Lush Kitchen Exclusives Haul

Over Christmas I made a couple of orders with Lush. Most of what I ordered was either limited edition in the kitchen or sales shopping so it’s all out of stock, however in the two orders I did get four things that are exclusives to the Lush Kitchen and still available so I thought I’d do a first impressions type post on them. I think that three of the four, the three reusable bubble bars, were originally Oxford Street exclusives as I have tried the one before when people online were doing orders for the store for people who lived further away. The other two I remember seeing but I’m not 100% sure it’s from then.

The four reusable bubble bars are Windmill, Little dragon and Cherry Blossom and the fourth product is a 250g bottle of Plum Rain, a shower gel available exclusively online. These are all still available so I’ll link to them down below in the mini reviews of each.

I think that, of Lush’s product types, the reusable bubble bars can be some of the best value. The price has been between £5 and £8 as far as I remember but they can do up to eight baths in my experience. I say can because they can also be incredibly bad value for money as some I’ve had have pretty much turned to mush in the first bath and are therefore unusable afterwards. They’re something I want to love and when done right they’re amazing so I always seem to find myself giving them a go again. 

Compared to the normal bubble bars they used to be rock hard so you just swish them round o the stick but recently the normal ones are no longer the squishy blobs they used to be so I don’t see much difference apart from the fact these don’t crumble even with a hammer as they’re not meant to. The bubbles aren’t as soft and long lasting as the standard bubble bar slices either, though they do linger well they’re closer to the bubbles you get from a shower gel than a bubble bath in my experience.

Cherry Blossom (£6.95) is the only one of the three I have used before as I bought it when it was an exclusive. This is a bit of an odd looking one as it comes in a real stick but you can snap it in two so you get two separate bubble bars. The last time I had them each lasted for three baths and I probably could have got it to seven overall if I’d been more careful the last use with each so it’s definitely good longevity wise in my experience. Scent wise this one isn’t what I was expecting the first time I got it, I expected something like the discontinued Sakura ballistic but it’s much more powdery and floral. It reminds me a bit of bathos (if anyone remembers them) but a more general floral scent rather than the violet you get from that so don’t expect it to be the same if you were a fan of them. It does give me the same gentle, comforting sort of feeling though.

The Windmill (£6.95) is the most robust feeling Lush product I have ever had! It comes on a sturdy, smooth handle with a pivot that means it actually spins like a Windmill when you turn it or hold it under the tap. Do you ever get that feeling when you smell something new, of having smelled this in a product before but not being able to place it? That’s what I get with this. It claims to be lime and ginger but I don’t get either of them at all, even when wet. It’s annoying me what it smells like but it’s got a warm, cinnamon or spice type smell to me but softer than most of them and slightly sweet and powdery smelling too. This is a very hard one to describe but don’t expect lime and ginger if you order it.

The Little Dragon (£6.95) is so pretty, it feels a bit of a shame to tear it in two to use it. One thing I’m less happy about is the sheer amount of glitter on this thing, I’ll be sparkly for days after when I use it and it’s already made a mess in my room. I wish Lush would dial back the sparkle sometimes, it’s retry but I prefer the lustre style glitter that’s less scratchy and yours not finding days later all over your body. The scent for this one is nice, it’s like a stronger, sharper version of the Windmill, which makes sense considering its cinnamon and ginger. I did think it might be this one being near the other one that changed the scent of it but even when wet the Windmill was the same. This is definitely a warming scent and great for spice lovers, though it has something refreshing in there too, maybe it’s the ginger, that reminds me of mint for some reason.

The last product I got was Plum Rain, which is unusual as a kitchen exclusive shower gel as it’s available in a range of sizes; 100g (£5.50), 250g (£10.95), 500g (£18.50) and 1kg (£32.95). It’s supposed to smell of umeboshi plums, pickled plums from Japan, which I have never smelled so I can’t do a comparison. However it does have the sharp plum smell, it’s like the scent version of a sour, fizzy plum sweet. Its a very thick gel but it lathers well and does leave your skin feeling squeaky clean so it’s slightly more drying than the creamier based shower gels. It’s not one of the best for use as a bubble bath, the bubbles seem to disappear quite quickly and the scent doesn’t linger like with the creamier shower gels, but it can be used as one if you want. I really like this one, it’s a change from a lot of sweeter fruit based scents and I hope it’s a long term product online as I can see myself buying more of this in the future. 

I did get one of the eye colours but I thought I’d do a separate review of that as it’s more makeup than bath products like these. Have you guys tried any of these? Did you find the Windmill was so very different from the description or is it just mine’s a dud? Would anyone be interested in the other products I got, the ones not available any more? They sometimes seem to do seasonal products in Kitchen throughout the year anyway so they might appear at some time.

2 thoughts on “Lush Kitchen Exclusives Haul

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 I didn’t realise until this order that the UK had some permanent kitchen things, most of the time it’s just the limited edition small batches of old products but these are definitely fancier looking than most standard Lush things.


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