Review: Eco Beauty Australia Soothing Clay Pillow


I guess this is part 1 of this review really as this Clay Soothing Pillow from Eco Beauty Australia is designed for both heating and cooling and I’ve only used the heat part, I’ll definitely be trying the cooling side of it in the summer though. These normally cost £12.99 but it’s on TK Maxx for £6.99 at the moment so it’s not overly expensive anyway but worth getting it from there as it’s almost half off.

I got this from my parents for my birthday as I had a reusable owl heat pad thing with little ceramic (I think) balls inside it and the seems were going so it was being held together by plasters which is never the best thing when something is being microwaved daily. I find heat pads help so much with my muscle pain, which is why this post is in a Wednesday as it’s kind of an ME post in a way, definitely worth getting some kind of reusable heat heat pad thing and this is an option I didn’t know even existed.


This Clay Soothing Pillow is different from any I’ve seen before, instead of the small balls or herbs inside that a lot of these have this one actually has liquid clay inside. I’m not sure on the formula but it feels exactly like when you get wet craft clay, you can squash it and it’s actually relaxing just to play with it.

It comes in two parts; the insert that holds the clay and actually goes in the microwave and the case you put around it. I’ve only used it with the case on but I think it might work ok without it, you just have to be very careful about the level you heat it up to. You can get it warmer if you have the case on and it also keeps the heat in so it stays hot for longer.


The case feels really nice, I’m not sure what it’s made of but the inside feels really soft and smooth and there’s a bit of insulation that means it keeps either the heat or cold in so it stays the right temperature for longer. The outside feels nice and smooth, it feels like cotton to me but could be something else, and I can see it being the kind of material that will feel really good with the cooling. It’s nice with heat but doesn’t have the warm fluffy feeling a lot of cases for heat products have.


The heat pack itself is the same size as most hot water bottles so it’s a good size to hold and curl up with. It does have the wet clay inside and moulds really well to your body shape, especially when it’s warm as it becomes more liquid then. You have the instructions for heating and cooling printed on the insert itself which is always useful as I’ve had ones before that either print on the label and it wear off or just have it on the box which is useless if you get it out of the cupboard three months after you last used it and don’t remember how long it’s meant to give for. It has a little table with times depending on your microwave, though there are only two power options it shows, and it’s a case of heating it for that long then adding ten seconds at a time until you get the temperature you want so it’s easy to control how hot you want it.

As far as the length of time it stays warm I think it’s been noticeably warm, as in when I remove it from my muscles and then put it back I do notice a heat difference, for around two or three hours. I’d say it’s comparable to a traditional hot water bottle, maybe longer, but definitely more than a lot of my other heat pack things. Maybe it’s the wet clay keeping it better than the balls but it’s also easier to control the temperature when your heating it up. I found with some others when heating then up you get to a pint where it’s just warm and then, ten seconds later, it’s too hot to hold.


One good thing about this is that if you have a hot water bottle cover this should fit into list of them so you could use the insert with a warm fluffy case for a cosier feel or get one that goes with your room or style. I do like the case, it’s a pretty neutral, natural colour and the design is unisex so it’d be good for anyone and goes with the Eco Beauty name to me.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a good heat pad. I can’t wait to try it in the summer for cooling as I can see it being really nice and a lot more effective than my current method of putting crushed ice and cold water in my hot water bottle. I’ll probably do a part two review of this then to compare if it works as well for that. So far though I am very happy. It’s easy to use, moulds to your body and stays noticeably warm for a few hours so it’s long enough for falling asleep.

4 thoughts on “Review: Eco Beauty Australia Soothing Clay Pillow

  1. I’ve seen something like this at Saje (Canadian store) and was curious. Unfortunately we don’t own a microwave anymore! I like the weight of the clay inside the pouch compared to the ones that have barley or beads or whatever… 😛

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    1. I’ve never seen one of these before so was interested and I do prefer the weight to the other kinds, like a slightly less squishy hot water bottle. I’ve never seen one that does hot and cold as well, definitely looking forward to that if we get any hot days this year in the summer.


  2. Billie says:

    I found an EcoBeauty Australia Clay Soothing Eye Mask and Pillow in the USA at a Marshals and have been looking for them ever since for our spa!! TK Maxx is out of stock and Saje doesn’t have them online. Does anyone know where I can order them and have them shipped to the USA? Many thanks in advance!!

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