Review: H&M Tea Tree Peel Off Face Mask


I have seen these H&M face masks around but haven’t seen any beauty in ones near me so I added these to my basket on a recent online shopping trip. This Tea Tree Peel Off Face Mask is meant to help with problem skin and, as my skin has been misbehaving recently, I wanted to give it a go. This one costs £1.99 and I got three uses out of it which means it’s actually not a bad price per use.


The thing that stands out for me with this one is the packaging; it’s so unusual with the green pot in the card surround. It looks nice and clean though it’s not the easiest to store if you want to keep the card around. Without the card these do stack nicely and you can tell exactly which one it is by the colour of the pot. However, this would mean you lose the instructions as they’re on the card.


Taping the edges did keep it fresh well


I was surprised at how much product was in there, though the fact it’s not a re-sealable pot does mean it makes you want to use it in one go I got three uses and found that taping around the edge and across to hold it shut did keep it nice and fresh for over a week.

I love peel off face masks, it’s the same feeling as when you’re little and you get PVA glue on your skin, there’s just something to satisfying about peeling it off afterwards. They’re also so easy to use and there’s less mess and repeated washing at the end to remove it all. This one peels off so well, though leaving it for the fifteen to twenty minutes recommended meant that the edges actually started to peel themselves off so you have something to easily grab onto. It did also all peel off in one big sheet which is always good, there weren’t really any tiny patches I needed to peel afterwards.

With the three uses within a week I definitely found that the first use seemed to dry my skin out, it left it a little flaky and as my skin is already dry this is not a good thing. However after uses two and three it didn’t have those problems. I think the first use I used too much of the mask, I was thinking it was one use so did put it on rather thick and found it dried a bit patchier so I had to wipe bits off and I don’t think that helped. It’s definitely one of those masks you need to moisturise afterwards.

A few days after I started using it I did find that it helped with the smaller spots, it did dry them out and shrink them. It didn’t do anything to help with the deeper, larger spots but then very little does so it did what I was hoping it would in removing the little ones and it felt like it cleansed the pores.

After using it for a week I’ve seen a big difference in my skin so I’d definitely recommend it as a quick fix short treatment. I’m not sure how well my skin would react to using it that regularly for a longer time as it could be too drying for my skin.




I did find it smelled quite strongly of menthol to start with but within a minute or two it had faded so if that kind of smell puts you off it might not be the one for you. I do wish that it was a re-sealable container as it does last the three uses but if you’re careful taping it it’s not much of a fuss to do and I think that, when you know how to use them so you don’t need the card instructions, keeping them stacked in the bathroom they will be easy to store.

This one is definitely worth buying if you like tea tree peel off masks if you can find it. If this isn’t your skin type then they do have a range of different ones for different skin concerns so hopefully there would be one to fit you.

Have any of you tried this, or the other H&M skin care? Did it work for you and anything you recommend I try as I’m quite liking the few products I’ve already tried.


10 thoughts on “Review: H&M Tea Tree Peel Off Face Mask

    1. I was surprised I got so many uses too! I thought it would be one use so the first time I used way too much and it didn’t set as well but it still had enough for two more uses so next time I’ll be using less the first time.


  1. laura says:

    i tried it recently and got only one use out of the pot. it didn’t quite dry in 20 minutes and because of that it kinda came off in little patches. right after my skin did feel kinda soft and smooth but the next day it got red, burned a little and little bumps appeared on my forehead. but i thinks it wasn’t the face mask’s fault

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    1. That doesn’t sound good! Hope you managed to calm your skin down. I know how painful and annoying a reaction can be after trying something new so it might be your skin just doesn’t like something in the mask. I found when I used it thicker it didn’t set as well, the main reason I ended up using it multiple times rather than any other reason. Thanks for reading and hope your skin is better now ☺️


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