Review: Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Shower Jelly


I’m a big fan of shower jellies, though there don’t seem to be many companies that do them, and a fan of the Soap and Glory brand, especially the Sugar Crush scent, so when they released shower jellies last year I couldn’t wait to try them. I got this for Christmas and have been using it since then and there are definitely some things about it I love.

This is available from Boots, and probably other stockists of Soap and Glory, I just don’t know which they are outside the UK. It costs £5.50 though I can’t see it on the Boots website, they do have it in at least one store near me though so I’m not sure if that’s old stock and it’s not being stocked any more. There is another shower jelly in a different Soap and Glory scent though, Clean On Me, which I think is the original pink scent that you associate with the brand but the consistency is the same.


I really like Soap and Glory packaging, the vintage style of the graphics looks great and this one has a clear tube so you see the colour of the jelly through it, the fluorescent green definitely stands out when it’s in the shower. It’s a nice flexible plastic so it squeezes the product out well and the hole for the product to come out of is a great size as the jelly is fairly thick but it doesn’t get blocked and also doesn’t leave a lot of residue around the top.

The product itself is a bit of an odd consistency, it seems to change between it being squeezed and when you use it. In some ways it reminds me a lot of those jelly slime things you used to get when I was little in that it comes out smooth but then it seems to solidify when it settles. If you pick it up or poke the jelly on the plate it acts like food jelly, it’s thick and becomes almost lumpy but it goes back to melty if it’s there for long enough like toy slime.


The scent of this is the same as the rest of the Sugar Crush range; it’s lime to it’s very fresh and citrus but it has a sweetness to it. Compared to some of the others, like the original scrub, it is sweeter and more subtle as that can be very sharp. When you actually lather it it definitely becomes even softer, sweeter and somehow gives me a hint of floral.

It lathers really well for a jelly, I’d say it gives a similar lather to a lot of hand washes you get and the bubbles feel nice and soft. It’s not the most moisturising product around, it doesn’t act like a shower cream, but it’s definitely not drying on my skin which often dries out with shower products.


I have read reviews saying that the scent doesn’t last but I haven’t found many shower jellies that actually do linger scent wise and I’ve tried a lot. It does last for a while, half an hour later I could smell it on my arm if I tried, but it’s not one that will have people around you asking what you’ve used. With the other products in the range it can build up well when combined with them but I know a lot of people don’t necessarily want a product with a lot of scent afterwards as it can clash with perfumes, this one probably won’t do that.

The only negative really is the fact that they have a shower gel formula in this scent which is a stronger scent and double the product for only £1 more. I do love this product, I would repurchase it as I love the shower jelly formula, but I can see why they may not be stocking it with the shower gel overlapping it. I think this is one that will be amazing in the summer, I know I love shower jellies in the fridge as they’re that bit more refreshing.


I think fans of shower jellies will like the formula and it’s a new product type to try if you haven’t already but other than that I don’t know how much of a benefit this one has over the shower gel. I would recommend it as I love it but I know it’s not necessarily a product type that everyone else loves and some people would be put off by the lack of scent after getting out of the shower, it depends what you look for in a shower gel type product when it comes to that.

To me this product is great, it ticks all the boxes I hoped it would though the scent strength is slightly disappointing if you’re expecting something with the scent strength of the scrub. It is a lot easier to use than any other shower jelly I’ve tried, no cutting pieces off and relying on a shower puff or scrubby gloves to use it without losing a lot of product down the drain or to get a lather. If you like Soap and Glory scents and something a bit different I think this is a good option.

2 thoughts on “Review: Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Shower Jelly

  1. Oooh a squeezable shower jelly! I wish LUSH’s would be like this format. Too bad the scent on this doesn’t last long though – but usually I’m applying body lotion in a different scent anyway so it doesn’t matter all that much.

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    1. I’ve tried turning lush jelly into a gel or putting it in a blender and then it will go in bottle but it’s so much fuss and it just looks like blended jelly so it doesn’t stick together. I do the same, it’s nice to have a scent that lingers if you layer the same scent but otherwise strong scents clash and it doesn’t work for me.


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