First Impressions: Happy Place Cosmetics Solid Brush Cleanser, Bath Dusts and Lip Scrub


Today’s review is on a few of the products from a company that I found on Instagram; Happy Place Cosmetics. I think we all have those companies we find on Instagram, the ones with the pretty products that pop up in the search when we’re scrolling. Normally they seem to be either too expensive or from America with postage and packaging that doubles the cost of the order but Happy Place Cosmetics are based in the U.K. and do a range of skin care, bath and body products as well as quite a wide range of solid brush cleansers. I do like trying indie brands and the fact they’re in the U.K. and cruelty free meant I had to at least look at them, then a few things may have ended up in my basket. Though, to be honest, I was rather restrained with this order, I could have ordered a lot more.

It was the solid brush cleansers that first caught my eye and when they had a restock of all the scents they have ever done and it included Gummy Bear I had to make an order. Unfortunately I managed to miss out on the half price offer, damn my indecisiveness, so I only got the one when I could have got two but I added a couple of bath dusts (broken up bath bombs) and a lip scrub and made an order. I may already have a second one planned, this company could turn into an expensive find.

This is just first impressions as I only got these on Monday morning so I haven’t done much with them but I was too excited to try them so wanted to photograph them as soon as possible. Also I don’t know how long the different scents of the brush cleanser are available so I thought it’d be good to get this up as soon as possible. There will be a proper review later when I’ve actually cleaned my brushes, for the first time I’m actually looking forward to doing it.


As it’s the thing that first caught my eye I’ll start with the solid brush cleanser. This one in in the Gummy Bear scent and costs £17, which isn’t exactly cheap but I have a feeling that this tin will last me quite a while. It is available in a range of scents, a lot are based around sweets and food, and they come with a free brush mitt, something I didn’t realise when I made the order so it was a nice surprise. I haven’t tried one of them either so I’m looking forward to the combination of new things.

The main part of the cleanser is a pale pink and set hard and it’s set with some soapy gummy bears that do look good enough to eat. I’m not sure if they’re all the same scent but the general smell coming from the cleanser is a sweet ands fruity scent that has hints of cherry drops to me. If you live in the UK you probably know the sweets I’m talking about, if not then they’re very strong cherry boiled sweets. This cleanser isn’t cherry scented, there’s just something in there that reminds me of it. I’m definitely looking forward to trying this, I’ll see how the scent changes over time but I will say it’s not too strong so you don’t have to worry about your brushes ending up with this scent lingering a long time after using it. At least I don’t expect it to.


The lip scrub I chose because my lips could really do with it. It’s available in a few different flavours, or scents rather, based around sweets. I chose sherbet lemon because they’re some of my favourite sweets and you can’t go wrong with a good lemon scent. This is definitely a nice sweet lemon scent and the sugar crystals are fairly coarse so I see it being a great lip scrub for removing any dead skin. I’ll try this over the next week or so and do a proper review. This tin costs £3 and I can see it being great for travel as it has a nice twist lid and is a great size for your pocket or in your bag.

The two Bath Dusts I chose were Gummy Bears and Summer Princess. I had to get the Gummy Bear one, which is currently sold out, and the Summer Princess scent was a new one. They do a range of these bath dusts, basically broken bath bombs so you can use as much or as little as you want and you get more in these jars than you’d normally get in a bath bomb. These both have small Soap shapes in them, gummy bears in the Gummy Bear one and unicorns in the Summer Princess. I think these are Soap so I’ll be trying them out with my scrubby gloves to see how much lather you get from them. These jars cost £14 and you do get enough for quite a few baths, I’ll have to see how long it lasts.


The Gummy Bear scent is very fruity and sweet, it doesn’t have that cherry drop hint of the brush cleanser so I think it must be the base adding it to that. This has a mix of colours; pink orange blue and purple and when added to water the small amount I tried turned the water a really pretty purple. I imagine this depends on the combination of colours you get though. The scent becomes more fruity when in the water and loses the slight powderiness.


Look at the glitter, and the foam! There’s so much foam and only less than a teaspoon of the bath dust and a couple of centimetres of water.


Summer Princess has a similar colour when in the water, though it’s just blue and purple and you have the added holographic glitter which is so pretty but it doesn’t seem to photograph well. I’m hoping I don’t come out of the bath like a sparkly vampire but it doesn’t seem to stick to my hand when I dipped it in the bowl so I don’t think it’d be a problem. I have found three unicorns in my jar so far and I think that’s all of them but they’re a fair size and will work ok as soaps. The scent is sweet, fruity and floral to me, though I can’t actually pick anything out in it.

I am definitely looking forward to using these properly. I really want some of the face scrubs, I’m thinking about ordering the Easter Box if it’s still in stock by the time I make my next one, but I definitely like the look of the sugar scrubs and recommend the bath dusts if you like sweet scents. I think these would make great gifts, they’re different from the things you get on the high street and I think the brush cleansers are such a great idea and there’s such a range of scents (at the moment anyway). Definitely one to check out if you’re in the U.K. and looking for something different in bath and body products.

5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Happy Place Cosmetics Solid Brush Cleanser, Bath Dusts and Lip Scrub

  1. OMG I literally squealed at the Gummy Bear brush cleanser! I LOVE LOVE gummy bears! I even have a pencil that smells like gummy bears. ❤ I'd bet tempted to pick out the gummy bears to taste them…
    The lemon sherbet lip scrub sounds divine – not a bad price either!
    So great to learn about these smaller brands – thanks for introducing Happy Place to me! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, they’re the same gummy bears as in the bath dust I think. I might have to sneak gummy bears into my shopping list next time. I really like the scrub, there isn’t that much less than a Lush one and it’s half the price and works well too. I do love finding these smaller brands and one of my favourites closed recently so I’m looking round at others and there are so many it’s hard to know where to start!


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