Review: Dr Organic Deodorant in Vitamin E and Dead Sea Minerals


I have been on the lookout for a good cruelty free roll on deodorant or anti perspirant that is easily available in the UK, which seems to have been harder than I thought. For some reason I just don’t get on with creams,or rather not skin doesn’t, and there’s only so many times I’m willing to try them.

In a recent Holland and Barrett online window shopping trip I saw a couple of the Dr Organic deodorants in my recommended products and given how much I’ve liked their products in the past j thought I’d give them a go. At the time they were in a buy one get one half price offer but normally cost £5.79, some still are in the buy one get one half price offer as well. They have a large range of scents available, I think even more than in their standard product range, at least as many. These range from very feminine scents, like the rose one, to more unisex scents and I think the Dead Sea Minerals one definitely fits into that category. The other scent I chose was the Vitamin E deodorant, which is somewhere in the middle and could be a unisex scent though it has some floral hints to it.


The container itself for these has a glass base, which does make it pretty heavy, in a pretty standard size for a lot of deodorants. It’s easy to hold and the size is nice for storage, the lid has a slightly flat top so you could possibly stack them if you had enough, it’s too thin to balance just one on top of another. The rollerball is larger than some of the ones I’ve owned in the past like the standard size for Sure and Dove but it’s not massive and doesroll easily. I’ve been using it for a month and neither of them have stuck and they apply the deodorant evenly.


I’m pretty sure the formula is meant to be the same but I have found that the Vitamin E deodorant does seem to have a bit more of an antiperspirant effect, even though it’s not necessarily supposed to. I don’t tend to sweat much even in the summer so I don’t really need an antiperspirant but there are definitely times when without one, with other deodorants, I have ended up with obvious dark marks, I haven’t found it as bad with these. As these are not antiperspirants they don’t claim to prevent these sweat patches, just reduce the smell, so if that’s what you’re looking for then these aren’t for you.



The Vitamin E is probably the more feminine scent wise. It reminds me a bit of a perfume sample I was given that has lavender and French herbs with a hint of their own Argan oil range, I think it might be the rosemary, Icelandic moss and sunflower that do it. The scent with this one is fairly strong,though not overpowering when you’re wearing it. It’s the strength where you get a hint of it sometimes when you move or lift your arms like taking off a jumper but not enough that it follows you around. That seems to be something some of the other scents have mentioned in reviews.

The Dead Sea Minerals is definitely a more unisex scent, I can see it being more masculine than some of the others in the range. The scent is a lot like the dead sea range, it’s a spa type scent, if that makes sense, other than that it’s one I find hard to describe.


Overall I am very happy with these, I will definitely be going back for more when these run out. I might try some of the others in the range, I probably wouldn’t go back for the Dead Sea Minerals one but Vitamin E is definitely going on my rebut list. I think a lot depends on scent preference as some seem to have comments on the scent strength, the rose one in particular seems to have a strong scent, and it may be that the different scents have a different combination of ingredients that improve the more antiperspirant properties, there did seem to be a difference in these two. The only negatives, if you consider them as negatives, for me are the weight and whether they’re that good for travel due to this and the possible weakness of glass but to me these aren’t an issue.

These deodorants are vegan, free and from SLS, parabens and aluminium which I know are things some people look out for. If you’re avoiding any of those ingredients then these are worth looking at. If you want a good, easy to find roll on deodorant in the UK I would say these are worth checking out and I think there’s probably a scent that most people would like given the wide range available.

2 thoughts on “Review: Dr Organic Deodorant in Vitamin E and Dead Sea Minerals

  1. I used to use roll-ons but I find them too “wet”? Now I use the stick kind which does leave white residue but I find they dry down. I made the transition from antiperspirants to deodorants last Autumn and it’s still taking me some adjustments to feel ok about sweating. I’m worried how I’ll fare this upcoming Summer!

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    1. I had a different deodorant last summer and I didn’t actually find it too bad with sweat but I am still a bit nervous with this one. I don’t know what it is but my skin seems to get on best with roll-ons and this one dries down pretty quickly. It is one of those things we’re always told is bad and it’s hard to get used to but I’ve found no one’s actually noticed the difference apart from me.


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