Etsy Planner Supplies Haul

I’ve always loved organisers and planners, I think it comes from my mum who is definitely a lists person who has to do lists all the time. When I was at school I used to make so many to do lists for assignments and things but since leaving school, in my everyday life, I always seem to start these things with good intentions each year and then they fall apart a few months in. At least last year I lasted until September before my planner became bare with nothing but birthdays in it. This year I’ve decided to give it another go and this time it’ll be different. I may say that every year but this time I bought some new things that I love and I’ve already don’t more planner decorating than I have before.

Since I first saw them I’ve always thought the Erin Condren planners look amazing and there are so many stickers out there for them. However I have my personal sized Filofax which is big enough for me so nothing ever seemed to fit. However this year I found someone on Etsy who sells inserts for Filofaxes that have the perfect size boxes for the vertical style planners in Stamp Magic so I may have gone slightly over the top in buying some things from there and another Etsy store, Lucinda Charlotte Designs.

The first thing, and the main reason behind the rest of the haul is the pack of vertical style diary inserts. I’m not normally a fan of pastels and hearts but for some reason I like the mix of colours and the font for these so I bought them. They have a week over two pages along with some areas for notes or any of the other things you might want to put in a planner that doesn’t just go for one day. These aren’t dated which could be annoying but as you can easily buy number stickers or just write them in yourself I’m not bothered, plus it means you can start these whenever you want rather than having unused pages. I love the fact that the Erin Condren size boxes fit stickers perfectly and still have the coloured border around them. These cost £6 for 27 pages which is six months worth. I think I’ll be going back to get another six months if they’re still selling them then.

As part of my new diet I thought it would be a good idea to get a food diary, if nothing else it’ll help me remember which meals were unsuccessful and remind me to keep a record so I’m less likely to slip back into old habits. Also, luckily, it matches perfectly with the journal inserts I bought. Both these insert styles are on the same type of paper, it has a slight sheen to it so it feels better quality than a lot of these inserts I’ve bought before but there’s no problem with any pens or pencils I have tried on it. This set is also £6 for a pack of 27 that covers 6 months and I think they’re great if you’re trying to follow a diet.

The last thing from Stamp Magic that I bought was a Witch’s Hat magnetic bookmark. It’s only £2.30 and good enough quality for me to use to find my page in my planner. It’s got a slightly glossy finish to it so I can see it being easy to keep clean but it’s not very thick paper so if you want it as a bookmark for one that will go into a bag this may not stay looking so nice. It does have a good magnet though that holds through a few pages so if you push it down far enough it edges might be safe anyway. 

The rest of this haul is stickers, which may be a slight weakness of mine in general but when I got the planner inserts I had to get some of these sets I’ve seen and wanted for so long. These are all from Lucinda Charlotte Designs and I could have spent a lot more on these as there were quite a few sets I wanted. At the time there was an offer and one of the sets being sold doesn’t seem to be on there any more, either that or I’m missing it. It was a bag of twelve sheets (I originally thought it was ten) of old stock or mismatch sheets so you got pieces from different sets. I thought it would be a good way to get a stock of stickers and see what the different ones are like, luckily some of the sets that I was thinking of getting anyway were partly in there. Some of them are slightly damaged but they were so few and still usable so it doesn’t bother me. One of them was simply missing the white border around the stickers. If they do these again it’s a great way to try some different stickers if you’re not that bothered about not getting everything in a set.

The whole set that I bought is the Believe in Magic Deluxe Weekly Planner kit which has seven full sticker sheets and a slightly smaller one with extra detail stickers. This cost £9 or £12 depending on if it’s matte or glossy, I think I went for the matte but can’t remember and my order doesn’t say, either way it’s not completely matte, it has a slight sheen but not what I’d call high gloss. I love the style on this one and have already used quite a few in my planner, though I definitely need to work on my sticker skills to get these straight and looking their best!

The last thing I got was a sheet of Harry Potter inspired stickers called the Boy Wizard Magic Planner Stickers. I do love Harry Potter and this art style is so cute, even Voldemort somehow looks sweet in it. They’re small enough to work on any diary or planner, though some like the broomstick may be a bit big for something like an A6 size diary the rest could fit quite well. You cants tell in the photo but they’re on the sam, personal Filofax size sheet as the other sticker sets. These cost £2 or £3, again depending on the finish, and I think they’re a great little gift for Harry Potter fans, or yourself, even if you don’t have a planner.

I had to include a page of my planner, excuse the very wonky sticking, I really do need to work on that! I’m going to try and stick with keeping a few weeks ahead with the stickers so it keeps me motivated to actually use the pages, staring at a blank white page is never the best feeling when you’re doing anything really is it? So I’m hoping this will keep me planning. I have my eye on some from another Etsy seller too so there may be another planner supplies haul coming soon. Are there any you guys recommend here in the UK? Preferably pre printed, I don’t have the energy, patience or cutting skills for cutting these stickers out.

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