Review: Look Good Feel Better Mini Powder Brush

If you’ve been following me for a while you may be aware of my love of makeup brushes, I have more than I need but you can never have too many right? So I was very happy when I got  the Mini Powder Brush from Look Good Feel Better in the Marks and Spencer’s advent calendar in December. As far as I can see this brush isn’t available to buy separately but is part of a mini travel set which costs £20 or you can buy the full sized brush for £13 on its own, I think the only difference is the handle size really. 

Look Good Feel Better is a company that I’ve been looking at getting brushes from for a while though I haven’t needed a replacement since finding them. It is a charity that helps people who suffer from cancer with the visible affects of the disease and treatment and money from the sale of each of their products is donated to the charity. So not only do you get a makeup brush you also help a good cause. The brushes are cruelty free and are designed for sensitive skin so if you have problems with brushes irritating your skin they may be a make to consider. I’m not sure how easy they are to find outside of the UK but I know they’re sold in Marks and Spencer and Boots here as well as a lot of online stores.

I think it was because the brush was in the advent calendar but it just came in a simple bag, which, to be honest, is enough for any brush anyway and holds all the important information you need. I included a photo mainly as it explains the charity better and how they benefit from the brushes but I do like the style and design in it anyway with the colour scheme they’ve chosen. 

The brush itself is really nice and easy to hold and use. I think the handle is plastic, though it could be cleverly disguised wood, and it’s very lightweight and well balanced so you can hold it comfortably in your hand. It does say what the brush is meant for which is always useful, more when it comes to eye brushes but still nice for beginners or just to keep all of one type of brush together if you have a few. The ferrule seems nice and secure and everything is well attached so it not loose or wobbly.

The main thing I love about this brush is the brush head itself; it is so soft. I think it’s the softest powder brush I have ever owned. I has the two toned bristles and a rounded end which makes it easy to dust powder on and control where it goes. It isn’t the densest brush I own, though you don’t need it to be for it to do it’s job, and I think that helps with the silky soft feeling when you apply makeup with it. It picks up a fair amount of makeup but it doesn’t get lost in the brush so you get the maximum product on your face rather than half of it disappearing up the bristles when you tap off the excess. This does, however, mean you do have to remember to tap excess off, it’s easy to forget and end up with a lot of blush on by mistake. 

It does work for a range of uses when you need a larger area, as I said I tried it for blush and it worked. It’s also great for highlight it you pre careful and use the tip or for a bit of contouring or bringing I can see it working too. It definitely works when it comes to blending out though you do have to be careful you don’t drag it too far out as it tends to blend products further than some other brushes I have. 

Overall this is definitely a great little brush. I will be putting it in my travel kit when I go away, it’s a great size for that, as well as using it for if I apply powder foundation or similar products. I think I’d prefer a larger brush for an overall finishing powder but for other powder products I’ll definitely be using it. If you’re looking for a nice, travel sized powder brush and you can find it on its own I definitely recommend it. I’m not sure what the difference is between this and the full sized one but if it’s just the handle length then I’d say that’s worth checking out too if the £13 is within your budget for makeup brushes.

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