My Dream Vanity


I’ve seen a lot of mood boards around and always been tempted to try making one for my blog, one that doesn’t involve scissors and glue like my design course ones did. So when Arhaus encouraged me to make a mood board for my dream vanity I decided to give it a go.

Apparently in the USA Arhaus are a well-known company, they sell furniture and home décor and I may have ended up losing a few hours exploring their online store. I don’t know about you guys but there’s something really fun to me about looking on home décor and interior design websites and imagining what it’d be like to have the room setups. I think I may be the only person I know who actually enjoys trips to Ikea.

There’s a lot of unusual pieces on the Arhaus site, the one of a kind natural finish wood desks look amazing, and they do international postage (I checked as I couldn’t find it on their website) so if you’re not in the US you can still buy things. They are the kind of store that if money was no object when I got my own place I could see myself spending a lot in there, as it is I’ll just have to look from afar and dream.

Anyway, onto the mood board. When I first started looking I had two routes I could go down, the one being the fairly normal one with pretty fairly lights, a white clean dresser and all the perfect accessories. I love that look, but at the same time it’s not very me, so I decided to go with building on a piece of furniture I already have.


Have you ever had a piece of furniture, or anything, that when you were growing up you just loved? The kind that you want to keep even if your parents want to throw it away? For me that’s the old Singer sewing machine that used to live in the conservatory and was used as a table. It’s one of those that needs a bit of a spruce up if I ever used it and currently lives in the garage as I live with my parents and have no room for it. I, personally, love the fact it’s still got the sewing machine part in it and the look of the wood but there are some amazing repurposed sewing machines made into vanities and tables, definitely something I might consider in the future.

I think I kind of stuck with the more industrial theme when it comes to the lighting, I love the mechanical look, maybe slightly steampunk in a way. Lighting is definitely important when it comes to a vanity and I love the idea of hanging lights but I know that, for me, being able to angle the lights makes a difference so floor lamps and desk lamps are more likely to be ones I’d choose as you have more control on where exactly the lights go.

I have to say that, when it comes to vanities, I’m probably more the kind of person who would love the minimal look with things kept in drawers but in reality it gets covered in things, bits and pieces that you use everyday like hair grips and hair ties when you’re putting on your makeup or removing it, a beauty blender that doesn’t have anything it fits in, all those lip products and eyeliner pencils. I tend to find that repurposing other things works well for me, various sizes of candle holders are my favourite as the different sizes work well for different jobs. Add in the fact there’s a huge variety of them around at the moment and you can pretty much find them to go with any look. I love these pine cone inspired ones, they are the kind of thing mum would probably call dust gatherers but they’re so pretty I can accept cleaning them every so often.

I think most of the things on my dream vanity would probably be functional, though they’re pretty I do need things to organise my products or it’d end up a pile of odds and ends. I do love having little bits extra though, art in general I love so I think I’d want some kind of print on there and the little metal birds they have on their website are so cute. I may have a thing for birds, my current jewellery holder has branches and birds and my favourite mirror has a bird cage effect (not the most practical but so pretty).


Not a mood board but I had to include some of these pictures of repurposed Singer sewing machines. Ours is the same as the one on the left, I love the little drawers and think it’s be perfect for a vanity as I doubt I’d ever use it as an actual sewing machine.


I ended up talking more than I meant to in this post, I hope it didn’t get too long for you guys! Basically I love exploring interior decorating styles, it’s inspired me to start making more mood boards. I know I don’t really post about it on my blog but is it something you guys might be interested in the future to see on here? Not all makeup and beauty related, I may have ended up wandering into the more library furniture things too, and it could be fun.

Do any of you guys have a dream vanity? Anything you’d love to have if you could? I love hearing about other people’s ideas for décor, it always makes me think of new things I hadn’t considered before. If you want to find the original pins on Pinterest here’s my board, all of the Pinterest images are on it.

A bit of a disclaimer; all of the images on this post are either from the Arhaus website or from Pinterest, they’re not mine. 

2 thoughts on “My Dream Vanity

  1. I don’t have a dream vanity – I’m much more about function than form. For ages I used an amazing Ikea computer desk but it has been commandeered by my SO for his computer “battle” station. *pout*
    I love the esthetic of the Singer sewing machine tables! But I’ve need more drawers than that… way WAY more…

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    1. I’ve always loved the sewing machine and not known what I’d use it for but I think it’d be great for this and I love some of those repurposed ones. At the moment my makeup could fit in with some organisers on top for some palettes and brushes but I think I’d probably need some more in the future. At the moment my ‘vanity’ is a space on the floor in front of my full length mirror and keeping things inside a cupboard but it’s something I’ve seen on YouTube and liked the idea of. My grandma has a dressing table and I really like the idea of a more modern kind of version.


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