Review: Models Own All About Eyes Eyeliner Set

Sorry this is a bit later than I meant it to be guys. I had problems with the website not loading the pictures in the right places but it seems to be working now, I’m crossing my fingers it is anyway!


In a recent online shopping trip on the TK Maxx website I found a set of Models Own eyeliners for £7.99. They’re still available on the Models Own website at £20 so there’s a saving of £12.

I have had a brown eyeliner on my to buy list when I went to use my old one and found it was less a pencil more of a stub that’s hard to use and I do like a brown eyeliner pencil. I’m also wanting to try some Colouring eyeliners, I’ve always loved the look but not wanted to spend money on the eyeliners in case I don’t like them. As this set has eight pencil eyeliners in it, including a brown, gold and white which I will use, it was like getting those free compared to the individual price of most eyeliners I like.


I am a fan of Models Own makeup, at least most of it, that I’ve tried and the fact they’re a cruelty free brand. I have tried various eyeliner makes over the years but never any of theirs so, when I saw this set I had to get it, especially after reviews about how soft they are as that’s something I always look for in eyeliners.


The packaging is nice and bright, it would be a nice eye-catching gift for a makeup lover with the bright colours and angular shapes that reminds me of the eighties. I’m not sure how I feel about the colour of the eyeliner pencil itself. For some reason to me white products always look cheaper, I don’t know why, and these get marked so easily, even by the eyeliner itself. They’re the standard eyeliner pencil that needs to be sharpened, though it looks like plastic, and they still look nice when they’re sharpened which is always good as I’ve had some that look tatty the first time you sharpen them. I do like the lids, they stay on fairly well, though Purple Fizz keeps on coming off for some reason, so I think I’d trust most of them for travel.

allabouteyes2I feel like I have to mention the sharpener as, although it may be a sort of free extra, it’s actually really good. I had to use it to give a couple of the colours a proper try and it sharpens smoothly, no broken tips, no getting caught half way through for some reason that some do. So it may be a little thing and almost an afterthought in the gift but it’s a good one and always useful to have a nice sharpener.

I really like the mix of colours you get here, from left to right in the box, using their proper names, it’s: Black, White, Chestnut, Peacock Green, Azure Blue, Graphite Grey, Purple Fizz and Real Gold. As well as the mix of colours there’s two distinct finishes with the more shimmery ones and your standard not quite matte colours of most eyeliners pencils.


The pigmentation does vary a bit but I found that the formula for all of them is so nice and easy to use. It’s very soft and glides on without pulling your eyes at all. The only thing to know is that they do get a bit of a layer on the outside that means you have to either warm them up by drawing on your hand a but the first time or you have to sharpen them, I found that purple fizz had the biggest difference when doing this so did a before and after photo.


The more shimmery shades have a slightly sheer look to them. There is the bright colour but, compared to the lid and the look of the pencil itself, they aren’t that opaque or as bright as I expected them to be. I actually really like this effect though as they have a slightly pearly finish to them and really do catch the light. The green was the most pigmented of these and I think the blue was the least. Gold is definitely my favourite of this finish and it tends to be a go to eyeliner colour for me.

The more matte finish colours did have better pigmentation but the black was a bit underwhelming compared to others I’ve tried. I really like the brown, it’s got a bit more pigmentation and it’s a pretty neutral brown rather than being too red so if you blend it out you do the get the red looking marks I have in the past.


When it comes to staying power these are ok. They do need to set, leave them sit for five minutes and they stay put pretty well but if you actually make contact with them then they blend out to pretty much nothing. It works better to use a smudging tool, one of those sponge ones, it blends a bit but without getting rid of the colour completely. If you leave it alone then it’ll stay well for four or five hours. The shimmery ones do seem to blend a bit easier with the shimmer particles spreading further and the base colour actually disappearing more.

I don’t think that any of these colours are available individually. On the Models Own website it says these are the i-definer kohl pencil liners though they don’t have the exact colours available on it. They’re each £5.99 so even at full price the set does save you money if you want more than three of the colours in the set.


The box doesn’t say it but on the individual products they claim to be waterproof. Once they have set I found that these are pretty waterproof; they will survive cold water being splashed in then but nothing too warm. However I did find that, when it came to removal, they were hard to get them to budge and on my arm the swatches left marks even after multiple washes so they do grab on pretty well once they’ve set.

At the end of the day these are not the most pigmented eyeliners around, nor do they have the staying power of some I’ve seen reviews of so if you want that precise, bright pop of colour that lasts a whole day then these aren’t for you. However, if you’re like me and you actually like the slightly more subtle colour when it comes to colourful eyeliner, whether it’s because you’re just getting into it and not too sure or you just like that look, then these are worth trying, especially at the TK Maxx price.

3 thoughts on “Review: Models Own All About Eyes Eyeliner Set

  1. I have the same feeling about white packaging in makeup – it looks cheap for some reason.
    I have a Nars lip pencil that I have been concerned about sharpening because it looks like plastic.
    Hmm too bad these aren’t stellar quality but it’s a good way to try a few colours that you might not wear a lot.

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    1. Kind of glad it’s not just me with the white packaging, I have no idea what it is about it. I think all of the ones I’ve had that look like plastic sharpen fine if they’re no twist up though I haven’t tried Nars. They’re not the most pigmented but, apart from the black, it’s not too noticeable. Especially with the amount of shimmer you get with the shinier finished pencils.


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