Marathon Bubble Bar from Lush

They have different flags on the top. Picture from the lush website so copyright to them

This is a bit of an unusual post for me, I don’t often do posts about a product before I’ve actually bought it this time but I wanted to do one as the Lush Marathon Bubble Bar is one of the few products I have ever tried that has actually helped with my aches. 

I just wanted to say about it as it’s limited edition in the UK kitchen so I have no idea how long it’ll be available and thought it’s worth checking out for any spoonies out there who enjoy baths. 

Scent wise it’s a very warm, spicy scent and does smell warming as well as giving you that warming relaxing g feeling when in the bath. It doesn’t cost £3.95 which I’m sure is a mark up from when I first tried them but you can get three baths out of it and still get the effect. I’m sure you could probably manage more but I’m not sure it would have the same soothing effect.

It gives a lot of bubbles that last well, or past batches have, and even when it goes hard over time I’ve been able to keep them and they still have the same effect a year later. I can’t say that’s definitely the case with this newest batch but if they’ve kept the same formula I’d think it would.

It’s not the prettiest bubble bar, being plain orange, but it does what it says for me and it doesn’t stain the bath tub! (Or hasn’t, crossing my fingers it’s the same.)

If your skin is at all sensitive to cinnamon or other spices stay away and I do know some people seem to have a reaction to it but I never have. 
Basically this was just a post to tell people that this is available at the moment and worth checking out if you have muscle pain, whether it’s from a chronic illness or exercise in general. Just don’t take too long to decide, these kitchen ones tend to be a case of available until the batch runs out and then it’s gone 

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