Haul: Lush Fresh Face Masks and a Body Mask


I have been hoarding Lush black pots for the past eight years, I don’t go into Peterborough very often which is where my local Lush is and do tend to forget them even when I do. Lush have a scheme where, if you take back five of their black or clear pots, and they recently added lip tint tubes to this, you can get a free fresh face mask. Their Hair Doctor product is also included in it, at least I’ve been told it is but I’ve never tried. The face masks are the fresh face masks, the ones kept in I’ve that you have to store in a fridge in the 75g pots. When you buy them they cost £7.25 but you do get a lot of uses out if the one pot.

As my mum and sister went in on Friday I asked them to swap some of the pots I had and they chose two of these as they were recommended them. The ones they were recommended were BB Seaweed and Catastrophe Cosmetic and the two new ones I wanted to try were Rosy Cheeks and Cup O’ Coffee. Unfortunately Cup O’ Coffee is not in this black pot offer though it’s available in different sizes, the largest one is probably the best to get if you plan on using it as a body scrub.

I’ve had quite a few of these over the years, I have tried all of the range before they did recent releases so as two of these face masks are older ones, I’m going to put a review of those two in here. I could do a post on all of them if anyone wants or if you want to know about one of the older ones then I’ll try to answer them.



I’ll start off with the two I’ve used before and do the mini reviews. There are some things I’ve learnt about Lush face masks over time, the main one being that, for me, I don’t use a whole pot before it goes off. If you also have this problem then freezing them is a great option. I use a freezer bag and tie between them and use a teaspoon sized portion for each. This is more than I need for a face mask but it makes an easy portion size and you still get four or five as well as your first use.


Catastrophe Cosmetic is recommended if you have problem skin, mainly acne, as it does seem to help reduce the redness and the clay in it also dries them out a bit. It does help with that, though it doesn’t have the tea tree or witch hazel style spot treatment, it’s more calming than fighting the acne itself. If you have oily skin I think this would be a great one for you as it is quite drying for me. I have dry skin that’s acne prone so a lot of spot treatments tend to dry it even more. If you use a moisturiser half an hour or an hour after removing the face mask that combats the drying. I do think this is probably the nicest smelling face mask for me, its like a sweet fresh blueberry. It does eoarate a lot so it’s one to stir every use as it’s a very thick one so don’t tip the water off or it just gets too thick after a few uses.

BB Seaweed is another soothing face mask but it’s not aimed at the spot treatment side, more just calming. I think it does help redness at times on my cheeks but it may have more to do with the cooling effect if this one. It has seaweed and clay in it which are both really soothing ingredients and the seaweed does seem to add mosituriser without being too oily. This one tends to have a bigger difference between batches than the others, I guess it’s the seaweed as the scent is sometimes more seaweedy and sometimes it separates more and has more liquid in top. It does have a slightly powdery clay face mask scent, it’s a nice scent but not one of those ‘scented’ smells.


The first one of my new ones that I was most excited to try is Rosy Cheeks which I have actually used today but will leave it a bit and see how it works before I do a proper review I think. This face mask mainly has rose as it’s different ingredients which is calming and it does have a slightly rose scent but in a natural rose scent. It looks nice and does feel calming and cooling on my skin and was a very relaxing one to use, for some reason the rose scent made it feel a bit luxurious too.


Cup O’ Coffee is both a face and body mask. I have never used a body mask so I’m definitely interested to see how this one works, how messy it is to have it on my arms or legs and sit with it for ten minutes before washing it off. I’m going to have to work out how to do it unless any of you guys have tips using them. This one smells amazing, it’s a coffee scent but in a milky coffee with sweetness rather than a sharp black coffee. It does have a hint of powdery floral but it’s nothing too obvious. There are crushes coffee beans in there to add an exfoliator so I have a feeling it’ll be too scrubby for my face but I am looking forward to trying it on my body, especially my legs now summer is coming.

Have any of you guys tried these new ones? I am still working on using up my face mask stash so this wasn’t the best haul for that but I do feel better I no longer have those fifteen pots sitting in my cupboard, only another sixteen to go!

4 thoughts on “Haul: Lush Fresh Face Masks and a Body Mask

  1. You’re adventurous to buy THREE fresh masks all at one go! You’ll be masking twice a day to use all those up before they expire. XD Funny you posted this now because I’ve recently collected enough pots for ONE mask and am trying to decide what to redeem for. I’ve only ever tried one Fresh mask – The Sacred Truth – and I really liked it. I was recommended Catastrophe Cosmetic to try – I like that it doesn’t contain tea tree since I find it too harsh. And I love the thought of smelling blueberries while I have that mask on!

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    1. Hehe, I tend to go with bulk buying them, especially since I started freezing them and have so many pots. The blueberry one this time is a lot thicker and one go ended up using half the pot. It does smell nice, though they all do. It is a nice face mask, very calming but it is a bit drying. It all depends on what you want from a mask and skin type but I think it’s a good one for most skin types.

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      1. I want something to calm my skin and maybe help extract impurities. I’ve been looking at the ingredients at lots of the LUSH masks and a lot of them contain skin that I find irritating like peppermint oil and citrus juices. So I’ve concentrated on more of the soothing ones like Catastrophe Cosmetic, Love Lettuce or maybe just repurchase The Sacred Truth since I did really like it.


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