Review: Harry Potter Funko Mystery Minis


I’m not sure when these were released, though I do kind of want to collect all of them now I know they exist. I found three of the Funko Mystery Minis from the Harry Potter collection on eBay, though as I knew which they were these aren’t exactly mysteries. I think that in the UK these are only available online, with the prices ranging from £4.99 to £12.99 as a mystery, unopened box and the different characters have different prices depending on the rarity.

Maybe it’s just me but there seem to have been a lot of different Funko Mini Mystery box series released, a large amount seem to be from various TV series and a lot of Disney characters. I might have to get a few of those some time in the future.


As these are mystery boxes they’re packaged in a way you can’t tell which is in the box. On the outside it has the Harry potter logo and I like the design they’ve chosen, with images from the different designs. The back has images of each of the different characters and the rarity of each, with McGonagall and her cat form being the rarest and characters like Hermione as the most common. You could use this as a checklist if you want as I don’t think they have a list inside.


The range of characters in this set includes most of the main characters with the golden trio, Voldemort, Hagrid, Dumbledore and there are animal companions for each of the human characters. These characters are all in proportion to each other so they make a good set. Size wise the majority of the figures are the same size as Voldemort, who is 3″ (7.5cm), the animals are around 2″ (5cm) and Hagrid appears to be larger, as with the Funko Pop figures, and he measures just under 3 1/2″ (8.5cm) with a standard Funko Pop being around 5″ (12.5cm) though this does depend on accessories.


Unlike with larger Funko Pop figures there is no point of articulation, even the head is stuck, and they have the same proportions with the enlarged head. Each if the three I have; Fang, Hagrid and Voldemort all stand up well, even with Hagrid being a bit wonky.


They each have quite a bit of detail, or the parts of their design that would need detail like Hagrid’s waistcoat, though most of this is done in the moulding rather than with painting. The head design is slightly different to the larger figures, rather than the plain black eyes and nose moulded into the design these have a face that reminds me of characters from the Animal Crossing game with slightly more detail and colour printed onto the face.


Of the three that I have I think that Fang is my favourite, though I am very tempted to try and complete this collection as it has some unusual figures, the animals in particular stand out to me. I think they would fit in very well with the larger Funko Pop figures. Fawkes the phoenix would fit well with any of the Dumbledore figures and the pets of the golden trio would make any collection of the originals have a bit extra.


These are definitely more for collectors than as toys to play with, though they could be good for children who are fans of the movies or books if they don’t mind about posing the characters. As these are mini they seem to have less consistency than you expect from the larger figures, Hagrid is slightly wonky where his legs join and he seems to have additional paint lines on him somehow.

Looking online there seem to be other limited editions from Barnes and Noble, though I don’t know if the price is different, they’re definitely higher on eBay due to how much harder they are to find.


Next to one of the full sized Funko Pop figures


I am very happy with the three I have. For the price, if they’re cheap, they make a really nice display and I think they’d be a nice gift for a Harry Potter or Funko figure fan. And the other series available mean that they seem to cover a lot of different franchises so if you like these cute designs but Harry Potter isn’t your thing  they might have one for you, the Marvel ones in particular seem to be quite cheap at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Review: Harry Potter Funko Mystery Minis

  1. I like these mystery box type things! I got caught up a little with the Lego minifigures… 😛
    I agree with you, the Fang figurine is very interesting. Would love the Hedwig figurine!

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    1. I may have got a bit caught up with both Simpsons miniature lots and the recent Disney ones, I want to get all of them! I think the animal ones are the best as you just don’t get them in the normal Funko sizes and these fit really well with the size of the big figures. I really want Hedwig, Nagini and Fawkes, I can see this either being on I keep looking on eBay or risk some.bixes and end up with like five Fangs!


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