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I recently had a sort out of my clothes and things and made a check list, I find it’s a great way to make sure you don’t get too distracted when shopping and it means you actually leave with what you went in for (rather than ten new nail varnishes and some tops when you go in for jeans, happens way too often for me). Last week I may have ended up spending more than I meant to when I realised that 90% of the things on my wish list were in TK Maxx and H&M which I was on for other things so this week will probably turn into a bit of a haul week. I was planning on doing them all together but then I realised exactly how much will be arriving from TK Maxx and that one alone may need to be a two parter. So, sorry if you’re not a fan of haul posts.

Today’s haul is from H&M and not all that big. My original thing to get from H&M was bras, for some reason no matter how many makes I try the ones from H&M are the only ones that fit me comfortably and unfortunately the H&Ms near me have a very small range available so it’s online I go. I did end up adding a few extras in here, as well as the T-shirts that I needed, because I have never seen any of the beauty products in the stores near me and wanted to give them a go. I did manage to limit myself to things I actually use or need to replace anyway so I don’t feel too bad.


One of the main things I’ve been looking for this past year has been nice, long T-shirts but it seems like the places I wanted to get them from always seemed to sell out in white in my size. It was a bit of an afterthought looking on here but I’m glad I did as I love the burgundy colour too. Size wise I chose M, I’m normally a 12 in tops in most stores, as it seemed like it would be the best fit. These are massive, I’ve put them next a top that fits like a 12 and is classed as M from my TK Maxx haul so you can see the size difference. If you want a fitted t-shirt these are not for you even though on the picture it doesn’t look that loose. Length wise these are mid thigh for me and so light and comfortable. They aren’t what I was expecting, I was expecting it to be more fitted, but even if they’re just about the house in the summer as they’re so loose I’m happy with them. I do love that detail on the sleeves, the sort of folded over look. I chose burgundy and white but they’re available in quite a few other colours too and cost £6.99 each.


The skin care and beauty things I will be doing proper reviews on when I’ve tried them so I’ll try to be short here. I will admit that my basket was originally filled with a range of these including the eyeshadow palettes and lip colours but I have enough of them already and wanted to keep the order down so I got it down to these. The Lip Primer is £7.99 and a type of product I’ve always been intrigued by, especially since realising I do actually like face primers, so I thought I’d give this one a go as it seems like a good price and I’ve heard good things about H&M makeup, plus anything to extend lipstick life is always good.

I may have fallen in love with Micellar Water (£3.99) last year after trying it for the first time and I wanted to see whether this one would live up to the Soap and Glory one I have and love. I am definitely looking forward to trying it, along with the Refreshing Face Mist (£3.99) which claims to be good as a refreshing spray or to set makeup with aloe vera and rose water in it so will be great to try for one to use in the summer, if we get a hot one this year.

The final two skin care things were face masks, which you may have guessed I have a bit of a weakness for if you’ve read previous posts from me. I saw these mentioned a couple of times and almost forgot them. I didn’t realise at the time that the Tea Tree one is a peel-off mask but I do love them and I thought I’d try a moisturising one so went for the Argan Oil and Rosehip Oil to see if it would help my skin as it’s been rather dry recently. These cost £1.99 each and look like they’ll be a one use thing so not the cheapest face masks out there but will be interesting to try.


The last things I’ll post about are the bras, though they’re not very exciting I did try a new style and I think I might have found a new favourite. My bra size is a 34B in the UK (I have no idea about international sizing) so it’s one that’s available pretty much everywhere. According to most measuring things I should be a 36A but that’s a whole other post probably. Anyway, I went for the good old two pack of underwired T shirt bras (£12.99) that I’ve been buying for years. I also decided to try one without wires so picked the 2 pack of non-wired T shirt bras (£14.99) and these are a new favourite. They are a bit unusual size wise for bras as they’re done in normal clothes sizing and, with the slight amount of padding, they’re definitely not what I’d call universal. Maybe if you wear a twelve size top you’re likely to be within a certain size range anyway but I found, at 34B these are pretty much perfect on the largest clasp size (there are three). If you have a larger bra band size these don’t have the most stretch and anything larger than the equivalent to a 35B cup size going up or down would probably have trouble fitting too. Smaller band size I can see working but cup size, again, might be a problem due to the padding giving the cups shape. However, if you’re a 34B in H&M these are super comfy and I had no problems with jumping around and running up stairs.


One thing I had to include in here, though I haven’t opened it, is a bonus pair of trousers I seem to have gained. I have emailed H&M to ask if they want them back but if not they look like nice smart trousers that would do well if you have an office job or for interviews so I’ll be trying them on if they aren’t bothered about me returning them.

Have any of you guys started the summer shopping? Or have that feeling that you need to sort things out around Spring, it’s odd how it’s a sort of spring cleaning even though I never feel like actually emptying everything out and actually cleaning. but then I never do I guess!

5 thoughts on “H&M Haul

  1. I got an overnight lip treatment from H&M and I really like it! I don’t think ours sell micellar water – I’ll have to check.
    I’ve never tried H&M’s bras – do they last well? I think bra sizes are pretty universal. Do they carry 32 band?
    And wow, a free pair of trousers! I hope they are your size! XD

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    1. I didn’t see a lip treatment, I could really do with one at the moment so next time I’ll have to see if I remember to look for that. The bras always last me well, at least the underwired ones do, haven’t tried the thinner or non-wired ones before. I think the last time I bought a bra was a few years ago and it still looks good, elastic is still stretchy, but I needed to replace some of my older ones. I should probably buy them more often but tend to wear them until they stop working or are uncomfortable. Sizing seems the same in America as the UK (for the band anyway), I just know Europe and a lot of others use different numbers so they’re on all the labels for mine. They do 32, I think they go own to 30 on most, but it depends on the style as to what band and cup size combinations they do. The trousers are the right size surprisingly so just seeing if they get back to me and want me to return them. Always good when you get free things 😆

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    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 They seem to have quite a few now, though I haven’t seen them in any stores so would be interesting to know what you think of them if you find them. They have a lot of eyeshadows and nail varnish I almost got to try but I haven’t heard anything about them to know if they’re good, the skincare things I got I’m happy with so far though

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