Review: Eyeko London Skinny Eyeliner Pen in Pitch Black

I’ve never been great with eyeliner, especially liquid eyeliner, but I do keep trying to learn as I love the cat eye looks and the precision you get with a liquid so I am always happy when I get one in a free set or as part of a gift. In the Marks and Spencer advent calendar one of the gifts was a mini version of the Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Pitch Black. I have had a play around with it, though the cat eye look is still elusive, so I thought I’d do a proper review. This one is a mini at 1.2g but the full sized one is 2g and costs £12 from the Marks and Spencer website.

I don’t think this is a new product, it seems to have been around for a while, but as I’ve tried a few liquid eyeliners over the years I’m always interested to see the ones other people have liked or disliked so thought it might be interesting to someone. I seem to be good at finding things years after they’re released. Does anyone else find that they find something they think is great and new and everyone else already knows all about it? 

The first thing about this product that I like is the size and shape of the pen, and yes it is one of those felt tip pen applicators which seem to be either really bad or really good. I know it’s a mini one, it’s probably available as a travel size somewhere, but it’s still long enough to hold comfortably in your hand and it’s neither too thick or thin or an odd shape so it’s just like holding a normal pencil or felt tip pen which is a plus. I do like when packaging looks pretty but half the time it ends up impractical. 

The pen tip itself is probably middle of the road when it comes to firmness, it’s not one of those that feels like it’s poking you in the eye and yet it’s hat bends easily against your skin like a brush. It does how a fair amount of the product, which is great as it means it glides over the skin easily and leaves a nice, even line without any odd thicker patches or missing areas. You can get a fairly thin line with the tip and, due to the amount of product in the tip, it isn’t any lighter than when you use the pen at an angle for a thicker line. 

The formula for the eyeliner itself is really nice. At first it seemed a bit thin to me and I was worried it would bleed into any creases but that isn’t a problem at all. I’m not sure if you can see from the first picture but it does sink into any lines in the skin on the back of my hand but it just sits where it’s applied so it leaves a nice solid black line rather than having obvious gaps where it hasn’t gone into any finer lines on your lid. 

It claims to be smudge proof and I would say it pretty much is. It doesn’t take long to set but if you do anything within the thirty seconds or so of it getting dry it will probably smear but that’s true of any eyeliner. The second picture shows how it turned out after a lot of rubbing, and pressing pretty hard. The line itself has stayed intact, no smudging, though some of the pigment has been transferred in a very light smudge over a larger area, not that it’s something you’d really notice. 

It doesn’t say it’s waterproof but I thought I’d test it anyway, just to be thorough, and you can see it definitely does not survive water. It did run quite a bit just with a bit of water on it but after any contact with my fingers it smudged everywhere. As I said, it’s not claiming to be so it might be unfair to test but I think it’s worth knowing as some that don’t say they’re waterproof withstand a bit of water. I’m not sure I’d trust this one in the rain.

As for longevity this eyeliner was pretty good. My eyelids are slightly oily and do need a primer on them so my products don’t slide everywhere but it still lasted well on the top of my eyes. I wouldn’t trust it on my bottom lash line as my eyes tend to water and this would get everywhere but for the top line it lasted a good four hours without any obvious movement or loss of pigmentation before I was removing it. Also, it does come off easily with eye makeup remover so you won’t be scrubbing to get rid of it which is always a plus if you have sensitive skin.

Overall I am very happily with this eyeliner and, unless I find one that’s amazing and waterproof, I will definitely consider this as one to buy if I ever get good at applying liquid liner. This eyeliner is paraben free and Eyeko themselves are a cruelty free brand who are, according to google results, vegan as well which is great news if you’re on the lookout for a good quality vegan eyeliner that doesn’t cost a lot. At £12 it’s not the cheapest but I think it’s one that’s worth the extra money when it comes to the pigmentation, wear time and the pen tip itself.

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