decluttering Part Two: Lip Products

  1. I got rid of a bunch of my Revlon Lip Butters too – they’re great formulas but I just don’t reach for them.
    Wow, that Sleek in Mulberry is super dark! What was your Halloween costume that year?
    Lip products are the first ones I normally purge since they go bad so quickly compared to other makeup products.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used the pink truffle one so much it’s almost empty anyway but I haven’t used it in months. It was a witch, and I actually like the colour on me but I’m not brave enough to wear it out if the house. I was just keeping it in case but if I suddenly start loving dark lips I can get a new one, they’re cheap and it’s​ better than having it hanging around. I was surprised none of mine had gone bad. I’ve kept a couple of the old style ones from Shiro I love and they’re years old but still act like they did when I first got them. I should probably get rid of them but haven’t found a good dupe for them yet so mainly keeping the small amount I have left for comparing to others now.


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