Review: H&M Micellar Water


I think I’m a bit late when it comes to trying the H&M beauty range, mainly because it’s so hard to find in physical stores near me, so I bought some things in a recent order and have been having a play around with them to see how they work and how well they stand up next to others I’ve tried. Today is the turn of the Micellar Water, which comes in a 150ml bottle for £3.99, not the most expensive but also not as cheap as my standard Soap and Glory which costs £6 for 350ml. All H&M beauty is cruelty free so that means this micellar water is too.

This is mainly a review of the H&M Micellar Water but I have included a bit at the end to compare the two rather than doing it as a separate post.



The bottle for this is nice, it’s completely clear and would go in pretty much any bathroom, even the most minimalist, which is always a good thing when it comes to skemthing you’ll be using daily. I do like the way the lid carries on at the same width of the bottle, it seems they spent a while on making this look like a more expensive since product than it is,or maybe that’s just me.


The lid twists off easily and the top inside has a small hole so you either have to shake the product out or squeeze it for more product. This seems to be a standard top at the moment for a lot of these thinner products a dim not sure if j like it or not. On the plus side it’s not a messy product and if you get any round the edge it’s easy to remove so no gunk building up and it does mean you can get as little or as much as you need. However, for some reason I find it annoying for Micellar Water as shaking it never gets enough out to soak a cotton pad but squeezing it gets too much out. I think it’s the thickness of the plastic or something in the bottle,or maybe the size, as it’s not a problem I have with the Soap and Glory or the Pixi Glow Tonic that have the same lid style.




The Micellar Water itself is colourless and odourless, it’s exactly like using water which is a plus for anyone with a sensitivity for perfumed products. It does work fairly well when it comes to cleansing, I’ve been using it in my evening skincare routine and you did see some colour change on the cotton pad when not wearing g makeup.


However, one area where this one falls short of the other few Micellar Waters I’ve tried is makeup removal. It doesn’t actually say it removes makeup but I know that the two I had fun sized bottles of both worked well for this so I was expecting this one to do ok. As far as what you can see it does ok. It does almost as well as the Soap and Glory as you can see in the picture it seems to have taken a lot of the makeup off. You could see some left on my face but a second go over removed that. I have found that mascara, even non waterproof, does not come off completely. Afterwards I always use Pixi Glow Tonic to exfoliate and normally I have nothing left to come off my face. With the H&M there was definitely a fair amount left, I’ve even ended up going back over with a makeup remover before using the Glow Tonic as I’m not sure how good it is to exfoliate with makeup on my skin.


Next to the Soap and Glory micellar water. There isn’t that much in the price difference but for £2 extra you get more than double the amount in the S&G bottle


Overall this is a decent product, it leaves my skin feeling nice and works ok as a cleanser, especially with an exfoliator or toner afterwards that can help with anything left on there. However it does not work as a makeup remover and I’d pick the Soap and Glory over this every time. The only time I’d say this would win over Soap and Glory is if you have problems with the scent of the other.

I have also compared the S&G micellar water with the popular Garnier one, if you’re interested the post is here. I’d say both of them outperformed the H&M, though I’d still pick Soap & Glory simply because of the cruelty free brand and I think it works best for my skin.


3 thoughts on “Review: H&M Micellar Water

  1. Too bad it’s not as effective. I do like that it’s scent-free.
    How do you wash your face in the evenings? I use micellar waters as my 2nd step – after I’ve done oil cleansing. I feel that micellar waters can’t break down waterproof things or sunscreens as easily as oil cleansers. I like using micellar waters as the 2nd step to wipe up any residue and areas the cleansing oil couldn’t reach like neck and ears.

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    1. My evening routine tends to be either a fairly plain foaming cleanser if I’m not wearing makeup or a makeup remover if I am and then the Micellar water and the rest. However i found that my S&G Micellar water has meant I tend to skip that first step as it works so well so I got used to not doing it.


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