Decluttering Part One: Eyeliners


I said I was going to declutter and I finally managed to collect everything together and go through it all, some had mysteriously moved to my computer drawer at some point, so I’m going to start on my decluttering posts. I will be posting links to any reviews I’ve already done so you can see better swatches and things and there are some things that I do still like but it was just their time to go.

Today the whole post is eyeliners, some of these posts will probably have a few categories in as I don’t have much of some things, and it has both pencils and liquid, though I only have the one liquid liner I’m getting rid of. I don’t wear eyeliner much apart from bonzes and golds but I seem to keep thinking that I will and so buy them anyway. I am quite happy to say that the majority of these eyeliners were in free gifts like those spend X and get this bag of makeup free type offers so I don’t feel too bad getting rid of them.


The first one I decided to get rid of is fairly new for me, it’s so new I haven’t even written a review of it yet though I do have one planned but I guess you’ll know the outcome already if you’ve read this post! It’s the No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Eye Liner and it’s a black colour so I’m going to guess it’s called black. It’s not a bad eyeliner in a lot of ways, it’s very pigmented and does stay put, but it is very thin as a formula and bleeds into any fine lines.

Saying about having too many eyeliners I realised I had four different black pencil liners. I did swatch them all next to each other, you can see the swatches at the bottom of the post for the ones where I had multiple similar colours to see these compared to the ones I kept, but I just found that these three weren’t as good, though the No7 did come close.

L-R: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil  in Zero, No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eye Pencil, Models Own i-Definer in black, Models Own i-Definer in brown.

The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero is one of those products I wanted to love. I have seen to many reviews on it, so many people who love it I wanted to like it. This is a mini that came with a palette I think and you can see it’s old now, it seems to have dried up so much it shrunk from the sides for some reason. I just never got on with it, it never seemed to work for me as well as I expected and it’s been sat in my drawer for years so it’s time to go.

The No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil is one of those products I’ve had for a while and I was sure I’d done a review post on but I can’t find it so I guess not, I’ll have to do one as this is a really nice eyeliner. It’s pigmented, creamy and stays so well. The only reason I’m not keeping it is because I don’t use black much and I prefer my Soap and Glory one so I’m sure someone else would get more use from it. If you want a nice black then it’s worth checking out, you can find it in Boots and it costs £7.50 so it’s not overly expensive either.

The Models Own I-Definer in Black is disappointing pigmentation wise. I bought it in a set recently, along with a couple of others in this declutter, so it feels a waste of money but I am keeping five of the eight and they cost less than two of the eyeliners if I remember correctly so I’m less bothered. Basically don’t buy this eyeliner, it’s not worth the money.

The Chestnut brown eyeliner from the Models Own set is going too. It’s not too bad pigmentation wise but, again the Soap and Glory beats it with how creamy it feels. A few of these eyeliners are going because of the Soap and Glory set I bought from the Christmas range in 2014, I think it’s the same formula as their standard ones but they’re worth checking out.

L-R: Models Own i-Definer in Peacock Green, Stila Smudge Stick in Black Amethyst, The Balm Mr Write (Now) in Brian, L’Oréal Color Riche Le Kohl in white, Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl in Blue Your Mind

Surprise surprise the first in this colours section of the declutter is another Models Own eyeliner and, again, it’s been beaten by a Soap and Glory eyeliner. It’s the Peacock Green which I quite liked when I swatched it and the colour is nice, it’s good if you don’t want a lot of pigmentation but I also prefer the colour of the Soap and Glory one which is slightly more blue. I have photographed the S&G one with two of the Models Own ones in the photo at the end, though I kept the paler blue one too.

The Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Amethyst is a nice colour and a pretty good formula but I never use it. One major problem is the twist up mechanism has stuck at one point and I can’t get it to go up or down. I have a feeling there’s more left in there than it looks I just can’t get it. I did get this in either a Latest in Beauty Box of one of my beauty advent calendars and it’s not a colour I’d choose for myself, which has been backed up by how little I used it.

Another annoying twist up one is the The Balm Mr Write (Now) in Brian which is a really nice neutral colour and great for the waterline. I love the formula of the eyeliner itself I just wish it didn’t break as easily. Every two or three uses it seems to have snapped about half a centimetre down so I lost quite a bit of the product. It seemed to not be a problem to start with so I loved it but it’s really put me off getting any more of their eyeliners, which is a shame as there are some nice colours I’d like to try.

This second to last eyeliner is a white one from L’Oreal from the Color Riche Le Kohl range, though there’s no name I’m just calling it white. This one is going for a few reasons. One being I’m not a fan of the make and their animal testing in the past (I’m not sure on their policy now and whether they sell in China but it still puts me off) and the second being the formula is just one I don’t get on with anyway. I got this in a free set and kept it as I already had it, if that makes sense. It’s really pigmented but it drags on your skin and looks almost waxy when I apply it and can leave little flakes somehow.

The last is the only Soap and Glory one I’m getting rid of and the only reason I have for that is I just don’t use it. It’s called Blue Your Mind (I think) and I think it might be limited edition and not sure it’s been available since the 2014 Christmas set. It’s a really nice colour, a black base with a blue duochrome look to it, but I don’t think I’ve ever used it in the two years I’ve had it. I’ve kept it because I like the colour but it seems pointless having it there in my drawer and just never using it at all.


Next to some of the ones I kept. L-R: (Green/blue) Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl in Aquabat, Models Own I-Definer in Peacock Green and Azure Blue. (Black) Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl in Black, Models Own I-Definer in Black. (Browns) Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl in Cocoa Bean, Models Own I-Definer in Chestnut. (White) L’Oréal Color Riche Le Kohl in White and Models Own I-Definer in White.


I may not have decluttered as much as a lot of people do in these posts but I got rid of nearly half of the eyeliners I have, there are ten to go and I have fourteen left so it’s not far off half anyway. I did end up going into a bit more detail on these than I meant to but I like in videos where you see why people got rid of the things they did so hopefully it might help you decide if you’d actually get with some of these more than I did. I will admit I was torn when it comes to the No7 pencil liner, I really do need to review that one, as I do like it but I just don’t use enough black to justify two almost complete pencils when I haven’t even finished one in the two years I’ve had it, in fact you can hardly see a dent.

Do any of you guys have any of these? Any that I’m getting rid of that you love? I know that the Urban Decay one will probably be up there as a favourite for some of you but I just couldn’t get on with it. Even before it got too old to use, I can’t even remember exactly what it was. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it was fun going through my makeup and getting rid of things I don’t use, I’ll try and get one declutter post a week up so it’s not all decluttering but it won’t go on for months. Hopefully anyway, I haven’t decided how I’m going to group some of them yet!

6 thoughts on “Decluttering Part One: Eyeliners

  1. That’s good a lot of these you didn’t actually pay money for! I have an eyeliner hoarding problem. I actually have a baggie of brand new unopened eyeliners that I greedily hauled because they were on clearance. 😳 On actual rotation, I probably have about 25 eyeliners open…

    The UD 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils don’t work well on me either – they fade really quickly.
    Hmm I hate it when those auto twist up pencils don’t twist back down! So annoying.
    Well done – keep it up! I’m still trying to buckle down to do some declutters but I’m still procrastinating!

    I think you asked to see my previous declutters in other comment… here are some:

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    1. I used to be a lot worse with eyeliners, I don’t really use them so I don’t actually need many but I always plan to try and get better at it. I am so bad at putting his off but it’s something i actually enjoy when I’m doing it. I do need to get some Z palette style palettes as I have a load of palettes where I only need one or two colours so the other colours are taking up space. Thanks for the links, I’ll have to read them, I do love reading declutter posts and they’re great motivation. 🙂


    1. That sounds like me with eyeshadows! I have so many palettes and a tin of loose pigments but I use a lot of then, eyeshadow is the main thing I use even when I don’t do any other makeup. I don’t actually own any lip liners at all at the moment, I want a couple now I’ve got a few lipsticks I like but I’ll try not to get too many!

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