Review: Tony Moly Buried Digda Pop Up From the Ground Peel Off Pack

I do love a good peeling face mask and the fact that the TonyMoly Pokemon line has one makes it even better. It’s the Buried Digda Pop Up From the Ground Peel Off Pack, which may be one of the longest names for a face mask that I’ve ever had. I love how peel off face masks are so much easier to remove and there’s a lot less mess than traditional face masks, you sit there for ten or fifteen minutes and peel it off. Plus there’s something oddly satisfying about that peeling feeling, like when you get glue on your hands at school. Or is it just me that likes that?

I don’t know if there’s a permanent line version of this as I think the Pokemon line is limited edition so it’s one to find soon if you want to give it a go. Luckily it does have a 12 month life once opened and it’s sealed so I think it’d be ok to stock up on. I found this one on the f2plus1 eBay store but it seems to be available from quite a few places so it depends on which you pick to buy it from. Most of them seem to have it from £7 to £10 for the tube, which holds quite a few uses as you do only need a very thin layer so you probably pay £1-£2 per application I think.

The first thing about this that I love is the packaging. It’s probably mainly because it’s Pokemon, let’s be honest, but it’s a nice flexible plastic and so easy to get the product out. The lid is great as well, as it’s a thick formula it could get very messy but the hole it comes from has remained clean and clear of the brown gunk that could have ended up all over it.

As a face mask this is a very easy one to use, it has the instructions on the back in English as well as Korean so it’s not one that you have spend a while searching the internet for a translation. You make sure you face is clear, I’ve tried it with both a full face wash and toner pre face mask and just using face wipes and both worked as well so it doesn’t need a whole routine to stick. Then you sit there for ten to fifteen minutes, until it’s dry which took around twelve minutes for me both times, though I did leave it thicker at one time to see and it took nearer to 20 if you don’t spread it thinner.

The face mask itself is a pretty thick formula, as far as consistency goes it is exactly like an American chocolate pudding (not the British style pudding but I think more people would know what I mean if I say that). If you’re British then think those chocolate desserts like muller corners, it’s pretty much like spreading one of those on your face. Luckily it doesn’t smell of chocolate though. It has a scent that seems to be pretty common with Korean beauty products. It’s hard to describe but a slightly powdery, sweet floral scent that you would probably recognise if you’ve bought any generic scented Korean skin care products. This scent is fairly strong when you first apply it but as it dries it pretty much disappears.
After removing it I noticed a difference both times. My skin is dry in patches but acne prone and does tend to look slightly uneven. After using it my face felt slightly more matte, even and the fine lines and pores were less obvious. This was more obvious in the back of my hand as you could see the line where the patch had stopped as taking photos of my skin I couldn’t see anything different. The feeling did last longer than with some face masks, the next day it still felt smoother than it had before but beyond 24 hours I don’t think there was anything much.

One thing to know though, is if you have got dry skin then when you remove is it will probably make that more obvious to start with. After about half an hour the flakiness has disappeared and my skin did look nicer even without moisturiser, though I tend to moisturise after a face mask anyway and if you do that clears it up pretty much immediately.

As my skin is sensitive I did patch test this one multiple times, three on each hand and then my arm and a small area on my face as, for some unknown reason, it seemed to leave my right hand slinky red and blotchy for fifteen minutes after I used it. No itchiness or anything and it’s fine everywhere else but it’s definitely one to patch test if you have sensitive skin. I’d say do it with everything but I know how it sometimes seems a lot of hassle or gets forgotten.

TonyMoly, as a brand, are cruelty free so this product isn’t tested on animals, which is nice to find from a Korean beauty make, it’s hard to find anything in this for most of them and a lot seem not to be cruelty free. I don’t know if it’s vegan, unfortunately I cant find an ingredients list in English, though if anyone knows Korean I could photograph the Korean portion if the packaging so you can try and translate as I’m not even sure it has an ingredients section.

I am defInitely considering buying a couple more of these and stocking up. I was slightly worried after I’d ordered it that it would be one of those limited edition products where the only draw is the character and the product is so so but I think this one has improved my skin, even if it’s short term. The only negatives I can think of for this are the fact that it isn’t a long term improvement, but lets face it how many face masks at this price are, and the scent could either cause a reaction in sensitive skin or be off putting as you do put this on your face.

If you want a nice peel off mask that helps you skin look smoother and slightly more matte then I’d recommend it, even if you’re not a fan of Pokemon. If you know a fan of Pokemon and beauty then I really suggest checking out anything in the TonyMoly Pokemon range, there are quite a few kinds of products there and they’re all so cute and I think they’d make a great, unusual gift.

6 thoughts on “Review: Tony Moly Buried Digda Pop Up From the Ground Peel Off Pack

    1. I’m hoping they have a permanent version as I really like it but I can’t see one on any sites I know of. I do love all their products I’ve tried, I’m starting to try more but there are so many to choose from I don’t know which to go for.


  1. I assume British style pudding is like a soft bread… whereas American style pudding is like a thick jelly paste? I associate pudding with the American type but we use pudding to describe both types!

    I’m surprised this doesn’t smell like chocolate – kind of disappointed, actually! I would expect it with something that LOOKS like chocolate… unless of course, it’s meant to be um… #2? Odd that your right hand reacted whereas your left didn’t. I stay away from peel off masks these days – my skin gets really irritated and dry with most of them. They’s so much fun to use though!

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    1. Yeah, British pudding is a sort of cakey thing that normally comes with sauce or things in, thinking about it is making me hungry lol. It does look like it should be chocolatey but I think it’s meant to be kind of like dirt so glad it doesn’t smell of that! I tend to find that a lot of face masks in general set my face off but for some reason sheet ones and peel off ones don’t. Maybe they are slightly more drying, or often for spots and similar things, so they don’t block my pores which seems to happen with a lot with others.


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