I Can’t Get Rid of Books


I was planning on doing a decluttering post for my books, I’ve been going through them and sorting out which to keep and I realised I don’t get rid of books, though I probably should for quite a few of them. I have managed to get a few that I’m either selling, passing on to people I know will like them or keeping for the next charity shop run.

For some reason I just find it hard to get of books. I also seem to buy more than I read and get rid of. Last year I made a list of books I wanted to read though I didn’t get through most of them. This year I decided to go through and get rid of the ones I don’t think I’ll be reading again and make a pile of ones I haven’t read but I’m not that likely to keep beyond that.


Even after my sort out I still have more books than will fit on my shelves

It turns out most of my books don’t fall into either category, a lot are either Doctor Who, which I collect, or classics and series I love and read a lot of times like the Harry Potter books. Then there are others that I keep for sentimental reasons, mainly either ones that were my parents’ or old favourites when I grew up. I have a lot of Redwall and Enid Blyton books I still like and sometimes pick up and read.

I thought I’d sort of stick with the original plan of the decluttering and write down the books I plan on getting rid of and why.


The first few are going because they were bought for my courses at various times but either never used or so specific I’m not likely to want to refer to them again. I have kept a few, probably more than I should as I’m not sure I’ll ever use them but I will keep them a bit longer, maybe get rid of them next time. A couple of these were hard to find and quite expensive for second hand books but they did their job and it’s time for someone else to use them.


The Spike and Dru book is in the maybe pile but probably going to go to a charity shop as I got rid of most of my Angel and Buffy books, I used to have a lot. I kept this one but haven’t read it since.

Bloodline by Malcolm Rose is one I kept for a while after the last time I read it. I liked a lot of Malcolm Rose books when I was a teen and kept this one beyond the others. It’s an interesting one with viruses and the hint of biological warfare and it still holds up now.

The Adrian Mole books are going for a similar reason. They were ones I read a few times over the years but don’t hibn I’ve read them in over ten years. They’re great books for young adult readers and really good for teenage readers to relate to. They have survived the time, they may be slightly dated technology wise but the themes and ideas all still hold up and they’re a good light read.


The QI books in the pile were bought as part of a bundle for a very good price when I was looking for QI books as a present for my Dad. There were a set of eight or nine costing the same as one or two books elsewhere so these were almost bought to get rid of. I’ve kept more than I thought I would but they may go in a later declutter. I am half thinking about keeping the Book of the Dead, it is interesting but one I’m less likely to dip into than some of the others. I did a review of it here if you’re interested in reading more about it.


I have to say that there are very few books I have read that I can’t finish. However the Stephanie Meyer book the Host I have tried to start twice and given up on. I’m planning on trying again in the summer but if I don’t get on with it again I’ll be passing it on.


I decided to stick the Russell Brand books in the maybe pile simply because, although I did enjoy reading them at the time, they have literally been sat gathering dust for years and I have no real reason to keep them. They were interesting to read but nothing that pulls me in and makes me want to read them again.


This looks a bit odd as they’re actually stacked vertically, but the picture fits better this way, sorry if it annoys you


My pile of books to read and then maybe get rid of is mainly the books I’ve bought in lots from eBay, things like the Robert Rankin books, Ben Elton and things I was recommended but have never got round to reading yet but don’t really think I’ll be keeping. Maybe they’ll surprise me and I’ll love them but I’m trying to go into reading them thinking I’ll pass them on so it makes it easier to get rid of them. That’s the plan anyway.

Do you guys have something you don’t get rid of? I seem to be a bit of a hoarder in general but I didn’t realise exactly how many of the books I have I don’t really have a reason for keeping apart from the ‘I might need it in the future’ and the fear of getting rid of it and then regretting it. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t likely to happen with a lot of these and I should probably get rid of more but as I have the room at the moment I’m going to go through them again in the future and be a bit more ruthless.

Also, if you want a better review of any of these books I’ll happily write one, I’ve read them all, except the one, and until I actually do get rid of them in whichever way I do I can easily do a proper post on them, or if you just want to know more about them in the comments then please ask.

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Get Rid of Books

  1. You sound like my boyfriend. He likes to keep books around forever. Not me. Once I’m done reading them, they go! I hardly ever re-read books so that might be why. Come to think of it, neither does he.
    I do keep reference books or pretty photo books, of course. 😛
    Also… let me guess, you don’t like ebooks, you prefer the physical books, right? 😉

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    1. I probably shouldn’t comment on how many ebooks i have, I got so many free from Amazon I have never read and ones half finished, I’m a sucker for a good humble bundle offer. I do kind of prefer physical ones, lol, but that may be partly because i have been known to drop books and would rather drop a paperback than an iPad! Plus the whole backlighting making it hard to read outside and I do a lot of my reading in the summer outside. They are a lot easier for travel or reading in the evening though. I do reread a lot of books, almost all of the ones I have left have been read at least three times, it’s partly why the new books I bought over the past two years are still unread. 😆

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      1. I agree about the backlight being a strain on the eyes, that’s why I bought the Kobo e-reader, which mimics book and ink. I find it even better than books because I can change the contrast level… I like things more grey / washed out. 😛 I think the Kindle is similar.

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