It’s Spring Cleaning Time Again

This time of year I always get that Spring Clean, time to declutter everything, feeling and this year I finally decided that it was time to admit that my jewellery and clothes were in dire need or a sort out. Quite a few of my clothes haven’t fitted me that well for the past year, since a fun side effect of the medication I’m on made me gain quite a bit of weight around my middle, and oddly my feet too, and changed my body shape. It’s a bit like learning how to dress myself and what suits me all over again, but that’s a topic for another post. 

Anyway, I decided that I would try everything I own on and anything that doesn’t fit me but is still either new (I did a bit of an overhaul a week before I started the mads so haven’t worn some of it) or that I still loved got put in bags and is now stored under the bed in the spare room. It certainly feels better having a wardrobe full of clothes I can actually fit into rather than one bulging at the seems because it has two sizes of everything! 

My jewellery was mainly a case of having things I’ve loved for years but not worn them as they aren’t the style I go for any more, though I forgot to photograph what I got rid of annoyingly. Makeup will probably become a few posts, I always love reading and watching decluttering things other people do so they’ll go up when I finish that.

This post is mainly me saying why I got rid of certain things, or I guess my way of decluttering and how I decide what stays and what goes, apart from the ones that don’t fit at the moment. I do have a few different categories, ways I’ve picked up over the years from watching many decluttering videos, they’re oddly relaxing to me and my collection is never big enough to actually cut as many products out as a lot of people do and it’s oddly satisfying seeing what people get rid of to me. 

I’m hoping posting this might actually give me the push to make sure I actually do decluttering better this year, there always seems to be something else to do and as I have to spread it out so much you get that point in the middle f the clearing out when everything is spread out on the floor and it looks worse than when you started, which is never a good time. It seems like that’s the time I always have to have a rest so it’s always a bit disheartening having to leave it in the middle and motivate yourself again the next day.

The first thing I always do is pick out my favourites, either things I’d repurchase if it’s makeup or just my go to outfits and jewellery. If any of them are looking slightly worse for wear I do tend to put them off to one side to revisit at the end of the decluttering and decide if they’re nice enough to keep for wearing outside the house or keep them for about the house type clothes. I do always make sure I have clothes that are really comfortable and aren’t the tidiest so I can wear them around the house and it doesn’t matter if I get paint on them or the gerbils decide to have a nibble on them.

The second thing I do is to lay everything out and pick out the things I really love, whether it’s for an emotional attachment or they just make me feel happy. When it comes to makeup it’s highly unlikely I’ll get rid of me Sleek palettes or Shiro Cosmetics loose eye shadows as they make me feel good and they’re kind of a collection. I also have a couple of jumpers that just make me feel good when I wear them, though one has definitely seen better days dad brought it back from America in 2003 (it was one of those ones you get with the state and the date on it in an airport) and it’s just the perfect one for those curl up in bed days even if I fog months without wearing it. It’s probably odd to feel that way about clothes but I do.

The main way I get rid of things is to work out when I last wore them or used them. With clothes if it’s over 2 years, unless they’re a classic and still look good, then I look at them and work out why I haven’t worn them. Some of them it’s simply they’ve got lost in amongst others that I wore before them but now look older and then they get moved to the front so I don’t miss them again. If it’s just that it’s not a style I wear any more, they’re not looking their best or they have survived the past couple of sort outs ‘just in case’ then they go. Makeup it depends on the product type but I’m pretty good at sorting them out, though I do have a weak spot for eye shadows. When it comes to jewellery it’s probably like clothes. If it’s been two years then why haven’t I worn it? I had quite a few necklaces that I bought years ago, the cut out acrylic style, that I just haven’t worn in ages or broke and got fixed, but not well, so they went. 

Any remaining clothes I tend to look at and if I don’t immediately think of an outfit then they go. I do make sure I have a good supply of standard things, like white or coloured t-shirts and vest tops, that I wear under others, but things like t-shirts with print on, anything that’s been in my about the house pile for so long and has a nicer replacement from the current sort out and just things that are not really my style get out on the get rid of pile. At this point my makeup and jewellery were already at the point I was happy with but I’d do this with them too.

I’ve done this post mainly about makeup, clothes and jewellery as they’re what I’ve recently sorted out but it does go with anything. In general I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to bits and pieces, especially things from my childhood, in a sort of ‘what if I want them in the future’ way, though I know most of it will never be seen or used again. I’m not sure why I feel the need to keep those useless screwdriver sets you get in Christmas crackers or a mini pocket ten pin bowling set from my sister’s birthday when I was about 9. This year I’m going to try and be more ruthless with those things, I’ve tried sorting them out before but I always seem to end up gong through the ‘to give away or bin’ pile and put half of it back in the boxes I’m storing things in!

Do you guys decluttering around this time of year? Do you have any tips or tricks to it and are you any good at it or do you end up spending time just sitting there looking at everything and worrying about just in case like I do? 

2 thoughts on “It’s Spring Cleaning Time Again

  1. I’ve committed to myself to declutter more beauty items this year and I’m dragging my butt about it. Last year I did a bunch of big purges and went through items by category (let me know if you want to see those posts, I’ll link for you). This year I’ve decided to just set things aside here and there and do quarterly updates. Honestly, I’m not sure which is the better method. I do focus more on this I know I should get rid of rather than focusing on what to keep – I guess it’s more of a deductive method that you’re using?

    My rule of thumb is: have I wore this in the past year? And do I plan to wear this in the upcoming 6 months? If the answers are no, then they’re out the door. It’s so difficult with certain things because there are sentimental attachments and memories with the items. And of course, the fact that these things COST money, there’s always the thought that I will keep them and use them and it will be money well spent. GOOD LUCK!

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    1. It’s one of those things I always say I’ll do and then start over a month later. I didn’t know why, I actually enjoy doing it, but it’s something that’s tough to start. Doing it bit by bit does sound a more sensible way of doing it, I just tend to start off like that then give up a few months in 😆 I’d love to read them, might get me more motivated and I do love a good declutter post. I don’t know how I got this method, it’s kind of a mix of a few, but when I used to just throw away what I should get rid of I ended up not getting rid of much and doing it the other way of what I want to keep, kind of anyway, seems to help me to keep it down. I know what you mean about the fact hey cost money. I went through my bags recently, I have too many of them I know, and realised i had a few I’d bought fairly cheap, loved for a bit but not used in ages but kept just in case I wanted them. Then I was sometimes using them instead of the ones I love just to use them and get my money’s worth which didn’t make much sense so I got rid of any that haven’t been used in six months and gave the rest to charity shops, with the exception of one bag which I kept as it’s the perfect size for my iPad and it doesn’t fit in the others so that’s always useful for travel.


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