First Impressions: Lush Mother’s Day


I recently made an order online with Lush, mainly because of the Marathon bubble bar they had in the kitchen which is sadly no longer available, and most of it is from the Mother’s Day range. I did get a couple of extras but as you can’t get them online any more this post is mainly my first impressions of the Mother’s Day products I bought. They’re still available for a while, until Mother’s Day at least, and I know that stores tend to have these seasonal items in stock beyond the date they’re available online.

I have to say that, for the past few years, I kind of went off Lush. The quality and consistency seemed to have gone downhill while the prices went up but recently they seem to be going back to the older scent strength. I also love the recent trend with their limited edition products and the citrus scents. They may not be everyone’s favourites and they don’t always have the complexity of some of the Lush signature scents but I do love a good citrus bath product.


I’ll start with the two limited edition things no longer available before we get into the actual Mother’s Day products. This is more for in case they pop up again the kitchen in the future and I really liked the sound of the one style of product as I’ve never tried it before. First off the Marathon bubble bar, which is a warm and spicy scent. If you have problems with muscle pain I definitely recommend this, it’s one of the few products that actually helps with that. These kitchen ones are smaller than the older ones, you’d only get two baths out of this to get the full on hit and benefits rather than the three I’ve got from others. However these are nice and soft and so crumbly and bubbly I’ll forgive them. The weight of these is printed as 100g, though the sizes are slightly different they go above rather than below this.

The second limited edition thing is one of the wash cards, the new product type that I have never tried before. This is the Kiss Me Quick wash card which is scented like the 29 High Street or HQ scent, basically a mix of their most popular scents to give that overall Lush scent. It’s business card sized so I’m not sure how many washes it will last but I am definitely looking forward to giving it a go. I’ll do a review if the product type, even if the scent is t available any more.


Now the Mother’s Day products and the one I am most looking forward to trying out in the bath, it’s the Baa Bar bubble bar (£3.95). It’s so cute in the shape of a sheep and has a similar scent to one of my favourite scents Lush has ever done; Bathos. Where Bathos is pretty much Parma violets, powdery and sweet and pure violet Baa Bar has this base but has more violet leaf scent in there while still having the powdery sweet smell. It’s a slightly greener, leaguer scent but does have that sweet violet scent. One of the other things I love about this bar is when you cut it in half it has a purple canter and you get purple water. The bubbles are nice and soft and last well, I can see you getting two baths out of this as it’s not the biggest but it does have a nice effect on the water.


The second thing that stood out to me was Elsie the Giraffe re-usable bubble bar (£6.95), though I seem to have a love hate relationship with this particular product type. They tend to either be amazing and do at least six baths or they turn to absolute mush and do nothing. I have to say, from the trying it in the sink, this is one of those amazing ones. There are so many bubbles, they last well and it hasn’t melted so I see each end doing three baths. The scent is pure citrus, though it’s a mix of lemon, orange and grapefruit I don’t find that any particular one stands out it’s not overly sharp, just refreshing enough to be nice on a warmer day and possibly waking you up in the morning but being ok in the evening too, which is a hard balance as some of these are too refreshing for that. I do also have to say I love the design for this, it’s so cute and brightly coloured.


The Mum bath bomb (£2.95) comes in both pink and yellow, I went for pink, though the colour inside is the same as far as I can tell. This his another of those citrus scents, though it is one of the smaller bath bombs which is reflected in the price. I can see this being one of those you could break in two as, although it does become softer and less in your face citrus when it’s wet, it’s got a fairly strong scent and enough colour in there to fill the bath twice. It does have a little hidden message inside that adds to the mum part of this so it’s definitely in the Mother’s Day theme. I think it’s the only really MUM product so I’m fine with it and I have no problem using a Mother’s Day product without being a mum but I can see it’s not one to buy as a gift for someone if they aren’t even if they’d like the scent.


The last product I bought was a shower jelly, one of my favourite product types from Lush, they’re just so versatile and create so many bubbles with a shower puff or scrubby gloves. This is the Pink Custard (£4.25 for 100g or £8.50 for 240g) which is a tonka and lavender mix so it’s sweet with a hint of that twilight scent of the bath bomb and limited edition shower gel. I’ve heard some people say it’s the same scent as think pink, other say the same as twilight and to me it’s somewhere in the middle which sounds like an odd mix but it works somehow. The colour reminds me of blancmange, maybe it’s the addition of the Mother’s Day theme and reminding me of the dessert we used to have, and for some reason the scent is a bit of a lavender hint in a blancmange mix, I hope that makes sense to someone! This is one of the creamier shower jellies, it isn’t as drying as some of the more clear based ones but it’s not overly moisturising. If you have dry skin it hasn’t dried mine out any more so it could be a safe one for you.

Have any of you guys tried any of these Mother’s Day products? What did you think? I’m going to be doing an Easter order to get a few of the products I’ve seen, the bunny jelly cleanser looks so fun to try.

2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Lush Mother’s Day

    1. They are great, I haven’t found another company that does shower jellies as well as they do. I do love the giraffe neck stick idea but the only thing is the best way to use it is to snap it into two parts so the other end doesn’t get all wet too so you have to break it’s neck! 😓


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