Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Be Our Guest Spring 2017

The Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box for the Spring collection arrived on Friday. Though I was away for the weekend so didn’t post on it it also means I’ve had a bit of a play around with most of it to see what I think. Fortune Cookie Soap are a company based in the USA who make bath and body prod icy stone with their signature being the Soap in the shape of a fortune cookie, as you may have guessed. They release a Soap Box full of different products as a preview for their quarterly collections. These are available internationally though postage does put the price up if you’re outside the US. 

This Spring the theme is ‘Be Our Guest’ so it’s Beauty and the Beast themed as well as most of the products being more spring like scents. It isn’t available at the moment but it will be launched on February 17th at 6pm CST (midnight in the U.K.) and I definitely recommend either getting there at the time of release or waiting a bit as they sell out fast but do normally get restocked.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with products breaking on the journey here to the UK, though I have had bath bombs turn to dust they’re still usable. You always get two full sized products; a fortune cookie Soap and a smaller sized OCD hand sanitizer, alongside sample sizes, this time there are six that are either sample sizes or individual products that will probably be available as part of a set.

As with most of these subscription boxes you get a card telling you about the individual products, though these mainly describe the scents rather than what the products do a lot of them are fairly self explanatory when it comes to use.

The first thing I noticed, and one of the full sized products, is the Enchanted Rose Fortune Cookie Soap. These always last longer than you’d expect and these creamier based ones (rather than translucent) aren’t too drying. This scent is definitely very floral and fairly strong, though it is less overpowering when used, and definitely has a mainly rose based scent. It does have the violet and sweetness in there rather than pure rose that makes it smell almost powdery but the main scent is fresh rose petals.

I love body lotions, my skin drinks them up, and the Whipped Creams from FCS are really moisturising but they do seem to sit on your skin for a while plus a lot of them seem to react with my skin, luckily this one doesn’t. It’s in the scent Bonjour which is pretty much fresh cut lemons when in the pot, it has a hint of something green that reminds me of an old Soap and Glory product I had but no idea what it was. It does apply like fresh lemon to start with but becomes very like Lipton iced tea in the lemon flavour after a few minutes. I really like this scent and do love the two layers look, no idea if that’ll be in the full sized version.

I don’t think they’ve done candles in the past, I don’t recall getting any, so it was nice to see the Lumiere Candle. Side note, this naming is perfect. This is a very light spring scent, I don’t get any of the fruit mentioned but it has a light, slightly floral scent that I would probably describe as fresh over straight floral. I think you get more of the apple when you burn it but the throw isn’t great. I think it’s probably the fact it’s a tea light as they’re normally the worst when it comes to scent throw but it will be interesting to see how their candles perform compared to others I use. I have no idea how these will be sold but I imagine multipacks of tea lights or larger candles.

I have a feeling that I’ve had a toner tab from them in the past, though the Happily Ever After Toner Tablet is the most scented I think I’ve ever had. It’s a really nice scent, it’s pretty much pure mandarin and very citrusy. To use these, if they’re the same as previous ones, you put this in a sink of very hot water and then lean over it with a towel over your head for the steam. I haven’t tried it yet but I definitely will be at some point. I know other toner tabs that have said you can bottle the mix and use it as a spray so I might try that, I’m not going to recommend it but it would be interesting to see if that works. If these are like the others they will be sold in sets of three and cost around $6.

I’ve had some of their lip products before and I will say that they were some of the most moisturising lip tints I’ve ever owned and this Beauty Lip Tint is the same. I did try and take a photo of it on my hand or lips but the tint is so subtle you couldn’t see the colour at all. It comes out as pretty much a lip balm with the tiniest hint of colour that leaves your lips looking slightly darker than I you used a plain lip balm. This left my lips feeling so soft and it has an orange cream scent that’s nice, though slightly sweeter than I’d like, and subtle so it disappears very quickly.

I don’t really need a detangler at the moment so I haven’t given the Tame the Beast Detangler a go in that way yet but this is another very well names product. It’s definitely got the look of a slightly oily product but it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy after using it and it did make it nice and soft. This is a very hard scent to describe, it’s a sweet floral but it’s not a light, spring floral, more of a rich, earthier floral. I guess maybe it’s the mix of patchouli with the sweet cherries that do that as there are no flowers listed. 

The There’s Something Sweet Perfume Oil is what I think of as a spring floral scent. It’s got a blossom scent with a hint of greenery or grass and those scents that generally have a name like cotton fresh or spring rain when it comes to candles. It’s subtle and sweet and definitely a very feminine scent that has a decent throw and doesn’t really change at all on my skin from the scent when it’s first applied. It lasts a couple of hours which is decent for an oil perfume but it’s one you’d want to keep in your bag to reapply. 

The final product is the OCD Hand Sanitizer in Magic Mirror, the second full sized product. These hand sanitizers are good, they do last quite a while and I haven’t had a problem with them drying my hands out. One thing to know about this is that it is very glittery, you end up with disco ball hands and it does transfer onto a lot of things afterwards and stick around for a while as there is so much of it. It’s holographic glitter so you don’t get silver hands but it shows up in the light. The scent for this is definitely fruity, the peach in there seems to give it a slightly citrusy freshness that makes it seem like it’ll be a good shower gel scent as a wake you up type smell. This is definitely one of my favourites in this box.

Overall I’m very happy with this box, nothing in it was from a scent group that I don’t like and it fits with both the theme of spring and the Be Our Guest theme. There are some unisex scents in the citrus ones but I’d say the majority is very feminine. If you like foods or earthy scents I would say this isn’t a collection for you but fans of scents traditionally in spring collections then this might be worth checking out. 

I’m not sure I’ll be making an order, purely down to the cost of postage, but there are definitely scents in this collection I would be tempted by as I’m a fan of citrus and fruity smells and Bonjour, Magic Mirror and Happily Ever After are all good scents if you like similar ones.

Have any of you guys got this Soap Box? What did you think? Anything in particular you want to get when it’s released as a full collection? 

4 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Be Our Guest Spring 2017

  1. What a nice tie-in with the Beauty & the Beast movie.
    I love the fortune cookie soap – how novel! 🙂
    I like lip tints like what you described – very wearable and you can pretty much apply without a mirror.
    That hand sanitizer looks so interesting in the bottle but not sure if I’d want glitter all over my hands? 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The lip tints are probably my favourite lip tints I’ve owned. I do sometimes wish that they did them with a bit more pigmentation, they’re nice with the subtle hint but something that shows a bit more would be a nice change from their permanent line once every so often. The fortune Cookie soaps are all so cute and last way longer than I’d expect, the shape makes them great gifts as well and you can buy little Chinese takeout style boxes for them as a gift too, so cute!


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